Effects of Pluto in different houses in Horoscope

Pluto in First House in Horoscope

PLUTO(planet of transformation) in the first house: you are strong in spirit and charming, love adventures. You learned to be independent and prone to loneliness in your youth. Advantages: huge strength, determination, the ability to work on oneself. Disadvantages: isolation, revenge, ruthlessness.

Pluto in Second House in Horoscope

PLUTO(transformation planet) in the second house: you are adventurous in making money, not afraid to take risks. You diversify your capital, your sources of income can change throughout life. You tend to be obsessed with property and money. Advantages: unique financial abilities, ingenuity, the ability to make big profits from one’s labor. Disadvantages: squandering, selfishness, dishonesty.

Pluto in Third House in Horoscope

PLUTO(planet of transformation) in the third house: you have a penetrating mind, you seek knowledge. You speak brightly and passionately and write, often you can use this for creative purposes. Traveling brings you new experiences and sometimes turns out to be important turning points in your life. Advantages: inquisitiveness, concentration, originality of thinking. Disadvantages: suspicion, the desire to manipulate other people and dominate them.

Pluto in Fourth House in Horoscope

PLUTO(planet of transformation) in the fourth house: you are energetically taking care of the family and want to rule in your house. Parents probably had a strong influence on you, but it’s hard for you to figure out your complex attitude towards your childhood experiences. Your last years may pass in isolation; perhaps you devote them to an important project. Dignity: you are a family member with a sense of responsibility. Disadvantage: you may have lost your parent or guardian early.

Pluto in Fifth House in Horoscope

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the fifth house: you are impulsive and passionate, follow your desires. You exaggerate the significance of your novels and in the end are madly addicted. You have obvious artistic inclinations. Dignity: a sense of responsibility towards loved ones. Disadvantage: you cherish in your soul hatred of your former lover.

Pluto in Sixth House in Horoscope

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the sixth house: you know how to focus and strive to see the results. You tend to overwork yourself. You are interested in medicine and health, sometimes have a healing gift. Dignity: your work can inspire others. Disadvantage: work often takes away all your physical strength.

Pluto in 7th House in Horoscope

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the seventh house: you are frantic and powerful in relations with people. You strive for satisfaction in marriage and are demanding emotionally. Pluto in the seventh house indicates a secret or flight-related marriage. A business partnership is likely to be successful. Dignity: you intuitively feel the needs of a partner. Disadvantages: conflict, jealousy, excessive emotionality.

Pluto in Eighth House in Horoscope

PLUTO(planet of transformation) in the eighth house: the desire for success is combined with the need to analyze your actions. In sex, you show authority and passion. Pluto in this house indicates that your death will be seen by society. Advantages: independence and ingenuity. Disadvantage: predisposition to unhealthy addictions.

Pluto in Ninth House in Horoscope

PLUTON (planet of transformation) in the ninth house: you seek to know the truth and, possibly, change the situation for the better. You are interested in other cultures, religions and philosophical teachings. Travel and foreigners can greatly affect you. Dignity: desire for a deeper understanding. Disadvantage: you impose your views on others.

Pluto in Tenth House in Horoscope

PLUTO(planet of transformation) in the tenth house: your frenzy leaves its mark on your career. You have a business sense and know how to enlist the support of other people. You can achieve power and independence. Dignity: assertiveness, energy. Disadvantage: unforeseen twists of fate threaten the loss of social status.

Pluto in Eleventh House in Horoscope

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the eleventh house: you are a powerful vital principle in the life of your friends with whom you are closely connected. You are inclined towards reformism, striving to change for the better any situation. You take your goals seriously and can even be obsessed. Dignity: devotion to friends. Disadvantages: you are experiencing separation difficulties and suffer deeply from the death of a friend.

Pluto in Twelfth House in Horoscope

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the twelfth house: you are interested in philosophical questions. You can enter into a secret sexual relationship. You are a secretive person, it is difficult for you to share your feelings. Dignity: depth of imagination. Disadvantage: you tend to hide anger or resentment.