Mercury in Aquarius or Kumbha in a Horoscope

mind is open, truth is the highest criterion for them. Understand things that others seem terrible. Humanists. Ability for spiritual synthesis. A strong interest in mathematics and technology, engaged in the promotion and implementation of inventions, innovations, reforms. They love to work in a team. Bad students and good academics. They do not recognize traditional systems of education and upbringing. Observant. A penchant for black humor, buffoonery, and deliberate attempts to deceive, superficial judgments, instability of mood, theatrical behavior. Dreamers.

You closely monitor progress, especially technical achievements, new and decisive discoveries in the field of science. Are you sure that the problems facing humanity can be solved by creative intelligence, inventive intelligence. You are irritated by those whose conservative, devoid of imagination worldview is not capable of seeing a progressive development perspective. You also like to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of interstate relations. As a humanist, you are convinced that what happens in one part of the world affects another part of it. You have organizational abilities and you like to take part in all kinds of undertakings on a cooperative basis or in private entrepreneurial enterprises that go on a level with the century and are original.

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