Tips for Dating a Scorpio Woman

If you have fallen for a Scorpio girl and want to attract her, then understand her obsession for bodily needs. She is the most sensuous zodiac sign holder that makes her mysterious and irresistible at the same time. The water element in her nature brings emotional intense and deep intuition in her. These qualities in a girl are enough to drive the opposite sex into topsy-turvy.

It is not an effortless job to seduce this secretive lady bearing the image of a Scorpio. Her curiosity and investigative character do not allow people to win her heart. She will take own sweet time to trust you and then you’ll have to wait patiently for her to have confidence on you.

Tips for Dating A mysterious Scorpio Woman

If you really want to attract a Scorpio girl then get ready for experiencing intense emotions. You may be surprised to feel that she is dealing with jealousy, vindication, revenge, possessiveness and compassion all at the same time. Be nice and friendly with her.

When you are in a date with this fixed sign, do not try to overpower her. She is the one who is wearing a spectacle of logic and reasoning. She needs time to decide like other fixed earth sign. Do not push or convince her as she is also well known for her quick-temper.

Walk confidently and dress like a man with no extra accessories in it when you are taking her to a date. She loves focused yet sensible man who will understand her demands. Be consistent and never question about her past life as she never reveal her secrets to anyone.

Scorpio is a nocturnal being. Wear black dress as this color stimulates her nerves. She will appreciate your stylish but classy dressing sense if you sport an expensive silver watch, black leather shoes and mystical perfume.

Your Scorpio girlfriend hates to be in the limelight. She avoids party and other social gatherings. So, to woo her invite her to a secret place where she can unfold her true desires.

Being truly called the detective of the zodiac, you need to be very loyal with this sign holder. She will never forgive a man who is lying behind her back. Maintain your promises and think twice before committing love to her as she is very particular about these emotions.

To attract her give her chance to compete with you. She will test your fidelity again and again in weird manner and if your love is genuine then you will succeed to identify those and play safe. She is not at all apologetic and humble as she hardly does any mistake for her strong intuition. Be clear to her and ask her to react.

Your Scorpio girlfriend loves expensive gifts. Bring her gemstones, wild flowers and diamond pendants. She will also love a beach side dinner with a Mediterranean cuisine.

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