Jupiter in Leo

Kindness + Image = Popularity.

Jupiter in Leo Keyword:  luxury.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Leo

great self-confidence,
generous plans,
guiding will (which is associated with the popularity and joy of luxury and pleasure). 
With good aspect: the best position of Jupiter, which is materially very favorable.

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Leo

admiration for oneself,
submission to spiritual life,
desire for speculation.

Possible health problems 

  • heart disease (enlargement, obesity),
  • a predisposition to paralysis,
  • impaired circulation.

Jupiter in Leo : Meaning in Astrology

People with Jupiter in Leo tend to be brave, courageous, and capable of taking risks. They are cheerful, purposeful, strong-willed people who know what they want and are confident in their strength and irresistibility. 

They stand out for their authoritative speeches, strong and convincing self-expression, the ability to convince them that they are right. Increased lust for power, good organizational talent, the gift of a leader, as well as prudence, decisiveness, firmness and steadfastness of spirit – all this allows them to achieve success, achieve a high social position, up to responsible government posts. 

They have a very high ambition, they want to be distinguished and paid special attention to them, to be admired, prayed and deified. They crave fame, awards, fame and, as a rule, they achieve this.

These people are usually noble, generous and benevolent, love to be guardians and protectors of weak, unhappy and offended people.

Their marriage in most cases is successful, often happy. Often he is with a partner from very influential circles of society: either with a prominent state and political figure, or with a prominent scientist, or with a famous athlete, or with a famous actor, artist, musician, poet.

When Jupiter is damaged, negative character traits appear. This is a tendency to show off and outward brilliance, self-praise, heightened ambition, arrogance. 

The tendency to judge people by their appearance and behavior, not paying attention to their inner content. Craving for speculative activity, gambling, gluttony, dubious companies. 

There is a possibility of heart attack, stroke, blood disease, metabolic disorders.

Jupiter in Leo in the natal chart : Personality

You are always ready to offer your help, very ambitious, able to extricate yourself from almost any situation and succeed in politics. Since you really want to define and fulfill your goals, you take action while others only dream about it. You are theatrical and beautiful, you love a comfortable life. You have many talents, love to make others laugh and are very sociable. If there are challenging aspects, you can become narcissistic or arrogant, out of measure. Your health is generally good, but you may have some heart problems and / or being overweight.

Jupiter in Leo 0 ° – 10 °

Entrepreneurship and scope in all affairs and enterprises. Material security, prosperity, wealth.

Jupiter in Leo 10 ° – 20 °

Love for art, nature and animals. Activities in the field of culture, sports activities. Sports or cultural entertainment.

Jupiter in Leo 20 ° – 30 °

Research work, applied sciences, arts and crafts related work. Success is brought by the diplomatic service, medicine, service in the state apparatus.

Famous People with Jupiter in Leo

  • Bill Gates,
  • Alexander I,
  • Vincent Oriol,
  • Henri Breton,
  • Victor Hugo,
  • Richard Wagner,
  • Sri Aurobindo,
  • Nelson Rockefeller,
  • Fedor Chaliapin,
  • Walter Koch,

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