Saturn in Libra

Obstacle + Harmony = Reliability.

Saturn in Libra Keyword:  rationalism.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Libra  

consciousness of duty,
a sense of justice,
a serious outlook on life,
often artistic ability.

Negative qualities of Saturn in Libra  

weak adaptability,
coldness of feelings.

Possible health problems  

  • urinary disorders,
  • kidney stones.

Saturn in Libra : Meaning in Astrology

Libra is one of the best signs for Saturn. Here he strengthens intellectual abilities and guides the individual into the world of science or inclines to research work. People with Saturn in the sign of Libra are well versed in cultural values, love everything beautiful and that which uplifts the spirit. 

These people are usually independent, often reputed to be individualists. They measure everything by their own yardstick, they have their own view of life, their own point of view. They are decent, fair, restrained and endowed with a deep sense of responsibility. 

There is also a certain purposefulness in them. Saturn in Libra makes them hardy, requires self-discipline, self-control, and self-control from them. Frivolity and frivolity are simply unthinkable here.

A marriage under Saturn in Libra is often successful, but not always happy. A successful marriage can be called mainly in the material sense. Usually this is a marriage of convenience or with a person much older in age. 

True, marriage often becomes a big burden or an ordeal, so it is better if it is at an early age (especially for women). The first marriage may end in divorce or widowhood, in which case it is desirable to conclude a second marriage for love, then it may become happier than the first.

Scientific and spiritual pursuits, jurisprudence, diplomatic service, architecture, construction, pedagogy, the world of art, craft and applied arts, liberal professions can bring success.

A good aspect with the Sun can indicate marriage with a wealthy person, but much superior in age.

If damaged, an unhappy marriage, an accident, as well as diseases of the kidneys, blood, skin, and sexually transmitted diseases are foreshadowed. Diseases can become chronic, even incurable. There will be a very pale erotica, a sluggish sex life. Possible “fictitious marriage”, marriage of convenience, especially with a negative aspect of Saturn with the Sun.

The negative aspect with the Moon, as a rule, is extremely unfavorable for women, as it negatively affects the psyche and worsens character.

A negative aspect with Mars portends injury and accident.

Saturn in Libra in the natal chart : Personality

Despite your discipline, sense of responsibility and seriousness, you are pleasant, philosophical, and have a keen sense of justice. This is a favorable position for lawyers, judges, mediators, for organizational planning, contracting for work and public service. May indicate a late marriage or a very serious partner. 

Marriage takes patience and diligence. If you have such a position in your horoscope, learn to create good relationships with other people. You are closely associated with the collective consciousness and often hold positions of authority that can bring you wealth. 

You are diplomatic and very tactful, you know how to cooperate with other people and always prefer cooperation over rivalry. If there are difficult aspects, you can make too great demands, be intolerant, not be able to forgive and be insincere. Kidney problems may occur.

Saturn is exalted. The planet that governs the passions of the sign shows what is its inner strength, what a person of this archetype could rely on during a period of crises. Behind the external attractiveness and friendliness of Libra is an unshakable internal position. For all their flexibility and ease of behavior, they have a stable system of internal criteria.

With a small potential energy and weak endurance, Libra is able to economically expend energy, focusing on the main thing, obeying the rules of internal discipline, and planning their actions correctly. Thanks to the status of Saturn, Libra has a strong sense of duty, they are persevering, thrifty, which gives them high efficiency.

Saturn emphasizes the rational qualities of Venus. Libra is characterized by focused attention to others, a tendency to formal gradation of the external world with sensual or rational motivation: Venus evaluates, weighs, tries on (above me – below me), applying the Saturnian principle of the hierarchy of a social or spiritual order. Saturn helps Venus to determine her choice, relying on the norms and laws adopted in society …

Saturn in Libra : 0 ° – 10 °

Courtesy, restraint, strong sense of justice, humanism, tendency to mitigate, balance conflicts.

Saturn in Libra : 10 ° – 20 °

Propensity for social and social activities, craving for communication, numerous connections. Success in pedagogy, art, applied arts and crafts.

Saturn in Libra : 20 ° – 30 °

A fast career in the liberal profession, especially in law or medicine.

Famous People with Saturn in Libra

  • Louis XI,
  • George V,
  • Franz Ferdinand,
  • Tommaso Campanella,
  • Fraesisko Goya,
  • Hans Christian Andersen,
  • Vivekananda,
  • Norbert Wiener,
  • Pavel Globa.

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