Scorpio Dates: October 23 to November 22

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Scorpio Dates: October 23 to November 22

People born on October 23rd are in cusp of Scorpio and Libra. This means, they have personality traits of both Scorpio and Libra.

People born on November 22nd are in cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. This means, they have c personality traits of both Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Scorpio Quick Facts

Zodiac signScorpio
Scorpio SymbolScorpion
Scorpio Ruling PlanetMars
Scorpio ElementWater
Scorpio Lucky dayMonday
Scorpio Lucky Colors Red, Scarlet, Rust
Scorpio Lucky Numbers 9, 18, 27
Scorpio Birthstone Topaz
Scorpio Zodiac CompatibilityMost Compatible with Pisces and Cancer
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Scorpio : Personality

Scorpio Positive Traits:

  • Brave
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Honest
  • Independent
  • Intuitive
  • Passionate
  • Curious

Scorpio Negative Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Possessive
  • Jealous
  • Stubborn
  • Dominating

Scorpio: October 23-November 22

Originating from the constellation of Scorpius, Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. Scorpio is considered to be one of the four fixed signs and is also a water sign. It is also considered to be an introvert, negative sign.

According to the sidereal zodiac, or also known as the western astrology, individuals whom are born from October 23 to November 21 are considered to be Scorpio individuals.

As Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac, it is associated with the astrological 8th house. In the 8th house, individuals are associated with psychic and occult matters, sexual and deeply committed relationships of any kind, house of self-transformation, beginnings, endings, birth and death.

As Scorpio is a water sign, they are considered to be persevering, imaginative, self-confident, determined, inflexible and highly passionate.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Unique traits and characters are divided among the twelve astrological signs to identify each of them respectively. Certain unique personality traits which a Scorpio individual might have includes loving, ambitious, emotional, powerful, outspoken, loyal, passionate, secretive, profound, cunning and sexual.

It is right for parents to enforce good discipline on their Scorpio children while they are still young. Powerful by nature, Scorpio individuals are also extremely strong willed. Most people do not possess such great powers like Scorpio does.

Scorpios believe that they were born with a crown on their head and they find that they need not follow any rules which others follow. If others lay down rules, Scorpios will not hold back by laughing and mocking at them.

One must be strong and firm to let Scorpios know that rules do apply to them too. If they are not taught to be disciplined properly, they will believe that they are above the law and no one can stop them.

Sharing with Scorpios is very important. It makes them feel that they are safe to share their hearts

if one takes the initiative to share with them first. Light fluffy family dynamics and superficial conversations will only make a Scorpio think that he/she is not being cared for; they will feel abandoned.

They need people to talk to them openly, to share everything with them. Without proper care and concern shown to Scorpio individuals, they would usually become very secretive and sneaking in a way of self-protection.

Scorpios are very great sharers and givers. Therefore, it is right for us to show them that we care and we do share everything with them too.

The native of the Scorpio zodiac is voluntary, tenacious, combative and passionate. Sometimes it seems like everyone is fighting. When setting a goal, the native of the Scorpio zodiac will seek to achieve it at any price. 

It has a great energy and immense work power. Usually, it does not support long discussions and prefers to act. 

The one born in the zodiac sign has periods in his life when he goes through great inner crises. At such times, it is necessary to set a goal and to revise their philosophy of life.

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio symbol is a scorpion. There are several myths which are often associated with Scorpio. Known in the Roman mythology as Pluto, Hades is often associated with Scorpio. Orpheus, from the Greek mythology Orpheus and Eurydice, is also often associated with Scorpio. Greco-Roman gods such as Ares/Mars are also referred to Scorpio.

Scorpio Man

In love, the Scorpio man is possessive and extremely jealous, even though pride prevents him from showing it. It always pretends to be in the center of the attention of the partner and does not support being neglected. 
Usually, the Scorpio man prefers strong partners, but if he encounters a sentient being he is able to adapt his character to conquer it.

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Scorpio woman

Some say the Scorpio woman loves sex organs. But it is not so. When she meets a partner she falls in love with, she becomes very tender and romantic. 
The Scorpio woman takes great care of her children, sometimes even tending to neglect her husband for them.

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Scorpio Physical Traits

Scorpio individuals have strong and heavy features, muscular and dark eyes.

Scorpio Lucky Days

The lucky day of Scorpio is Tuesday.

Lucky Colors for Scorpio

Lucky colors for Scorpio are from dark red to maroon

Zodiac Signs Compatible with Scorpio

Astrologers believe that Scorpio is compatible with others of a different astrological sign such as Cancer and Pisces. This two astrological signs are good with Scorpio individuals in terms of business, marriage, or companionship.

Scorpio-Aries: low compatibility

This relationship is not very compatible because both have a very strong character. The difference is that Scorpio stops to observe before acting or opinion, while Aries acts in a raptured way. The great differences are determined in daily life, the attraction that both have makes them live very exciting intimate experiences.

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Scorpio-Taurus: good compatibility

The relationship is formed by totally opposite, but complementary signs; although clashes arise very often, because both are characterized by being jealous and absorbing. The perception offered by Scorpio and the skill provided by Taurus allows the couple to complement each other very well to carry it forward.

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Scorpio-Gemini: low compatibility

These signs are not compatible at all. Scorpio tends not to give importance to things that Gemini lives with a deep feeling. Intelligence and bright ideas serve to keep Gemini moving forward in the workplace but they are not enough to save the big differences between them.

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Scorpio-Cancer: excellent compatibility

This relationship is based on the enormous compatibility that exists between the two, the attraction that one feels for the other is extremely clear. Scorpio feels moved to tears when Cancer’s passion seizes him, and in turn Cancer contains him and fills him with affection when the sea humor whips him.

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Scorpio-Leo: low compatibility

The incompatibility of characters causes great confrontations within the couple. The power struggles will be constant in everyday life and unleash great clashes, but intimacy has a great passion. Disagreements may be reconciled, if Scorpio manages to control his dominant and sarcastic character and Leo his character laden with pride and arrogance.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

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Scorpio-Virgo: excellent compatibility

Both signs are totally different, although they are compatible because they share the same element. Scorpio is a constant eruption of passion, while Virgo is extremely rational, analytical, quite distant, even cold at times. However, Virgo is the ideal complement for Scorpio, as it helps you see all your projects with great clarity.

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Scorpio-Libra: acceptable compatibility

This relationship is determined by two signs that have a very different character. Scorpio feels that his partner relies heavily on him, which on the one hand bothers him quite a bit, but on the other he leads him to exert power over her and pretends that she responds to his claims, to everything he wants. Respect for individuality is necessary.

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Scorpio-Scorpio: good compatibility

Both share the same ruling planet, so clashes and power struggles will constantly occur. They have the same passion and the same intensity, which makes them have very intense intimate encounters. Only if they make radical and very deep changes can they reach understanding as a couple.

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Scorpio-Sagittarius: acceptable compatibility

In this relationship the strong character predominates but it manifests itself in different ways, so they do not always understand each other or become compatible. Scorpio has as essential characteristics thoughts and fixed actions, it is also a bit absorbent, while your partner needs full freedom and discards any type of attachment.

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Scorpio-Capricorn: excellent compatibility

In a relationship full of changes, on the one hand Scorpio applies all its interior and its perception to capture the different situations and does not hesitate to make decisions to culminate. On the other hand, Capricorn tends to modify situations for pleasure and his partner does it for interest.

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Scorpio-Aquarius: low compatibility

The components of this relationship are totally different, so they do not achieve a deep understanding. Scorpio is characterized by its dominant and jealous character, while Aquarius needs to live in freedom, leaving aside attachments. Between them, a well-planned work can be established while being regenerative.

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Scorpio-Pisces: excellent compatibility

In this relationship, attraction plays a very important role. Scorpio feels extremely happy with the sweetness his partner manifests. On the other hand, the magic of Scorpio is capable of enveloping Pisces so that he feels that he attains total happiness. The relationship and intimacy are so perfect that they don’t even need to talk.

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Birthstone for Scorpio

Birthstone recommended for Scorpio are Aquamarine, Tourmilated Quartz and Opal. Opals have the wonders of the skies which include rainbows, fireworks and lightning. It is believed by some people that those who do not have opal as a birthstone are likely to get bad luck. In this case, Scorpios are lucky!

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