Mercury in Virgo or Kanya in a Horoscope

Analytical mind and practical thinking. Insist on the smallest details. They need an orderly surrounding world, effective working methods. Eloquent in oral and written language. Interest in research activities, mathematical abilities, calculation of chances of survival, keen observation, criticality, but the danger of grumbling and limited viewing angle.

You are a meticulous person, you will begin to trim what you do until you get the full shine. You have a clear, logical, analytical mind, the ability to work, which requires careful attention to detail and perfect organization. You stand firmly on the earth, you are a pragmatist, usually you gain special skills and technical experience in some practical field. In fact, science, ideas, theories do not interest you, unless they bring real, tangible benefits. You tend to analyze, measure, lay out everything on the shelves, while not losing the subtle shades of sensation and meaning. Your strength is in the accuracy of thinking, in accurate mastery, in the possession of technical skills. And if the work performed by people with whom you work does not meet your high criteria, then you are critical of it.

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