Saturn in Capricorn

Obstacle + Concentration = Self-restraint.

Saturn in Capricorn Keyword:  organization.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Capricorn

by simple means, he achieves a lot,
slow but confident progress.

Negative qualities of Saturn in Capricorn

lack of adaptability,

Possible health problems

  • weak knees,
  • rheumatism of the joints,
  • fractures; 
  • (secondary: jaundice, gallstones, stomach disease).

Saturn in Capricorn : Meaning in Astrology

Saturn in Capricorn is in his domicile (abode), therefore his strength is manifested here in the full spectrum: from immeasurable ambitions, over-tension and far-reaching plans, to complete self-denial and even self-sacrifice. 

The most strongly manifested qualities of a person are perseverance in the implementation of conceived plans and intentions, endurance, self-control, perseverance, endurance, which are so necessary for the implementation not only of the life goal set for oneself in young years, but also for no less important step-by-step goals. …

People with such a Saturn are distinguished by tremendous determination, exceptional patience, perseverance, determination and the ability to achieve their goal, regardless of any difficulties and obstacles. They are very restrained in their manifestations, but, nevertheless, they strive to rise above the environment, above other people. 

Their ambitions know no boundaries, they seem to be limitless. In addition, they know how to learn a lesson from any business, any life situation. They strive to succeed in life, and they almost always succeed, mainly in business and scientific fields, as well as in the political arena. 

These are careerists in a good sense of the word, since they achieve what they want solely on their own, knowledge and professionalism. It is not surprising that, possessing such qualities, they achieve noticeable success by the middle of their lives. In some sense, they are helped by the fact that they are almost always dissatisfied with their achievements, their progress and constantly strive to make everything even better. They are spurred not only by ambition or even lust for power, it is also important for them how their friends, those around them, and the public evaluate them.

But these people are not only working oxen, they are also brilliant philosophers, sane and serious.

From an early age, they are forced to obey the orders of their parents, people of the older generation, and then their superiors, but they conscientiously fulfill all tasks, know how to organize themselves, do not give free rein to whims or any whims. Everything is performed silently and benignly. True, after going through the harsh school of life and reaching a certain position in society or in the service, they will demand the same from their subordinates.

By nature, these people are conservatives, traditional power structures, in their deepest conviction, have a legal basis for their existence, their activities should not be questioned. Their life experience, accumulated in the struggle for independence, reliability and safety, only strengthens their opinion that only through work, perseverance, diligence and self-discipline can a person achieve what he wants.

They believe that no one has the right to give advice to anyone or take on political or economic responsibility until they successfully arrange their own affairs and show by example how it is done. They know perfectly well that everything has to be paid for, and that everyone should contribute to the structure of the world and to the strengthening of their state. They are confident that everyone should receive what they deserve and in accordance with the efforts made, and authority is gained by hard and honest work, a deep understanding of the feelings, desires and needs of other people and depends on the degree of spiritual and intellectual development. People with Saturn in Capricorn strictly adhere to family traditions, defend family honor.

When damaged, striving for a high social level and prominent position becomes an end in itself. These people do not disdain by any means, making their way to high government posts and material wealth. Often they have too great material ambitions. Possible wrong choice of friends or partners, rejection of marriage. Often a marriage is concluded with an older person, especially in women. A marriage can be successful, but not always happy. Poor health, chronic diseases, injuries, fractures.

Saturn in Capricorn in the natal chart : Personality

You are ambitious, able to achieve power, prestige or authority This is a favorable position for politics, business, science and any other profession that requires recognition and support from the public. As you are constant, calculating, careful, practical and a good organizer, you can easily satisfy your great need for success You can be cold-blooded and strict because you hide under the shield of dignity You are ready to obey the orders of people who imagine a higher position, but expect the same from those who obey you. You must have struggled as a child to achieve safety and security. You are hardworking and believe that significant results are achieved only through great effort. Since you have a good background, you value family, honor and pride.

Saturn in the monastery endows this psychotype with severity, exactingness to oneself and others, a strong need to plan one’s activities and the desire to bring what has been started to the end in any way. The principle of the Border is expressed in the highest sign of the Zodiac by the purposefulness of this psychotype, capable of great hardships for the sake of realizing its tasks. Capricorn associates the possibility of achievement with the need for self-restraint, therefore, the movement towards the goal for him naturally involves different sacrifices. A strategist, he isolates the main from the secondary, acts in a planned, consistent manner.

The Principle of Power emphasizes discipline and respect for a given psychotype for hierarchy. Capricorn has respect for authorities, traditions, established norms, relies on the “letter” of the law, doubts are alien to him. He honors the elders in age and position, knows how to unquestioningly obey the superior and keep the inferior in subjection, strives up the social ladder. Capricorn clearly keeps his distance, observes subordination. Respect for his endurance, patience, commitment, perseverance.

He is dominated by the idea of ​​perfection (Saturn is a symbol of the limit of human capabilities), he does not allow himself and others to make mistakes, and therefore edifies, judges, accuses and suffers from a sense of guilt.

The planet of limitations in the rigid structure of the hardest Earth forms conservatives. Capricorn trusts the traditional, time-tested, reliable, old.

A social planet in the status of a ruler emphasizes the need for social conditions for the realization of this Sign. A symbol of problems and delays, Saturn communicates the need for difficulties to Capricorn, he creates obstacles for himself, chooses difficult routes and impassable roads. Saturn, a devourer of his own children, does not trust anyone, he is proud and ambitious, strives for power, is affirmed in achievements. They accuse him of callousness, rigidity, admire his principles, clarity, punctuality, reliability.

An intellectual (a rational sign of the mental level), in science Capricorn strives for the classification of knowledge, argumentation and validity of conclusions.

A symbol of old age and loneliness, Saturn defines in Capricorn late achievements, a long road to success, endurance that strengthens over the years, a tendency to asceticism. Due to the strong qualities of Saturn, Capricorn in the zodiac rules over gerontology, places of imprisonment, strict regimes, monasteries and rigid state structures. It also controls diseases of the joints and teeth, colds.

In appearance, over the years, something monumental appears, or they are distinguished by a special thinness and angularity (the skeleton dominates).

Saturn in Capricorn : 0 ° – 10 °

Diligence, efficiency, selfishness, distrust, suspicion, high professionalism, the ability to achieve a high social and material level.

Saturn in Capricorn : 10 ° – 20 °

A realistic outlook on life, practicality, criticality, a profession is chosen with the expectation of a large income. Success in agriculture, as well as in all matters related to the exploitation of natural resources.

Saturn in Capricorn : 20 ° – 30 °

Good luck comes from a profession or work chosen by vocation. She will bring a decent income.

Famous People with Saturn in Capricorn

  • Henry II,
  • Louis XIII,
  • Edward VIII,
  • Paul I,
  • Alexandra Feodorovna,
  • Catherine Medici,
  • Charles Maurice Talleyrand,
  • Richard Wagner,
  • Emmanuel Kant,
  • Giordano Bruno,
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
  • Mikhail Gorbachev,
  • Ernst Krafft,
  • Madame de Maintenon.

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