Jupiter in Taurus

Kindness + Confidence = Service 

Jupiter in Taurus Keyword:  expressiveness.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus has a restraining effect on all other positions of the stars in the horoscope, even if they are exaggerated or negative. 

Good nature,
striving for social security,
financial interests,
joy of pleasure.

With very good aspect on Jupiter in Aries : great willingness to help.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Taurus

When the aspects on Jupiter in Aries are not good : thirst for pleasure, thirst for waste.

Possible health problems

  • high blood pressure,
  • abscesses,
  • nosebleeds,
  • illnesses from a prosperous life.

Jupiter in Taurus – in enmity.

Jupiter in Taurus : Meaning in Astrology

Here Jupiter gives his wards a friendly and kind-hearted character, feelings of compassion and mercy, a craving for spiritual knowledge or for material benefits, and often for both.

People with Jupiter in Taurus are reasonable, have a sober mind and a practical vein, scale, scope, interest in financial transactions and investments. They are stable in their views, somewhat conservative, but fair. They are also distinguished by self-control and the ability to self-control. 

Their approach to business is serious, solid, unhurried, consistent, they do not turn off the path they have begun.

They love comfort, earthly pleasures and pleasures, are attached to family and children. But the sphere of love is problematic for them, mainly due to the fact that the main attention is paid to the external beauty of the partner, his status and demeanor, and not to mental qualities. 

Often marriage is viewed from the point of view of material benefits, much less often in a spiritual or intellectual aspect. Money and marriage are then closely related.

With a good configuration with other planets and elements of the horoscope, Jupiter gives prosperity, wealth, both through his own labor and through other people, for example, thanks to a marriage partner or business partner. Gives interest in social activities and cultural events, science, art, environmental problems.

When damaged, it gives waywardness, stubbornness, obstinacy, whims, quirks, hysteria, propensity for extravagance, wastefulness, excessive love of pleasures with all the sad consequences – diseases from an excess of food and drinks, metabolic disorders, plethora. In old age, paralysis should be feared.

Jupiter in Taurus in the natal chart : Personality

You are well versed in finance, and you can be a genius when it comes to investments and any other financial transactions. You will succeed if you start your own business or manage other people’s money, which means you can be a good stock broker or banker. If there are good aspects, then this indicates a true understanding of your values ​​in life. 

You love the luxury that money can buy. You stubborn quiet, do not like when you make something to do. Truth, creed, or ideological judgment matters to you. If Jupiter is weighed down, then the addiction to luxury can lead to excessive enjoyment, wastefulness and laziness.

Jupiterian principles Taurus can perceive as hostile or inaccessible. This is the painful area of ​​Taurus. Abstract reasoning irritates him, he prefers specifics. His competence concerns a narrow specialization. 

It is difficult for a Taurus to be generous, he is stingy. He is not always fair if his interests are affected, and is indifferent if this is not his business.

Taurus is not inclined to make long journeys, leave the household unattended for a long time, spend money on expanding their ideas about the world (unless this subsequently brings material stability or has practical benefits). The Taurus worldview fits into the materialistic framework. He is more inclined to narrowing his consciousness, closed from the positive influences of the developing Jupiter.

He is rarely lucky – he can only rely on himself, on the results of his hard work. Taurus will not risk what is necessary for the dubious possibility of getting too much.

Jupiter has a devastating effect on the health of Taurus, who cultivate their sensuality and attachment to abundant food.

Jupiter in 0 ° – 10 ° in Taurus

Organizational, managerial and administrative abilities, talent of a leader, leader, ability to lead, manage, command, manage. Interest in financial transactions, exchange transactions, capital investment; craving for art.

Jupiter in 10 ° – 20 ° in Taurus

Material interests, success in commercial activity, business.

Jupiter in 20 ° – 30 ° in Taurus

Interest in the humanities, philosophical and religious issues, social and legal problems; love for nature and animals, interest in environmental protection and ecological problems. Success comes from land and agriculture – horticulture, floriculture, horticulture, greenhouse farming, livestock and fur farming.

Famous People with Jupiter in Taurus

  • Mahatma Gandhi,
  • John MacDonald,
  • John F. Kennedy,
  • Joseph Brodsky,
  • Pablo Picasso,
  • John Lennon,
  • Eugene Delacroix,
  • Eugene Matisse, ,
  • Alexander Kerensky.

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