Saturn in Leo

Obstacle + Image = Reliability 

Saturn in Leo Keyword:  self-confidence .

Positive qualities of Saturn in Leo

denial of formalities,

Negative qualities of Saturn in Leo

overestimation of oneself,
increased sense of I,
lack of action and desire to work.

Possible health problems  

  • weakness of the heart muscle,
  • arterial sclerosis,
  • weakness of the back.

Saturn in Leo : Meaning in Astrology

Here Saturn gives his wards great ambition, lust for power, a strong sense of duty, responsibility, high ideals and life goals and good spiritual inclinations. People with Saturn in the sign of Leo are distinguished by increased self-esteem, purposefulness, purposefulness, enterprise, willpower, powerful energy, decisiveness, self-confidence, which go well with prudence, prudence and breakthrough power. 

They are tenacious and persistent in pursuing their own goals, but sometimes they lack patience.

These people are very temperamental and ambitious, but they know how to hide their feelings, hiding them in the deep layers of the soul. They try to show themselves only from the good side, skillfully hiding their negative character traits. They need the recognition of others and the approval of society. 

These people, however, are not too livable and not too peaceful, but they are convinced of their irresistibility and exclusivity. Strong passions are boiling inside them – they are jealous, envious and touchy. This can create trouble and even cause hostility with subordinates. 

And most of all, these qualities harm relationships with loved ones or with children.

People with Saturn in Leo should avoid speculative activities and gambling, because here they are only threatened with losses and losses. Success is possible only if they voluntarily commit themselves to self-sacrifice for the sake of some high life goal. Otherwise, they will suffer one failure after another for the rest of their lives.

Fate may put them in conditions where they will be forced to become the head of some structure, or they will be entrusted with the leadership of other people. In this case, they should be careful and refuse to abuse their power and use their position for personal gain. 

On the contrary, they should help other people, and the more they do this, the better it will be for themselves. With regard to everything – work, money, creativity, colleagues, children, loved ones – they must develop a certain system of relations and follow it. 

Then the second half of life will be better and easier than the first.

Conjunction with the Sun enhances self-will, willfulness, selfishness, greed, indicates the possibility of Saturnian diseases, accidents.

Negative aspects with the Sun bring accidents, injuries, injuries, and also indicate the possibility of diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system, urinary organs.

Saturn in Leo in the natal chart : Personality

You feel a tremendous need for personal recognition and strive to become a leader at any cost. You are stubborn and need the respect and attention of others. You will be a very strict parent that will require severe discipline. 

Try to be kinder and softer to children, to everything that belongs to the field of creative expression. Sometimes you lack a sense of humor, but at the same time you are distinguished by developed spirituality and giftedness in the field of education, management and stage. Sometimes you are so careful and reserved that you forget to enjoy life; and this is especially noticeable if Saturn has heavy aspects. 

This can lead to disappointment in love, problems with relationships with children, and money or spine problems.

Saturn in exile shows how difficult it is for Leo to submit to discipline, someone else’s power, to live within the framework of even their own plans. He is often late, forgets about agreements, a sense of duty is burdensome for him and he often pushes him out. 

Aimed at his own pleasure, Leo hardly limits himself. He does not calculate his strength – his own potential seems to him inexhaustible, which is why he often overestimates his capabilities.

The accumulated tension can overload the already weak spine (Saturn) of Leo or give complications to the heart (Sun), the possibilities of which seem to Leo endless. Patience and restraint are qualities that are given to Leo with great difficulty.

Saturn in Leo : 0 ° – 10 °

Strong ambition, lust for power, powerful willpower, energy, talent.

Saturn in Leo : 10 ° – 20 °

Entrepreneurship, penetrating power, dedication, endurance, endurance, organizational talent, the gift of a leader, commander.

Saturn in Leo : 20 ° – 30 °

Interest in everything new, progressive: new scientific ideas, new technology, new inventions. High spirituality, interest in theology, but if damaged – dogmatism. At the 29th degree of the sign of Leo, it is often premature death.

Famous People with Saturn in Leo

  • Frederick II,
  • Wilhelm II,
  • Franz Joseph I,
  • Crown Prince Rudolph,
  • de Montmorency,
  • Caesar Borgia,
  • Ludwig van Beethoven,
  • Vecellio Titian,
  • Leo Tolstoy,
  • Adolf Hitler,
  • Alfred Dreyfus,
  • Charlie Chaplin.

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