Saturn in Taurus

Obstacle + Guarantee = Perseverance 

Keyword:  loyalty.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Taurus  

tough will,
a serious desire for property,
a methodical way of working,
solid lifestyle.

Negative qualities of Saturn in Taurus  


Possible health problems 

  • chronic throat disease,
  • bad gums and teeth,
  • colds,
  • constipation.

Saturn in Taurus : Meaning in Astrology

Saturn in the sign of Taurus gives a realistic way of thinking, seriousness, practicality, fundamentality, great perseverance, perseverance, endurance. People with such a Saturn think and act slowly, but they differ in consistency, thoroughness, pedantry and pragmatism in their views. 

They are focused and principled, but very careful and prudent. They are conservatives and incorrigible orthodox, although they usually solve problems diplomatically.

People with Saturn in the sign of Taurus have an undoubted organizational talent, they are very hardworking and efficient, and in relations with others they are loyal and reliable. Saturn generally indicates constraining and limiting factors, therefore, there are difficult periods in their lives, but they never complain about anything and always keep their worries to themselves. 

In general, it is worth noting here their amazing vitality and steadfastness in their decisions.

One of the main goals of their life is to raise their social level, to seize key positions in the service, to provide themselves with material values. For a normal life, they need security and a sense of security. They think not only about the present day, but also about old age, so they are thrifty and thrifty, save money “for old age” or invest it in real estate, buy a land plot, house or summer cottage, acquire an economy. 

Their frugality sometimes turns into greed, even stinginess. As a rule, these people are determined in life by the age of 29 – 30 years. Success usually awaits them in the field of agriculture, in everything related to agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, greenhouse farming, animal husbandry, cattle breeding, and animal husbandry. 

The closest sciences to them are biology, zoology, botany and agronomy.

In case of Saturn in Taurus is afflicted– willfulness, willfulness, stubbornness, obstinacy, sluggishness, clumsiness, selfishness, greed, increased passions, lasciviousness.

An unfavorable aspect with the Sun indicates an accident or illness.

An unfavorable aspect with the Moon warns that one should beware of animals, falling or collapse.

Saturn in Taurus in the natal chart : Personality

You feel a strong need for financial and emotional security. If your daily activities are in perfect order, you become a truly happy person. By nature, you are patient, disciplined, determined, practical, and firm in your principles. In life, you rely primarily on facts. 

Sometimes you lack ability, but you know how to work hard to achieve success. You are attracted to big projects, politics and art. You are economical, and you accumulate material values ​​according to the principle of utility. Very hardy, but also stubborn. 

You are used to being in charge of those you love. You will feel your inner world only when your sense of value becomes more refined and when you learn to use your creative potential. Challenging aspects can lead to the obsession that you are a sufferer.

Saturn in kinship indicates the ability of Taurus to concentration and self-restraint in order to achieve a goal or when a need arises. Taurus is law-abiding and disciplined, he has clear and stable ideas about the rules and laws. Saturn’s kinship enhances Taurus’s self-control abilities. 

Time in Taurus drags on for a long time (the element of the Earth), he is able to set himself long-term tasks, to be involved in long-term projects.

Thanks to the relationship of Saturn, Taurus has an attachment to formality, documents, social status, loves guarantees and instructions. Saturn allows Taurus to be well aware of their capabilities, boundaries. 

His goals, proposals and projects are realistic, he feels good in a rigid structure, in submission. Saturn maintains a distance between Taurus and the unreal or doubtful.

Saturn in Taurus : 0 ° – 10 °

Prudence, prudence, love for nature and animals, craving for material values.

Saturn in Taurus : 10 ° – 20 °

Philosophical mind, pedantry, pragmatism, realistic outlook on life, practicality, great diligence, efficiency.

Saturn in Taurus : 20 ° – 30 °

Noticeable ambition, lust for power, consistency, sober planning of their work, step-by-step action. Using other people’s labor. Success in farming: agriculture, animal husbandry, animal husbandry.

Famous People with Saturn in Taurus

  • Nicolo Machiavelli,
  • Werner von Braun,
  • Alexander Kerensky,
  • Patriarch Pimen,
  • Alexei Tolstoy,
  • Joseph Brodsky,
  • Arkady Raikin.

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