Jupiter in Virgo

Kindness + Thoroughness = Morality

Jupiter in Virgo Keyword:  duty.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Virgo

moral qualities,
diligence in learning,
teacher talent,
harmonious cooperation,
organizational talent,

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Virgo

superficial criticism,
religious inner discord,
preaching morality.
Violation of the aspects of Jupiter: difficulty in ascent.

Possible health problems

  • liver disease,
  • intestines,
  • liver tumors,
  • abscesses,
  • predisposition to diabetes.

Jupiter in Virgo : Meaning in Astrology

The cold nature of the Virgo sign with its increased sobriety, pragmatism prevents the Jupiterian sweep and keeps the world of feelings under constant control. People with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo are ambitious, greedy, pedantic and selfish enough. Jupiter intact gives his wards resourcefulness, wit, chastity and moral principles. These people have a teaching talent, a penchant for intellectual work, commercial and financial activities. High prudence and prudence help them in all financial matters.

These people have both organizational and performer talent. They are able to do any job, the more difficult and complex the task, the more interesting and attractive it is for them. Therefore, almost any occupation can bring them income. Any work is performed for the sake of the cause itself accurately and conscientiously, everything is worked out in detail to the last and minor trifles. They have a very strong research talent and analytical ability, and in the art of strategy they can be equated with generals, but for creative work they require peace and quiet.

In case of bad aspects on Juiter in Virgo- difficulties in career growth, secret love affairs, the possibility of marriage with a partner with a large difference in years; a change of religion is possible. Diseases of the liver, blood, abdominal cavity, pancreas.

Jupiter in Virgo in the natal chart : Personality

You know how to cooperate with other people and make high demands on them, no matter what you do. You are a scientist by nature, you have lofty ideals. Try to control your tendency to expect too much from others. You have an analytical mind, you are practical and kind, but you may have too narrow a worldview. Virgo’s pettiness is at odds with Jupiter’s natural latitude, which is why you can see an elephant in every fly.

If Jupiter does not have heavy aspects, then order and cleanliness are very important to you. If there are difficult aspects, you can become sloppy, lazy, unhappy and inclined towards a bohemian lifestyle. You will excel in education, medicine and, in particular, in psychiatry.

The hardest thing for a Virgo is to grasp everything with one glance, to discard the insignificant. She digs into the details, forgetting about the main thing. Virgo is not spoiled by luck, Jupiter does not endow her with the help of benefactors, and therefore she does not look for sponsors, relies only on herself and does not aim at what is available to few.

The concepts of luck, conscience and morality are presented to Virgo by mental categories: righteousness can be proved as a theorem, even if after that there is a feeling of injustice, the lucky number in the lottery must be calculated or methodically purchased a series of tickets. Social success is Virgo’s sore spot. She secretly longs for recognition for her truly impeccable work and reacts painfully to criticism from the outside.

Jupiter in Virgo 0 ° – 10 °

Caution, discretion in work and in dealing with people. Much attention has to be paid to health, diet and personal hygiene. Success in medicine, especially folk medicine.

Jupiter in Virgo 10 ° – 20 °

Success in the exact and technical sciences, in the military field or in administrative and economic activities.

Jupiter in Virgo 20 ° – 30 °

The free Jupiterian professions bring success: research work, jurisprudence, especially judicial proceedings. Success is brought by travels and expeditions associated with research work and the search for natural resources.

Famous People with Jupiter in Virgo

  • Francis I,
  • Louis XI,
  • Peter I,
  • Nicola Boileau,
  • Jean Buffon,
  • Marie Jean Antoine Nicola Condorcet,
  • Vladimir Dahl,
  • Ernest Hemingway,
  • Roman Polanski,
  • Tamara Globa.

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