Mercury in Libra or Tula in a Horoscope

insatiable curiosity in the thinking and behavior of others. Good mutual understanding and good human relations are important. They love to work with others in good spiritual cooperation. A pronounced sense of justice, sincere and objective. Elegant, honed language, confident behavior, good reaction, a deep understanding of art, a sense of form.

One of your great advantages is the ability to see both sides of the coin, to reach a compromise by trying on sides that hold opposing points of view. You are considerate, prudent, easily communicate with people, both in the workplace and in personal relationships. You are an objective person, you will make an excellent consultant, a skilled intermediary, a literary agent, an impressionario, and a press representative. You always stand for honesty and strive to ensure that harmonious relations are established between people, or at least peaceful coexistence. Your diplomacy brings visible results both in the business plan and in communication with others. With a subtle aesthetic sense, you can succeed in the field of art or culture.

Possible diseases: neuralgia of the kidneys, blockage of the ureters.

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