Effects of Mercury in different houses in Horoscope

Mercury in First House in Horoscope

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the first house: you are resourceful, inquisitive, have a sense of humor, need mental tests. You love to travel and talk with people. You are probably considered an intellectual and a good actor. Advantages: adaptability, activity, a good syllable in writing and speech. Disadvantages: restlessness, indecision, conceit.

Mercury in Second House in Horoscope

MERCURY(the planet of the mind) in the second house: you are able to earn money through intellectual activity – writing, teaching, lecturing – and also in the field of information. You are willing to spend money on travel, education, and devices that make life easier. Sometimes you have more than one source of income. Advantages: the ability to quickly use your financial chances, negotiate, and bargain. Disadvantages: wastefulness, impracticality, you easily become a victim of deception and theft.

Mercury in Third House in Horoscope

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the third house: you are resourceful and multifaceted in business and communication. You are practical and attentive to the little things. Your wit, humor and eloquence attract people to you. Advantages: curiosity, logical thinking, intelligence, sociability. Disadvantages: anxiety, indecision, a tendency to quarrel with relatives.

Mercury in Fourth House in Horoscope

MERCURY(planet of the mind) in the fourth house: your house often becomes a place of study or professional activity; work can push you to change your place of residence. Parents and childhood circumstances stimulated your love of learning. In old age, you will remain mentally active and gain many connections around the world. Pluses: you build relationships with family and children correctly. Disadvantages: eternal concern, it is difficult for you to settle down.

Mercury in Fifth House in Horoscope

MERCURY(the planet of the mind) in the fifth house: you like change and new acquaintances, you often have novels. Beloved should interest you intellectually, otherwise you will become bored. You clearly express yourself, you can have artistic talent. Dignity: the ability to communicate with the masses. Shortcoming: picky to relatives.

Mercury in Sixth House in Horoscope

MERCURY(planet of the mind) in the sixth house: you are a man striving for perfection; you can suffocate under the avalanche of daily affairs. You are interested in health, diet and hygiene, and are usually well informed about the latest developments in these areas. You are prone to nervousness, you may suffer from diseases of the stomach and respiratory system. Dignity: you are practical and productive, especially in work related to writing and communication. Disadvantage: suspiciousness regarding health and work.

Mercury in 7th House

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the seventh house: you are looking for a marriage and partnership of intellectual compatibility. You are likely to get married or marry a lively and talkative person. Your personal life is filled with conversations. You benefit from collaboration in law, literature, and the world of information. Pluses: you are sociable, adapt well to different people. Disadvantage: frequent quarrels and disputes complicate the relationship

Mercury in Eighth House in Horoscope

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the eighth house: you have a penetrating mind and strive to share your discoveries with people. You are a talented researcher and analyst. Money comes to you through other people or a marriage partner, but you may encounter problems related to insurance or the law. Dignity: the ability to see the motives of people. Disadvantage: you may lose someone from your family early.

Mercury in Ninth House in Horoscope

MERCURY(planet of the mind) in the ninth house: you have a quick reaction and adaptability, easily establish contact with people. You are a researcher seeking to expand your knowledge. In adulthood, you may have to travel a lot, relax and work away from home. Dignity: developed intelligence. Disadvantage: you tend to interfere in other people’s affairs and make promises too easily.

Mercury in Tenth House in Horoscope

MERCURY (the planet of the mind) in the tenth house: you are able to use the facts to your advantage and adapt to different people. Your profession should be intellectually stimulating, you have the makings for literary or reporting. Your career is connected with frequent trips. Dignity: successful interaction with people in power. Disadvantage: Unexpected collapse or career uncertainty.

Mercury in Eleventh House in Horoscope

MERCURY(planet of the mind) in the eleventh house: you probably have a lot of acquaintances, as you adapt to different people. Your friendships are based on intellectual community. You love social life, participate in the activities of collectives, clubs and societies. Dignity: you find original ways to achieve your goals. Disadvantages: impracticality and / or cynicism.

Mercury in Twelfth House in Horoscope

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the twelfth house: you are a contemplative, self-absorbed, insightful thinker; you are prone to loneliness or stealth. You worry about nothing, you can be very shy. Dignity: you will turn out to be a thoughtful researcher or detective. Disadvantage: you are hurt by slander.