Jupiter in Cancer

Kindness + Sensitivity = Wealth of Feelings

Jupiter in Cancer Keyword:  generosity.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Cancer

strong feelings with an ideological bias,
readiness to understand,
material support,
joy of perception of everything beautiful,
a sense of family,

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Cancer

amenable to influence,
thirst for pleasure,
the possibility of seduction,
use due to excessive good nature.
Violation of the Jupiter aspects: malnutrition due to unlimited enjoyment.

Possible health problems 

  • obscenity,
  • liver disorders,
  • blood diseases.

Jupiter in Cancer is in exaltation.

Jupiter in Cancer : Meaning in Astrology

Jupiter in the sign of Cancer creates all the conditions for its owners for the implementation of ideas, designs, plans and intentions. People with such a Jupiter are quite ambitious, enterprising and power-hungry, but without aggressiveness. 

They are sociable, sensitive, polite, benevolent, well versed in human needs, understand the human soul, although they are committed to some idealism and are too emotional. They look at the world with great optimism, but often through rose-colored glasses. 

They preach humanism and justice, are inclined towards science, are interested in history, culture and traditions of ancient peoples, are not indifferent to art, as they are endowed with subtle sensitivity and deep impressionability. 

These people have always been famous for their generosity and breadth of soul. True, in general, they are generous in relation to loved ones and those whom they sympathize with, but, nevertheless,

People with Jupiter in Cancer are hard-working and hardworking, but careful and usually plan their actions. They love money, they know how to earn and spend it. Often they are engaged in commercial activities, earned in this way, invest in production. Although in most cases, they can receive their initial capital from their parents or through a successful marriage.

They choose a profession by vocation, it is often associated with scientific activity, pedagogy or the world of art. They rarely engage in physical labor, thanks to their talents and abilities, they are famous as professionals and have a good reputation in their field. In addition to their main activities, they have hobbies, often associated with activities that go beyond the ordinary, for example, occult pursuits.

They love trips, especially sea trips, they have many connections with foreign countries, but even if they go abroad for a long time, as a rule, they always return. They are true patriots of their homeland and are very attached to their land, family, relatives, friends. Although it happens that in a foreign country they achieve success and become famous, then they remain there and die a calm and natural death.

If damaged, intemperance in eating and enjoying, problems due to interference in the affairs of other people. Jupiterian diseases are possible: circulatory disorders, metabolic disorders, diseases of the stomach, liver, blood, skin.

Jupiter in Cancer in the natal chart : Personality

Your nobility, compassion, and good behavior indicate your ability to do anything that involves public relations. Since you enjoy communicating with a wide variety of people, you can be successful in trading. Jupiter in Cancer indicates good parentage and great love for children.

You strive to create a safe, comfortable home that is open to all your friends and family. Try not to be overly sentimental or preoccupied with family issues. 

Control your tendency to overeat. You are well versed in money matters and can be successful in real estate trading.

Thanks to the strong position of Jupiter, Cancer finds it difficult to go against their ideas about the laws of conscience, against their experiences of a moral and ethical nature. He is ethical. Cancer is inclined to view the events of the outside world from the standpoint of justice, is able to look into greater depth in the study of social issues. 

He examines the relationship with the outside world in philosophical and religious terms. His emotions can be controlled by wise, educated people.

Jupiter in Cancer 0 ° – 10 °

Strong intuition, enthusiasm, optimism, altruism. Interest in occult sciences, astrology of magic, mediumship, as well as in philosophical problems. Religious feelings, feelings of compassion and mercy. Craving for sea trips, swimming, water travel.

Jupiter in Cancer 10 ° – 20 °

Favorable microclimate in the family, decoration of the hearth. The house is maintained in accordance with family and ancestral traditions. Intellectual activity, spiritual pursuits, occult practices.

Jupiter in Cancer 20 ° – 30 °

Success is brought by liberal professions, craft at home, jurisprudence, advocacy. Often scientific activities: history, anthropology, geography, geology, philosophy, pedagogy, linguistics. Political activity.

Famous People with Jupiter in the sign of Cancer

  • Henry III,
  • Catherine II,
  • Alexander Dumas-son,
  • Norbert Wiener,
  • Nostradamus,
  • Anton Chekhov,
  • Harry Truman,
  • Paul McCartney.

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