Saturn in Scorpio

Obstacle + Self-Preservation = Perseverance.

Saturn in Scorpio Keyword:  focus.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Scorpio  

strong will, endurance, patience, determination, studies with scientific border areas, the power of persuasion and penetration in speech and writing.

Negative qualities of Saturn in Scorpio  

an inferiority complex.

Possible health problems  

  • menstrual disorders,
  • difficult labor,
  • hemorrhoids.

Saturn in Scorpio : Meaning in Astrology

Saturn in the sign of Scorpio inhibits the instinctive impulses of the essential nature of this zodiac sign. People with such a Saturn are too strict and demanding, both to themselves and to others. Positively aspected Saturn gives them a strong will that grows with difficulties, pronounced perseverance and perseverance, endurance, self-control, endurance, self-confidence, determination, purposefulness, as well as the most severe self-discipline and self-control. 

Often people with such a Saturn are endowed with organizational skills, leadership skills, the ability to suggest, the gift of persuasion. These people, moreover, have a very perceptive mind, often of a philosophical nature, they are resourceful, witty, passionate, love secrets and secrets. 

They are, on the one hand, mystics, on the other, materialists. They evaluate people not by their appearance, but by their inner content, their intrinsic virtues. They love great, famous and extraordinary people.

Thanks to their talents and abilities, people with Saturn in Scorpio are able to reach amazing heights, both on the spiritual plane and on the material. Once they have made a decision, they bring the matter to completion. If Saturn does not have negative aspects with other planets and elements of the horoscope, especially with the dominants of birth and UPT of the horoscope field, this indicates the possibility of a great career and a long, fruitful life.

Married life, in most cases, is unhappy, sometimes poverty and misery lie in wait for it. In women, this position of Saturn can indicate marriage with a widower, and often – repeated widowhood.

The conjunction of Saturn with the Sun in Scorpio is generally considered unfavorable, in whatever field of the horoscope it is. Most often, this conjunction indicates the possibility of an accident or a chronic disease, for example, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Conjunction with the Moon, in one case, may indicate a short life, in the other – eye diseases, colds, brain diseases, etc.

In case Saturn in Scorpio is damaged– quick resentment, rancor (“quietly boiling volcano”), inability to restrain animal instincts, which do not always break through in a reasonable way, which entails negative, even tragic consequences. The matter can reach intolerance and blind fanaticism. In extreme cases, ugly, often malicious behavior, mindless destruction, and even self-destruction.

An unfavorable aspect with the Sun has a bad effect on health, well-being, and inhibits social advancement.

With the Moon – indicates the possibility of losing friends, money or a fortune.

Saturn in Scorpio in the natal chart : Personality

You are surprisingly attractive, and your sense of humor implies causticism. You can do well in the field of finance, you are interested in the occult and for a word in your pocket, but you climb To yourself and others you make great demands, you can not stand lazy, unable to work people. 

You have tremendous will, energy and physical strength, but try to react more calmly to life’s problems You have a subtle, fundamental, constant and decisive approach to things Have a strong ego and a great desire to succeed You are proud, talented and cannot stand lies You have strong desires, you able to passionately and deeply love, but also deeply hate. 

If there are defiant aspects, you can show a tendency to shenanigans, jealousy and vindictiveness. You can also be secretive,

Saturn in the status of enmity makes it difficult for Scorpio to obey external and internal discipline, testifies to the difficulties that he experiences in fulfilling his duty, and to the destructive influence of guilt feelings.

Saturn in Scorpio : 0 ° – 10 °

Strong, unshakable character, great diligence, excellent working capacity, profitable marriage or business cooperation, but poor health.

Saturn in Scorpio : 10 ° – 20 °

Success in medicine, especially in surgery, psychotherapy, pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine, traditional medicine, as well as in chemistry, technology, mechanics. Danger of accidents or genital diseases.

Saturn in Scorpio : 20 ° – 30 °

Increased propensity to travel and travel, especially to sea. Water sports. Interest in occult sciences, astrology, magic and in ancient history, archeology, anthropology, geology.

famous People with Saturn in Scorpio

  • Louis III,
  • Mary Stuart,
  • Alexander I,
  • Cardinal Richelieu,
  • Cardinal Mazarin,
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe,
  • Martin Luther,
  • David,
  • Jean-Baptiste
  • Colbert,
  • Johannes Kepler,
  • Rama Krishna,
  • Karl Biron,
  • Mark Twain,
  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Konstantin Balmont,
  • Walter Koch,
  • Alexander Zaraev.

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