Jupiter in Aquarius

Kindness + Change = Humanity 

Jupiter in Aquarius Keyword:  patience.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Aquarius  

social, philosophical and pedagogical interests,
humanistic attitude,
desire for sociability,
joy of hope,
wealth of ideas,
knowledge of people,
patronage of friends,
patronage and connections,
often high social position or professional attitude towards the public.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Aquarius

ideological conflicts,
impermanence, inactivity.
Violation of the aspects of Jupiter: obstinacy towards “authorities” or superiors.

Possible health problems 

  • tumors on the legs,
  • blood clots,
  • heart disease,
  • fear,
  • a tendency to paralysis.

Jupiter in Aquarius : Meaning in Astrology

Here Jupiter bestows upon his charges a strong desire for personal and spiritual freedom and independence. The character of people with such a Jupiter is calm, sensitive, kind, philanthropic, benevolent, compassionate, merciful. 

People with Jupiter in Aquarius are always cheerful, cheerful, brave, very original and eccentric. They are optimistic, full of enthusiasm, they always have an abundance of ideas and hopes in store. 

These are preachers and followers of progressive views and champions of social justice. 

They do not recognize any hierarchies, racial, national, religious differences, for them all people are the same, be it a general, a soldier, a director, a cleaning lady, a prima ballerina or the Pope.

People with Jupiter in Aquarius are often helped by various patronages and recommendations of both representatives of the secular world and the spiritual. Help them – they help. Patronize them – they patronize. It cannot be otherwise, since Aquarius is a sign of friendship and patronage. These people are always ready to come to the aid of those who need it.

In addition, it is difficult for them to be alone, they need communication, especially with close people and friends, they need a team – only in a team are they able to fully reveal their talents. In addition to strong ambition, they also have strong lust for power, and in order to show themselves and to become a leader, a team is required. 

By their convictions, they are anarchists, but they are well aware that in order to avoid troubles and conflict situations, you have to put up with others and respect their opinions. 

In addition, they are good psychologists and their intuition is highly developed, so they have a subtle sense of the mood of the team.

Often the life position, profession or type of activity of these people are associated with the public. They are able to maintain good relations not only with ordinary people, but also with the nomenclature, famous scientists, representatives of the church, or with famous people associated with art or sports. 

Sometimes they become members of any societies, unions, including secret ones, such as, for example, a Masonic lodge.

They also make acquaintance with foreigners or people of a different nationality, of a different religion, but basically, they are bound by common views or professional interests.

Even having become professionals in their field, these people try to introduce something new, improve, reshape, they are haunted by their spirit of invention. Anything more or less interesting will definitely fall into the sphere of their attention, be altered and acquire a completely new quality.

In case Jupiter is Aquarius has bad aspects – willfulness, willfulness, stubbornness, internal anxiety, uncertainty, indecision; often – rebellion, a struggle against the authorities and superiors. Diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system, diseases of the legs (shins, ankles, calves), sprains of the tendons, fractures of the bones of the legs, disorders of the nervous system and psyche.

Jupiter in Aquarius in the natal chart : Personality

Inspiration is the driving force of your life, you strive to help others, do not like routine work. You really respect and value other people’s opinions and are always open to new ideas. You are fair, understanding, sociable and diligent, have an impartial and democratic approach to life. 

Do not have any class, racial or ideological prejudice. Thanks to your prudence, bright intellectual abilities and originality, you will succeed in all areas of life. 

If there are challenging aspects, you can be tactless, intolerant, biased and quick-tempered.

Jupiter in enmity demonstrates the intolerance of Aquarius to the opinions of others, their indifference to social adaptation. Often people of this psychotype act against traditions, contrary to public opinion, they are not worried about public recognition. 

In his strong states, Aquarius declares indifference to people respected in society, he does not seek respect for himself, he can be categorical in matters beyond his competence. He does not tolerate advice from the outside, he waits for his own decision to come to him. 

Aquarius receives higher knowledge through a direct channel from space, in moments of insight, and not from teachers. In moments of weakness, Aquarius complains about bad luck, poverty and the lack of strong patrons.

Jupiter in Aquarius 0 ° – 10 °

Strengthens noble character traits: sensitivity, sincerity, friendliness, benevolence. Prudence, prudence, but without selfishness. Abilities for science and research work, engineering, mechanics, electronics. Artistic or artistic talent.

Jupiter in Aquarius 10 ° – 20 °

Rich imagination, vivid imagination, resourcefulness, wit. Long journeys, long journeys. Literary gift. Works in the form of fascinating psychological and adventure novels or poems.

Jupiter in Aquarius 20 ° – 30 °

Optimism, enthusiasm, humanism, altruism, the struggle for social justice. Oratorical talent, eloquence, wit, vivid imagination. Literary and dramatic talent. Storyteller, science fiction writer.

Famous People with Jupiter in Aquarius

  • Charles VI,
  • Princess Diana,
  • Johannes Cardan,
  • Albert Einstein,
  • Elizabeth II,
  • Louis de Volle,
  • Marilyn Monroe

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