Mercury in astrology

speech, intelligence

Zodiac sign ruled by MercuryGemini and Virgo
Mercury ElementAir.
Mercury Metals aluminum and bismuth.
Mercury Colors Green , Variegated, mixed, changeable, gray, orange-yellow, yellow-green.
Mercury Looks of a personIn most cases, a slender, tall figure; 
the head is narrow, oblong, oval face, high forehead, small chin; 
brown, usually running, small eyes; 
lips or full, small, or thin, compressed; 
the chest in some is wide with straight shoulders, in others it is flat, small with drooping shoulders; 
gait fast, energetic; 
some have a clear voice, others more solid and calm; 
speech is generally fast.
Mercury Temperamentchangeable, tendency to versatility, frivolous
Mercury Astrological principleCold and dry.
Mercury Animals Animals: Bull, elk, dog, pig, hare, fox, monkey, hyena, squirrel, weasel, snake. 
Fish: mullet, stingray. 
Birds: rooster, stork, parrot, thrush, nightingale, lark, sparrow, spider, crane, green woodpecker, swallow, magpie. 
Insects: beetle, ant, locust, bee.
Mercury Plants Yarrow, hazel, laurel, honeysuckle, blackberry, madder, verbena, jasmine, privet, tansy, mountain ash, apple, millet, valerian, millet, rye, wheat, lettuce, chicory, sandalwood, basil, marjoram, parsley, anise, celery , fennel, lungwort, smoke, licorice.
Mercury Gemstones and Minerals Yellow agate, yellow sapphire, amber, citrine, jasper, chrysolite, carnelian (carnelian), olivine, beryl, noble topaz, tiger’s eye.
Mercury Transit Time approx 1 month
Mercury SignifiesNews, rumors, important papers, white papers, printed and handwritten materials, writing materials, books, paintings, transport, mail, communications, press, education, business, short trips, schools, colleges, publishing houses, typography, trade; 
dating, teenagers, young people, educated people, relatives, brothers, sisters, neighbors, pickpocket, swindler, cheat.

  • Zodiac Signs ruled by Mercury:  Gemini, Virgo   
  • Mercury Exaltation Zodiac sign : Virgo
  • Mercury Debilitation Zodiac sign : Pisces  
  • Nakshatras ruled by Mercury : Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati 
  • Mercury is karaka for : Education, Speech, Communication  
  • Planets that are Friendly with Mercury :  Sun, Venus 
  • Planets that are Neutral to Mercury: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn
  • Planets that are Enemies of Mercury:  Moon  
  • Unfavorable Zodiac signs for : Sagittarius, Pisces  
  • Gemstone represented by Mercury: Panna (Emerald)
  • ‘Day’ ruled by Mercury: Wednesday
  • Numbers’ ruled by Mercury: 5 
  • Difficult house in horoscope for Mercury : 7th house 

Mercury : Positive Traits

  • subtle,
  • creative mind. 
  • Rich imagination and vivid imagination. 
  • A successful combination of intuition and reason. 
  • Amazing curiosity,
  • sociability. 
  • Liveliness,
  • mobility,
  • oratorical gift, eloquence,
  • honesty,
  • decency,
  • nobility,
  • generosity. 
  • Resourcefulness,
  • wit,
  • good memory,
  • mental agility
  • sleight of hand. 
  • Scientific and artistic abilities,
  • the ability to quickly adapt to the right people, things, circumstances.

Mercury : Negative Traits

  • inconstancy,
  • volatility,
  • unstable feelings,
  • unbalanced spirit,
  • indecision. 
  • Superficiality,
  • haste,
  • recklessness. 
  • Eternal inner anxiety,
  • nervousness,
  • distrust,
  • immodesty,
  • talkativeness,
  • superficiality,
  • absent-mindedness. 
  • Frivolity. 
  • Helplessness. 
  • Indiscriminate means.

Mercury : People and Professions

  • Brother, Sister,
  • Adolescent Child,
  • Any Teenager,
  • Neighbor,
  • Friend,
  • Acquaintance,
  • Peer,
  • Relative,
  • Co-worker,
  • Service Representative,
  • Messenger,
  • Communication Worker,
  • Apprentice,
  • Student,
  • Younger or Socialist,
  • Craftsman,
  • Mediator,
  • journalist,
  • announcer,
  • writer,
  • orator,
  • translator,
  • imitator,
  • magician,
  • parodist,
  • doctor,
  • guide,
  • merchant,
  • passer-by,
  • companion.

Mercury : Health and Diseases

  • Upper limbs:
  • shoulders,
  • arms,
  • palms,
  • fingers. 
  • Respiratory organs: trachea, bronchi, lungs. 
  • Organs of speech. 
  • Language. 
  • Nervous system. 
  • The gastrointestinal tract. 
  • All connections in the body: the mobility of the osteoarticular apparatus,
  • coordination of movements,
  • the relationship of the peripheral nervous system with the central one,
  • the air exchange system. 
  • Vishuddha chakra.

Things signified by Mercury

  • papers,
  • legal documents, including those related to money. 
  • Computers and computer programs. 
  • Books and pictures. 
  • Mercury rules all writing material related to education and training, stationery. 
  • Mercury includes all types of information, including news of the missing.

Mercury: Significance in Astrology

Mercury is neither masculine nor feminine, since he can be both in conjunction with any planet. In conjunction with the masculine planet, he becomes masculine, with the feminine, feminine; but by its very nature it is cold and dry and therefore melancholic. With good planets he is good, with evil planets he is evil. He controls mental work, tricks, jokes, deceptions, etc. 

Mercury is the prince. He is not mature enough. He is very fickle. He tends to copy the planet he is with. The results given by mercury are difficult to predict. 

In a horoscope, Mercury is always found close to sun (with the sun or one rashi before or after the sun). Mercury is the karaka for communication. Retrograde mercury creates communication problems. Salesmen, Good Orators have well placed mercury. 

Mercury is the only planet that considers moon to be its enemy

Mercury carries out the general management of all matters related to human communication and determines the general mental state of the querent.

Mercury – represents literary affairs and matters related to books, papers, correspondence, short trips, food for children.

If a person has strong Mercury in horoscope

  • refined and calculating mind,
  • intellectual and thinking,
  • an excellent arguer or logician, who argues with understanding and legibility,
  • distinguished eloquence,
  • seeking any kind of secrets and knowledge,
  • quick-witted,
  • studying almost anything,
  • without a teacher who ambitiously strives to express himself vividly in every science,
  • who loves to travel and get impressions from distant countries; 
  • a person with tireless imagination,
  • interested in any occult knowledge,
  • capable of performing miracles with his genius; 
  • he is given the ability to predict and other secret knowledge; 
  • if he becomes a businessman, no one can surpass him in trading or inventing new ways of getting rich.

If a person has strong Mercury in horoscope

  • Painfully witty,
  • a kind of fanatic,
  • whose tongue and pen are directed against each and every one. 
  • He is extremely prone to foolishly wasting his money and time on chatting and trying to beautiful conclusions without any purpose. 
  • Great liar,
  • braggart,
  • chatterbox,
  • fussy,
  • fake. 
  • He is fond of cursed arts such as necromancy and similar godless knowledge. 
  • He easily believes in everyone,
  • is inconsistent neither in opinion nor in the place of residence,
  • cheating and stealing everything that is bad. 
  • A gossip who claims to have any kind of knowledge, but has no real or lasting scholarship. 
  • Empty,
  • incapable of judgment,
  • prone to perversion. 
  • Not constant in anything but empty words and boasting.

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