Jupiter in Scorpio

Kindness + Self-Preservation = Cheerfulness. 

Jupiter in Scorpio Keyword:  endurance.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Scorpio

thirst for pleasure,
desire for property,
materialistic attitude,
interest in legal problems and worldview issues.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Scorpio  

excessive ambition,
increased instinctive life,
overestimation of oneself,
lust for power,

Possible health problems

  • tumors in the lower body,
  • a predisposition to paralysis,
  • nosebleeds,
  • dropsy.

Jupiter in Scorpio : Meaning in Astrology

Here Jupiter gives his wards a strong will, inexhaustible energy, determination, great ambition. Here he strengthens self-confidence, gives some arrogance, arrogance and a tendency to abuse power. 

People with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio have a pronounced desire for self-affirmation and a desire to realize their ideas, plans and plans at all costs, which in most cases they succeed due to their great dedication, perseverance and tremendous punching power. 

These people are endowed with magical powers that are difficult to resist, the innate power of suggestion and the gift of persuasion help to achieve their goal.

By their nature, they are very proud, endowed with self-esteem, but emotional, ardent and impulsive people. Nevertheless, in business they are practical, rational, judicious and calculating. Both in business and in relationships, they are supporters of justice and are distinguished by honesty and decency. 

Often they are the patrons of the weak, sick, offended and humiliated people. The pride of one’s own “I” also has great power.

They love various secrets, know how to keep them, so many trust them with their personal secrets. They are also attracted by the secrets of nature, the Universe, so many of them are engaged in the occult sciences, astrology and magic. 

On the one hand, they are materialists, and on the other, they are mystics.

They make friends with original and outstanding people, often possessing some phenomenal abilities, as well as with people from government or higher spiritual circles. They do not have many friends, but they are loyal and devoted.

This position of Jupiter foreshadows long journeys, acquaintance and friendship with foreigners. During trips abroad, accidents and adventures of a strange nature are possible.

In case Jupiter in Scorpio is afflicted – fake friends, dubious, not fully thought out financial transactions, illegal transactions and exchange transactions, impaired metabolism. The ability to drown.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the natal chart : Personality

You are active, believe in your own strength and love to test your willpower on others. You enjoy living a luxurious life, and chances are you will be making enough money to support yourself. You are courageous and dedicated, your approach to life is deeply understood. 

You are interested in mysticism and occultism. In your pronounced views, you are completely uncompromising. You are discerning, judicious and have great healing abilities. 

You are attracted by archeology, music, medicine and everything related to taxation and insurance. If there are challenging aspects, try to learn how to control your tendency to fraud, this may also indicate the possibility of erroneous investments and, for example, loss of inheritance.

Jupiter in kinship indicates the importance of Scorpio receiving mental education, to the level of culture that determines the direction of his energy: in which area of ​​secret activity a person of a given psychotype will strive to have power over people. Jupiter expands the secret knowledge of Scorpio, included in educational activities, allows him to acquire more and more competence in the chosen field of activity.

Among Scorpios, there are often consultants working in the field of productive development of organizations, psychotherapists, sex therapists, doctors, teachers of higher knowledge, spiritual educators.

Jupiter in Scorpio 0 ° – 10 °

Wisdom, strong character, perseverance, perseverance, great energy, endurance, endurance, courage, determination, purposefulness. Long trips, long journeys, mainly of a scientific nature.

Jupiter in Scorpio 10 ° – 20 °

Success is brought by medical practice as a surgeon, radiologist, venereologist, sexologist, phytotherapist, as well as pharmaceuticals, mathematics, physics or other exact sciences.

Jupiter in Scorpio 20 ° – 30 °

Propensity for spiritual activities, missionary work, occult studies, astrology, magic, often spiritual healing, with the help of prayers, mantras, conspiracies.

Famous People with Jupiter in Scorpio

  • Franz Ferdinand,
  • Charles I,
  • Von Habsburg,
  • Louis XIV,
  • Napoleon,
  • Auguste Rodin,
  • Claude Monet,
  • Leo Tolstoy,
  • Albert Schweitzer,
  • Jack London,
  • Elvis Presley,
  • Ronald Reagan,
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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