Mercury in Cancer or Karka in a Horoscope

Unconscious impulses and desires force one to turn a blind eye, which can lead to bias and a non-business approach. Great memory, intuition, interest in psychology. A tender soul, thoughts revolve around their own family, home, food. Possible insincerity, greed, cruelty (small). Work may be related to psychology, psychiatry, and may be psychotherapists.

You are deeply interested in internal, subjective and personal issues. Your thinking is more based on sensations, intuition, personal experience and prejudice than on reason or logic. Intellectual abilities and achievements play a minor role for you, if there is no heart, no soul. You know how to be attentive, able to listen in confidence, a wonderful consultant can come out of you. In addition to psychology, you are attracted to art, poetry, music, mythology. Perhaps you are afraid of a large audience, but it is easy to reveal among a small number of people who are well known to you. You sensibly and with great pleasure keep a diary or notebook, capturing life, events, incidents.

Typical diseases: cramping, colic, neurosis.

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