Jupiter in Sagittarius

Kindness + Sincerity = Religion.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Keyword:  moderation.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Sagittarius

love of freedom,
philosophical worldview interests,
religious aspirations,
desire for property,
a tendency to speculative activities,
a desire to expand horizons,
longing for abroad.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Sagittarius

using others for their own interests,
thirst for waste.

Possible health problems

  • bad blood,
  • rheumatism,
  • gout
  • secondary: lung disease

Jupiter in Sagittarius : Meaning in Astrology

The sign of Sagittarius for Jupiter is the sign of his domicile (located in the monastery), therefore, here he especially clearly manifests his Jupiterian qualities. Such as honesty, decency, conscientiousness, benevolence, generosity, generosity, pursuit of justice, feelings of compassion and mercy.

Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius gives his wards a strong desire for personal and spiritual freedom, for independence, independence, a great interest in philosophical and religious issues, in cultural, educational and ethical and moral issues. People with Jupiter in Sagittarius have good organizational talent. These are leaders, leaders, leaders. 

They often hold government posts or have high ecclesiastical dignity, many are engaged in world problems, strengthen their positions in the political arena. These people fight for their ideas as fiercely as for secular power or religious transformation. 

They often become real rebels. They are very ambitious and ambitious, so they want to dominate everywhere: at the state level, and at spiritual, and sports competitions, and in the family. But they are not aggressive, do not wish anyone any harm,

People with Jupiter in Sagittarius strive to embrace the immensity, and in this they are tireless and do not stop striving to learn until the end of their days. Their native side is not enough for them, they strive abroad or study, or work, or simply go to join a foreign culture. 

They are the ones who become missionaries and bring ideas, knowledge and faith to the world. They are not confined only to the affairs and problems, they try to make life easier for others, constantly someone watch over, someone patronize. 

Many of them have psychotherapeutic abilities, thanks to which they are able to comfort people in distress. This gift of theirs, the breadth of the soul, insight, the ability to understand the human soul, attracts people to them.

They are also very fond of nature and animals, especially dogs and horses; they are often members of organizations and departments that deal with environmental problems, animal protection, and human rights protection. These people are fighting against the underworld, against corruption, against everything illegal and unjust.

Often among them there are people endowed with a special gift and those who have chosen the occult sciences as their profession.

Afflicted Jupiter often discourages the desire to learn, causes a special dislike for dry theories. Such people only need activities for practical purposes. Problems arise from talkativeness, incontinence, excessive straightforwardness and straightforwardness. 

Too much frankness and gullibility, excessive feelings of pity, sympathy, compassion, unsuccessful speculative activities or lawsuits are also characteristic. Possible diseases of the respiratory organs, bronchi, lungs or diseases of the hip joints, liver, blood, metabolic disorders.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the natal chart : Personality

You are able to seize the right opportunity and seize it. You are sociable, try to always be among people and especially love children and animals. You enjoy improving the lives of others; usually such people occupy leadership positions and rarely report to anyone. 

You are far-sighted and often thoughtful. Love luxury and are capable of spending a lot of money on very little things. You are an optimist and open person, love nature and sports, inclined towards religion and ideology. 

If there are difficult aspects, you can be a narrow-minded, always self-righteous, restless and illegible person.

Jupiter in the monastery endows Sagittarius with wide interests in the field of the achievements of the human Spirit, as well as a great love for everything that makes up the joys of earthly existence: good and abundant food, sex, travel abroad, prosperity that allows you to live in grand style, play with passion, waste money, indulge in noble gestures. 

Sagittarius is an optimist and a merry fellow. When he is active, luck, luck (the main god on Olympus) promotes him everywhere.

Sagittarius strives far beyond the horizons of the life around him. Having experienced a deep transformation of consciousness in Scorpio, a person in Sagittarius can be ready to create his own worldview, his own concept of the world. 

The principle of the Alternative Jupiter favors people of this psychotype in search of their own way of social integration, the principle of Patronage determines the ability to see around oneself those who need care, the principle of the Enlightenment endows

Sagittarius with the need to spread their views, share their spiritual achievements, help the mental development of others, instructing them on the true path.

The God of the gods warms those around, protects, bestows, sympathizes. From the heights of Olympus, he sees more and further than others. In a difficult struggle, Jupiter won his right to generously forgive, educate by his example, indignantly punish, and be indignant. 

He is a fighter for justice, claims to understand the spirit of laws, social structure, respects, observes traditions, determines the moral and ethical standards of human behavior in society.

Sagittarius tends to advise, teach, advise, scold, edify. In his interaction with others, he often resorts to allegories, parables, legends, myths (speaks from afar and in general). Jupiter contributes to the development in Sagittarius of broad interests in science, history, philosophy, religion of different eras and cultures. Sagittarius is looking for something in common, uniting.

Fire pushes Jupiter in Sagittarius to a constant movement in the development of consciousness, expansion of their concepts and capabilities, expansion, development of new, border areas. Therefore, among Sagittarius, there are often specialists of a wide profile: geographers, historians, linguists, art historians, military and political advisers, consultants, philosophers, sociologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, solicitors, teachers, fighters for human rights. 

They are surrounded by disciples, admirers, suffering and unsettled people, who are given real help or moral support, as well as knowledge of the highest truth available to few.

Jupiter in Sagittarius 0 ° – 10 °

Craving for philosophical and religious issues, for the problems of higher education. Activities in the field of culture, public service, spiritual service. Long trips, long trips, sports. Often a political struggle, striving for fame, honor, popularity.

Jupiter in Sagittarius 10 ° – 20 °

Mostly practical activities. Success in jurisprudence as a prosecutor, judge, lawyer, notary, legal adviser, in matters related to education, upbringing or cultural enterprises, in everything related to journalism, publishing, bookstores and libraries. Church service, missionary activity.

Jupiter in Sagittarius 20 ° – 30 °

The opportunity to become famous on the basis of literary and poetic activity, in the diplomatic service and the political arena, or thanks to your philosophical views, convictions, worldview of an esoteric or humanistic direction. Success in the art world.

Famous People with Jupiter in Sagittarius

  • Louis XII,
  • Louis XV,
  • Edward VII,
  • George V,
  • Otto von Habsburg,
  • Pius XII,
  • Prince Charles,
  • Maximilian Robespierre,
  • Jean Calvin,
  • Georges Clemenceau,
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
  • Herman Hesse,
  • Roberito Assad ,
  • Ernst Kraft,
  • Jimmy Carter,

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