Scorpio Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Scorpio Woman

Those born between the dates of October 24th to November 24th have the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The symbol associated with Scorpio is a bark scorpion. It is pale yellow in color and is considered to be very venomous and poisonous. It is found in several moist areas where food sources are available such as beetles, moths and other insects. Bark scorpion is nocturnal.

Scorpio Woman Personality

Scorpios are considered to be determined as well as powerful. This quality makes them a natural leader. Due to this quality they often have success in career as leadership skills and determination is needed to succeed in any career. They take interest in what they decide to accomplish and also complete the task with passion. Scorpios are always excited about even the minor events and are intuitive as well. On the darker side, some Scorpios might have the characteristic of being jealous, stubborn and secretive at times. Due to this reason they might sometimes repel company instead of attracting it.

There are several unique traits with all sun signs and Scorpio has its own. With the help of astrology, proper help can be devised. 

Some people with the sun sign of Scorpio suffer from an inferior complex. The best solution to this problem is to accept that everyone including you have weaknesses. In order to overcome those weaknesses it is important that you notice them and forgive them. Scorpios also have an unfulfilling desire. Even when they have things in their own way and get all the possible positive results, they are still not satisfied. In order to overcome this problem they should look deeply within which will bring a realization that there is no further result that is achievable. Another problem Scorpios tend to face is disruptive relations. The best solution for this problem is to soften the rigidness of self and have an unbending attitude.

Scorpios have a great love life as compared to other zodiac signs. As Scorpios already have the gift of being passionate lovers, they do not have major issues in their love life. The only issue with a Scorpio’s love life would be dealing with disruptive marital relationships and breakups. To deal with this issue it is recommended that they should ignore the shortcomings in their partners and accept the weaknesses.

Scorpio Woman Love Life

Scorpio women signify a distinct human quality.  They are always found to be committed to their love lives.  They are often found proving themselves their love for a person or to other loved ones. This act of reassurance plays the role of glue in keeping the relation tied together with the close ones.  However, if this is not what’s intended to be, then it can be frightening for your partner.  Scorpios Women enjoy having power but they are often not good at controlling the power. 

“Scorpios don’t miss any love opportunity”

The same phenomenon is applied over love and sexuality. When the scorpions are quite passionate about their loved ones, they make sure they do not miss any opportunity to physically express their love.  This act is certainly welcomed by the partner.   When you are passionate about your loved one, it is really important to keep that sexual energy of yours under control because this might be a sign of trouble otherwise.  Although you won’t be crossing any limits or do something wrong but it will be a problem dealing with the feelings that are originating.  If you are able to deal with the situation then everything will be fine but would you be expecting your partner to do the same? It is obvious you won’t.

“Jealous and over possessive in love”

Jealousy is a really ugly feeling for the Scorpions but it does not seem nice to be coming out of the person having a personality as strong as yours. Jealousy and over possessiveness can prove to be really damaging for the relations.   When you will constantly spy on the interactions of the other person or doubt his or her act, you will be pilling up misfortunes for you.  However, if your partner loves you for who you are, then all the shortcomings will be overridden. 

“Easy to develop strong bond with Scorpio”

When Scorpios are emotional, they seek for a shoulder to rest their head or someone whom they can share their problem with.   These are one of such moments when the Scorpio and his love partner or friend develops a strong bond of affection.  Scorpios are such people who value secrecy.  They don’t prefer those situations or people who can intervene in their privacy.   They are even found to withdraw themselves from social situations.   They are the people who need space especially when it comes to maintaining a relationship. 

“Protective and generous in relations”

Scorpions can be as protective and generous about their loved ones as they are about themselves.  They are supportive as well as faithful but making a Scorpio enemy is not good.  They can be the worst enemy anyone can ever have. They are the people who prefer to be in a dominating position in any kind of relationship. Scorpions are a lot challenging as well as demanding. They can become such a person who becomes a lot dramatic with even a little thing.  They are loving people who leave no stone unturned to express their utmost love and passion for their loved ones.  They can be the most loyal mate anyone can ever have.  

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