Mercury / Budha

Mercury is the prince. He is not mature enough. He is very fickle. He tends to copy the planet he is with. The results given by mercury are difficult to predict. 

In a horoscope, Mercury is always found close to sun (with the sun or one rashi before or after the sun). Mercury is the karaka for communication. Retrograde mercury creates communication problems. Salesmen, Good Orators have well placed mercury. 

Mercury is the only planet that considers moon to be its enemy

Rashis ruled by Mercury:  Gemini, Virgo   
Mercury Exaltation Rashi : Virgo
Mercury Debilitation Rashi : Pisces  
Nakshatras ruled by Mercury : Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati 
Mercury is karaka for : Education, Speech, Communication  
Friends :  Sun, Venus 
Neutral: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn
Enemies:  Moon  
Unfavorable rashis: Sagittarius, Pisces  
Gemstone: Panna (Emerald)
Day ruled by Mercury: Wednesday
Numbers ruled by Mercury: 5 
Marankarak house for Mercury: 7th house 

Mercury in Different Zodiac Signs in a Horoscope 

Mercury in AriesMercury in Taurus, Mercury in GeminiMercury in cancerMercury in LeoMercury in VirgoMercury in LibraMercury in ScorpioMercury in SagittariusMercury in CapricornMercury in AquariusMercury in Pisces


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