Saturn in Pisces

Obstacle + Waiting = Loneliness. 

Saturn in Pisces Keyword:  acceptance.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Pisces  

painful actions in isolation (often without appropriate recognition),

Negative qualities of Saturn in Pisces

patience of secret encroachments,
lack of authority,
false friends,
undermining social position.

Possible health problems 

  • cold feet,
  • swelling from frostbite,
  • colds,
  • rheumatism.

Saturn in Pisces : Meaning in Astrology

Here the planet of Karma is in the sign of Karma, which brings many problems to people with this position of Saturn. As you know, the sign of Pisces creates a sensitive, receptive, deeply impressionable nature, seeking peace, tranquility and harmony. Saturn brings with it restraint, limitation and fear. 

As a result, people with Saturn in the sign of Pisces have a peculiar character: they are patient, restrained, indecisive and have a whole heap of complexes. The active fantasy and vivid imagination of Pisces is poured out here in all kinds of fears, neuroses and can even lead to a mental disorder. 

These people do not always cope with the demands of life, because their imaginations paint them pictures that do not correspond to reality. They can exaggerate difficulties and problems, or, conversely, underestimate them, they can harbor resentments that in fact simply do not exist. Everything is dark they see the negative as through a magnifying glass. 

On the other hand, this does not seem to be so bad, since it is this quality that enhances the feeling of compassion in them, which forces them to provide help to people in need of it.

People with this position of Saturn are often held captive by a variety of circumstances, which push them to take unexpected and undesirable actions. Talented and enthusiastic, people with Saturn in Pisces are able to achieve an honorable position, but it can be difficult for them to keep it, even impossible, due to unforeseen circumstances, obstacles and obstacles. 

More often they are themselves to blame for all their difficulties and misfortunes. Their desires are strong, but hope, self-confidence, firmness and constancy need development, since in this they are very weak. Hobbies and attachments are followed by cooling, disappointment, resentment. 

These people are prone to frequent bouts of apathy, depression, and then they seek salvation in solitude.

But along with this, they can have great psychic strength and abilities, which often lead them to traditional medicine. They are fond of occult sciences, they are attracted by secrets, various rituals, cult dances. Often these people, remaining behind the scenes, direct the actions that take place in the foreground, at the forefront of the stage of life. 

For people of science and art, success flares up suddenly, like a comet, and talk about it continues for a long time – decades, or even centuries. 

These people can excel in areas related to social sciences, philosophy, sociology, as well as in the field of charity and public safety: in hospitals, nursing homes, boarding schools for sick children, orphanages, prisons, concentration camps.

In case of damage – losses, various restrictions, hindrances, obstacles, obstacles, self-deception or deception of other people, intrigues, squabbles, slander, denunciations, intrigues of hidden enemies, as well as treason and betrayal of former friends and former partners. Diseases of the legs and lungs, colds and infectious diseases, mental disorders. Chronic illness, disability, prolonged hospital stays or forced isolation in places of detention may be at risk.

Saturn in Pisces in the natal chart : Personality

You are dreamy and sometimes lose a sense of proportion in this, you tend to live in the past, so you may have difficulties in understanding the present. Emotionally, you are distinguished by understanding, purposefulness and a willingness to help the unfortunate and work for the benefit of the suffering. 

You know how to feel other people, but at the same time you do not know yourself and underestimate your own values. You need calmness and loneliness to discover your many abilities. You can achieve great success in the field of literature, scientific research, or in the field of metaphysics. 

Love to work away from the public eye or in some a large organization – a hospital, university, or government agency. Take life seriously and emotionally. Try to combat the tendency to feel sorry for yourself, which can lead to depression, and at the same time, try to “curb” your excessive emotionality. 

Difficult aspects can lead to unnecessary anxiety, psychosomatic illness and neurosis.

Saturn in enmity makes it easier for Pisces to freely enter any space: people of this type do not feel well the boundaries separating them from other people and worlds. Lack of obligation, disorganization, a weak sense of duty can cause a lot of problems for Pisces people. 

They need to make great efforts to focus on something , fit into the disciplinary framework of social structures, keep the promises made to themselves and to people. 

Life is so changeable! – they think and are right. They are often let down by their own memory and time, which flows unnoticed for people of this psychotype, when they indulge in contemplation of the world space.

Saturn in Pisces : 0 ° – 10 °

Apathy, a tendency to depression, lack of confidence in one’s strengths and capabilities, laziness, instability in everything. Success can come from work related to the sea: sailor, fisherman, cannery worker, as well as tobacco factories, wineries or hotels.

Saturn in Pisces : 10 ° – 20 °

Occult studies, astrology, magic. Success in medicine, especially folk medicine, in pharmaceuticals, chemistry. Sometimes secret activities, secret enemies.

Saturn in Pisces : 20 ° – 30 °

Resourcefulness, wit, originality, originality, ostentatious extravagance, eccentricity. Abilities are inherited through the female line from the ancestors of the third, fourth and seventh tribes. Fate is not favorable.

Famous People with Saturn in Pisces

  • Francis I,
  • Catherine II,
  • Issac Newton,
  • Arthur Schopenhauer,
  • Johannes Morinus,
  • Annie Besant,
  • Edgar Keyes.

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