Jupiter in Pisces

Kindness + Expectation = Altruism. 

Jupiter in Pisces Keyword:  daydreaming.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Pisces

good nature,
willingness to help,
great social understanding,
satisfaction with simple relationships,
love of loneliness and quiet friends,
medial inclinations (which is very sensitive to physical influences),
preference for parapsychology and related sciences,
a sense of beauty, harmony and art,
joy of pleasure.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Pisces

susceptibility to influence,
allowing oneself to be used,
far-reaching fantasy,
a tendency to pleasure.

Possible health problems 

  • swollen legs,
  • bowel disease,
  • liver disease,
  • jaundice.

Jupiter in Pisces : Meaning in Astrology

For Jupiter, one of the best positions. People with Jupiter in Pisces are endowed with increased sensitivity, impressionability, great sensitivity and kindness. A refined soul and strong intuition explain their humanism and philanthropy, as well as strong feelings of compassion and mercy. 

They are capable of self-hypnosis, have the gift of suggestion and persuasion, and are also endowed with hypnotic abilities. 

They treat their friends and relatives with respect and great love, they have the same love for nature and animals. 

This idealistic and philanthropic nature sometimes goes to extremes, but this does not harm others, rather, on the contrary, they are able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of other people.

Often these people have some kind of phenomenal or extrasensory abilities, have a great craving for the occult sciences, astrology, magic, mediumship, spiritualistic seances. They show great interest in psychotherapy, folk medicine, healing, herbal medicine, and shamanism. In all these areas, they can achieve great results. Often they have a clairvoyant talent.

In their younger years, they love hiking, excursions, trips, business trips, travel, especially long and long ones. At an advanced age, they prefer cultural events: art exhibitions, theaters, concerts, everything of the classical repertoire.

Often they themselves have expressed some kind of talent, artistic, musical or artistic. This is especially clearly expressed in music, poetry, literary and dramatic performances. Favorite theme is the world of fantasy, imagination, fairy tales.

If such a Jupiter does not have negative aspects, then the individual is extremely decent, honest, noble and generous. They have a developed sense of justice.

Damaged Jupiter warns of possible troubles due to too much frankness. You should be wary of fake friends – “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Often these people are used by other people for their own ends. Possible diseases of the liver, legs, poisoning with pesticides, potent drugs, food, drinks, alcohol, drugs.

Jupiter in Pisces in the natal chart : Personality

You are kind, calm, friendly and unpretentious. We are always ready to offer their help to others. Your compassionate ability and trustworthy demeanor make you very popular. Seek to help those who are suffering, but sometimes your compassion becomes overwhelming. 

You can be a good doctor, educator, or veterinarian. You are not ambitious in the classical sense of the word and sometimes you want to be alone with yourself. 

If there are burdens, then such a position can lead to excessive sacrifice, excessive emotionality and fear of responsibility, which in turn can result in social parasitism.

In the abode, Jupiter directs its expansion functions in Pisces into the water element of the inner world of a person, he kind of expands his inner space. Jupiter offers an Alternative to suffering – to suffer for others. 

In the social sphere, the influence of Jupiter manifests itself as a concern for the weak, sick and disadvantaged, in the field of religious and occult education – as a need for higher knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

Jupiter favors the formation of a mystical worldview in people of this psychotype. He gives Pisces the ability to tolerate all religious denominations, different political views and positions. People of this psychotype at an early age perceive moral categories on an emotional level.

A strong Jupiter in water forms an emotional attitude to history, and a rich imagination allows Pisces to feel themselves eyewitnesses of many events of the past, different eras and peoples, and see the details of these events, nowhere described, but quite probable.

Pisces emotionally experience situations of injustice, but rarely become fighters for the offended – they often plunge into philosophical grief about the imperfection of our world.

Jupiter in Pisces 0 ° – 10 °

Love for art: music, poetry. Attraction to everything beautiful and graceful, pleasures, pleasures, cultural entertainment. Often speculative activity, adherence to gambling.

Jupiter in Pisces 10 ° – 20 °

Love for art, interest in occult sciences, sports activities. Craving for earthly joys, for the opposite sex and sexual pleasure.

Jupiter in Pisces 20 ° – 30 °

Rich fantasy, vivid imagination. Animal instincts and passions, innate talents and acquired abilities.

Famous People with Jupiter in Pisces

  • Leonardo da Vinci,
  • Johannes Morinus,
  • Napoleon III,
  • Abraham Lincoln,
  • Frank Sinatra.

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