Jupiter in Gemini

Kindness + Diversity = Many-sided considerate 

Jupiter in Gemini Keyword:  expressiveness.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Gemini

optimism, cheerfulness,
addiction to learning,
expansion in the spiritual,
inventive mindset,
interest in spiritual sciences and religious and philosophical problems,
the desire for multilateral relationships,
popularity, patronage,
thirst for travel.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Gemini

“burner of life”.

Possible health problems 

  • lung disease (secondary: rheumatism, gout).

Jupiter in Gemini is in exile.

Jupiter in Gemini : Meaning in Astrology

Jupiter in the sign of Gemini gives great optimism, enthusiasm, spiritual strength, a lot of energy, cheerfulness, vigor, courage, expansiveness, love for science and education, interest in philosophy and religion. Here Jupiter enhances the love of travel, business trips and travel, makes the individual strive for spiritual and intellectual development. 

People with such a Jupiter are resourceful, witty, have a literary gift, an interest in occult pursuits, and are often inventors or rationalizers. They can do “paperwork” such as publishing, journalism, printing, bookstores, libraries.

Here Jupiter promises to his wards “going out to the people”, gives curiosity, curiosity, the desire to communicate. Such people, no matter how anyone needs an exchange of views, they analyze new impressions, the information received, rework and pass it on to others in a revised form. 

It is they who speak at all kinds of conferences and symposia, where, in scientific disputes, one can approach the truth or, at least, to plausibility. They need communication like bread, because only in this way can they satisfy their talkativeness, apply their oratorical gift and eloquence. 

They are good at the magic of the word, which they need not only in communication with people, but in psychotherapy sessions, in healing, which many of them are engaged in.

It should also be noted their strong attachment to close relatives, brothers, sisters, colleagues at work, with whom they usually have good relations. They love nature and animals, especially dogs and horses, so veterinary medicine promises them success. 

Animals love them too. Often these people are associated with other countries and foreigners, the language barrier is not an obstacle for them, because foreign languages ​​are easy for them.

In the sphere of love and marriage, they will not find great happiness. The first marriage can be dissolved either through the fault of relatives, or because of long absences due to travel and business trips, or because of extramarital affairs. 

A second marriage may be more successful, but not necessarily a happy one. Often a marriage is concluded with one of the distant relatives, but it does not bring the desired happiness either.

In case of Jupiter in Aries has negative aspects – disorganization, inconsistency, impracticality, scattering, frivolity, frivolity, extravagance, ignoring the laws and rules of society, many opponents, opponents, competitors, enemies; often censure of others, loss of reputation. Atheism or sectarianism, often with dire consequences in the form of mental disorders; attempted suicide. Colds or infectious diseases, diseases of the bronchi and lungs, arthritis and polyarthritis.

Jupiter in Gemini in the natal chart : Personality

You are self-taught, diplomatic and open-minded; thanks to the amazing originality and constant composure, you can become the “brain” of any organization. Despite the clarity and cheerfulness, your temperament carries a certain tendency towards violence, which can appear quite unexpectedly. 

You express your talents in different ways: for example, you can become a writer or teach philosophy. If Jupiter is in Gemini, separation from children and multiple marriages are quite possible in this situation. 

If there are challenging aspects, try not to become an intellectual snob, as there is such a tendency, and control your inner anxiety.

The symbol of maturity is at its weakest in Gemini, the sign of youth. Due to the weakness of Jupiter, Gemini is not characterized by pangs of conscience. 

Wanting to get the information they need, they may not bother observing ethical standards, they tend to adapt, not patronize. Higher education attracts them with the practical application of knowledge.

In a state of fatigue, Gemini can moralize, advise, make sweeping gestures. This is a sign of Jupiter’s overcompensation.

The weak point of Gemini is the ability to generalize, synthesis. It is difficult for them to navigate in the sea of ​​information surrounding them, to separate the essential from the secondary, so the mind of Gemini can be overwhelmed with undigested information that spills out on the first comers. Gemini’s motives lie in the immediate world.

Jupiter in 0 ° – 10 ° in Gemini

Success in science and art, especially as a literary critic, art critic and musicologist.

Jupiter in 10 ° – 20 ° in Gemini

Success in the literary and journalistic field, in all matters related to the press, publishing, work in printing houses, bookstores, libraries and in everything related to the world of art and arts.

Jupiter in 20 ° – 30 ° in Gemini

Interest in philosophical and religious issues. Philanthropic activities.

Famous People with Jupiter in the sign of Gemini

  • Indira Gandhi,
  • Jacqueline Kennedy-Onasis,
  • Peter Kapitsa,
  • Artyom Mikoyan,
  • Nikita Khrushchev,
  • Pavel Globa,
  • Alexander Zaraev.
  • Marquis de Sade,
  • Cardinal Richelieu,
  • Alexander Pushkin,

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