Jupiter in Capricorn

Kindness + Concentration = Responsibility.

Jupiter in Capricorn Keyword:  entrepreneurship.

Positive qualities of Jupiter in Capricorn

great ambition,
sense of duty,
organizational talent,

Negative qualities of Jupiter in Capricorn

excessive ambition,
desire for titles and self-recognition.

Possible health problems

  • skin diseases,
  • jaundice,
  • excessive weight.

Jupiter in Capricorn : Meaning in Astrology

This position for Jupiter is very unfortunate, since with such a Jupiter the development of the individual as a person is difficult and proceeds very slowly. A person as a person flourishes and becomes firmly established only in the second half of his life.

People with such a Jupiter have a deep mind, they are serious, purposeful and inclined to practical activities of the individual. They have a very ambitious character, often they are driven by greed and a desire to be in the center of attention. 

They strive for recognition and fame and, in the end, they get it and become famous, have titles and awards. These people are good organizers, besides, they are honest, decent, hardworking and conscientious, they approach any business correctly and accurately, so that over time they are quite capable of getting a leading position and even a responsible state post. 

Their social recovery occurs rather slowly, in stages, but confidently, and they mainly owe material well-being to themselves, to their professionalism, patience, and a responsible attitude in their work. 

Slow growth is also explained by the fact that in people with Jupiter in Capricorn, prudence prevails over feelings, and emotions are suppressed even at conception. They are inventive, but careful and circumspect, where necessary they can cheat.

The trips of these people are usually related to necessity, therefore, they are mainly business, although for the sake of a career they are able to work abroad. This position of Jupiter does not rule out inheritance. Marriage can also happen out of necessity, often the parents are involved. While a marriage can be quite successful financially, it is usually not entirely happy. 

It can be concluded by convenience or the spouses can be colleagues. In general, the social circle of these people is often limited by the professional environment.

In spirit, these people are pure conservatives, but not always bureaucrats or philistines. In politics, they sympathize with the monarchy and solid power, they do not like democracy.

In case Jupiter in Capricorn has bad aspects – willfulness, willfulness, stubbornness, obstinacy, mercantilism, prudence, frugality reaching stinginess, greed, distrust, heartlessness. Diseases of the liver, blood, skin, knee joint, impaired metabolism.

Jupiter in Capricorn in the natal chart : Personality

You are honest, you are the bearer of the Puritan spirit, economical in everything and ambitious person. You need a career that provides enough cash for a prosperous life. You are conservative, you can do well in private business, as well as working in any large organization. 

You are patient and dedicated to work and, only because of this, you can make a fortune, but it may happen that you will save on little things, but at the same time spend a lot buying expensive things. You don’t like to waste money, your moral standards are high, and you will be very successful in buying and selling land. 

If this position of Jupiter is used negatively, you can become too dogmatic, victim and suffering.

Jupiter in the fall demonstrates the subordinate position of the “spirit of the law” to the “letter of the law.” If the law requires the punishment of his own father, Capricorn will not hear the voice of blood.

Capricorns are not distinguished by open-mindedness, tolerance of other people’s beliefs and religion. Religion for Capricorn is a frozen dogma, not a worldview – there can be no different interpretations in it. The weakness of Jupiter makes it difficult for Capricorn to assimilate into someone else’s social environment.

Jupiter in Capricorn 0 ° – 10 °

Ambition, tenacity, perseverance, endurance, endurance, self-discipline. A lot of hard work, although efficiency may not always be enough. Purposefulness, the ability to achieve the goal.

Jupiter in Capricorn 10 ° – 20 °

Obligation, responsibility. Dependence on a strong sense of duty, on the inner state, on the financial situation and working conditions.

Jupiter in Capricorn 20 ° – 30 °

Any talent, ability. Ability to adapt to the right people and circumstances, to prove themselves in the service. Duality, diplomacy, cunning, slyness.

Famous People with Jupiter in Capricorn

  • Franz Joseph I,
  • Frederick the Great,
  • Charles VII,
  • Christopher Columbus,
  • Karl Marx,
  • Jawaharlal Nehru,
  • Richard Nixon,
  • Robert Kennedy,
  • Adolf Hitler,
  • Saddam Hussein,
  • Walt Disney,
  • Margaret Thatcher.

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