Mercury in Leo or Simha in a Horoscope

Strong-willed purposeful thinking, concentration on one thing, desire to be an authority, strong theatrical streak. Optimists tend to solve things in bulk without going into details. Opinion about people arises slowly and is reluctant to change it. Good teachers. Pride. Great organizational skills. They do not forget themselves.

You are a categorical person, expressing your views energetically, often with great drama. You are an interesting speaker, an interesting storyteller, able to embellish your speech in order to achieve the desired effect, even if the stage on which you are speaking is a school or university audience, or even a dining table. You do not like work, wherever you can be creative, where you don’t have a voice in making a decision. You can turn out to be a politician, a representative for the press, the head of a tourist or any other group, a head, a coach.

Possible diseases: palpitations and spasms of the heart, fainting, pain in the nerves of the back.

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