Jupiter in Libra

Kindness + Harmony = Popularity 

Jupiter in Libra Keyword:  hospitality.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Libra  

the ability to conduct a conversation,
a sense of art,
the concept of decorating life,
a sense of justice,
a desire for social activities,
the work of a judge, a lawyer,
predominantly suitable professionally,
it is also favorable for partnership.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Libra

relying too much on others.

Possible health problems 

  • kidney disease (suppuration,
  • lack of secretion, hence skin diseases),
  • predisposition to diabetes.

Jupiter in Libra : Meaning in Astrology

Here Jupiter gives his wards an honest and just character, decency, conscientious attitude to work, humanity and feelings of compassion and mercy. They try to balance conflicts between people, but they themselves avoid any confrontation, they try to avoid sharp corners. 

These people have a very sophisticated lifestyle. They know how to find a compromise in any, even the most difficult situations. 

It is these qualities, as well as their impartiality and striving for justice, legality, the triumph of justice, that lead them to jurisprudence. These are usually excellent prosecutors, judges, lawyers, jurors, notaries, legal advisers.

This position of Jupiter often portends a happy marriage, successful partnership, or business collaboration. Often they receive an inheritance or have beneficial friendly or working ties with foreigners or foreigners. 

These people receive income from scientific or commercial activities, diplomatic service or artistic, artistic activities.

As a rule, the profession is chosen according to the calling of the soul; moral and ethical principles and psychological attitude play an important role in its choice. People with Jupiter in Libra have a penchant for scientific pursuits or have artistic, artistic ability, this is a good position for medical professionals, especially forensic experts. 

These people are also involved in charitable activities, they help the sick, the poor or those who have suffered from an accident or natural disaster, often take care of hospitals, orphanages, orphanages.

Damaged Jupiter gives efficiency, cunning, hypocrisy, sycophancy, the desire to please everyone and everyone. Losses through lawsuits, fighting strong opponents, competitors, open enemies. There may be problems due to former friends, girlfriends, mistresses, lovers. Possible diseases of the kidneys, skin, nervous system and impaired metabolism.

Jupiter in Libra in the natal chart : Personality

You have good manners, you are sincere and economical. Free time and the pleasure that you can get in this free time is of great importance to you. And in moments like this, you are not used to doing anything other than enjoying your free time. 

You are very popular for your art talent, good taste and sociability. Fairness is very important to you and others believe in your judgment. You need a partner. You are a sophisticated person, an idealist and most likely do not like manual labor. 

If there are difficult aspects, it may happen that you will make decisions for others, and this will concern morality, you may want to be everything for others. Sometimes there can be ambiguous behavior and problems with the law.

Jupiter in enmity shows why people of the Libra type need the protection and support of the strong and rich in times of their difficulties and crises. Their moral and ethical criteria, due to the status of Jupiter, are not stable, which allows Libra to reconcile the militant parties, to find exculpatory arguments in favor of the guilty. 

By replacing the functions of law and justice with functions of peace and well-being, people like Libra have acquired a reputation for being “children of compromise.”

Representatives of this sign need specific social activities – Jupiter does not provide them with a wide choice for self-realization in society.

Jupiter in Libra 0 ° – 10 °

Multilateral interests. Honesty, decency, nobility, generosity, cheerfulness, politeness, benevolence, pleasant manners, courteous behavior.

Jupiter in Libra 10 ° – 20 °

Success in the diplomatic service, in public activities, in jurisprudence as a prosecutor, judge, lawyer, juror, notary or legal adviser, as an economist or business executive. Successful financial transactions, exchange transactions, capital investments.

Jupiter in Libra 20 ° – 30 °

Success in jurisprudence and in everything related to it. They are also successful in pedagogy, public service, business, commercial activity, research work. Both social and charitable activities can be successful.

Famous People with Jupiter in Libra

  • Henry IV,
  • Louis XIII,
  • George Washington,
  • Carl Jung,
  • Vivekananda,
  • Nicholas Roerich,
  • Yuri Gagarin,
  • Henry Ford,
  • Sophia Loren,
  • Mark Chagall,
  • Bill Clinton.

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