Mercury in Capricorn or Makara in a Horoscope

Ambitious thoughts, insight, orderly thinking, the desire to secure a place of honor with the help of material achievements. The ability to positive concentration, as well as organizational talent. Long pursue a goal before reaching it. Well delivered speech. Talent writer. Conservative, interested in ideas that have practical meaning. Greedy and somewhat harsh. Learn from your mistakes, always active, always on guard, they are not easy to overwhelm. Always dissatisfied with something. Hardworking, careful, sober thinking.

You think clearly, objectively, realistically and do not fall for exaggerated salesman promises. In response, you will require confirmation by facts. Your natural skepticism often borders on cynicism. When approaching business with clear and rational criteria, you maintain self-confidence, performance even under the fire of criticism. A person seeking advice from you can be sure that he will receive a rational assessment of the situation he is in, without any emotions or any subjectivity. Therefore, you get the business chairman of the arbitration court, an experienced judge. You have a disciplined brain, the ability to private enterprise, to administrative work. You also know how to think big, in strategic categories, outline realistic plans and patiently, step by step, move in the chosen direction. You are a serious and diligent person. When you think about something or read something, love silence, loneliness.

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