Saturn in Aries

Obstacle + Intense Desire = Endurance

Keyword:  ingenuity.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Aries

self-restraint, tact,
organizational talent.

Negative qualities of Saturn in Aries

lust for power.

Possible health problems 

  • exsanguination of the brain,
  • colds,
  • fainting,
  • deafness
  • (secondary: diseases of the stomach and kidneys).

Saturn in Aries : Meaning in Astrology

Here Saturn strongly changes the essential nature of the sign of Aries, directing its tendencies not outward, as it should have been by the nature of Aries, but inward of the individual in the form of a daring scientific search or unusual research, in the form of acute and disturbing introspection or simply calm creativity. In short, it turns a natural extrovert Aries into an introvert.

Saturn in Aries is in its phallus (in the fall), therefore it is very weak in order to allow reasonable action to mature or so that the owners of such a Saturn can free themselves from the subjectivism inherent in such people. Often they simply do not have enough time to realize the conformity of their actions to the social foundations of society or to think over the consequences that they may entail.

People with Saturn in Aries are very ambitious, power-hungry, endowed with diplomatic skills, organizational talent and leadership ability. They skillfully use their inherent positive character traits, such as perseverance, perseverance, determination, modesty and self-restraint. On the other hand, with the same skill they hide their negative features, for example, egocentrism, quarrelsomeness, willfulness, various whims and quirks, a tendency to melancholy.

Prosperity is promoted by great self-confidence, decisiveness, hard work, efficiency, discretion. Success is possible if some effort is made. Such people have enough hindrances, restrictions and obstacles, but their restless initiative, enterprise, ability to sober analysis and ability to mobilize all their strength and energy at the right time helps them to overcome any obstacles. In addition, over the years, their character is tempered, they acquire life and practical experience, which allows them to achieve what they want faster and more faithfully. In the symbiosis of Aries and Saturn, the first creates the strongest impulse for common action, and the second personifies the law of cause and effect.

Often these people invent new methods of labor, new technologies, open new paths in science, technology or in any other direction. Intellectually developed people here you can find an abundance of ideas, which, due to Aries’ initiative and Saturnian discipline, often lead to brilliant creative achievements. But in their profession, and in life in general, they do not tolerate coercion, therefore they prefer professions that do not limit their initiatives and give them the right to be independent, these people prefer to be their own masters.

An unfavorable aspect with other planets and elements of the horoscope paralyzes Aries’ impulses, inhibits labor and social upsurge, blocks or even drives libido inside. In the worst case, the aggressiveness and toughness of such people can take on a very destructive or even self-destructive character, which can lead to sad, even tragic consequences. Most of the difficulties such people experience are due to a lack of deep understanding of what is happening. These people are almost always in tension, they have difficulty understanding others, it is difficult for them to get in touch with them and it is even more difficult to cooperate with them, so they prefer to act alone and take care only of their own needs. They do not wait for outside help, but rely only on their own mind, their own strength and energy. But,

An unfavorable aspect with the Moon indicates the possibility of eye diseases and the danger posed by animals.

An unfavorable aspect with Mars indicates the possibility of head or body injury.

An unfavorable aspect with local determination in the tenth housed of the horoscope is a fall from a high post.

Saturn in Aries in the natal chart : Personality

The development of your many possibilities and the strengthening of your character depend only on you. This is a tough position because Saturn slows down the momentum of Aries. You are selfish and have a hard time admitting that others have some rights. 

If you use this energy correctly, you will be able to combine initiative and discipline and will be very resilient. And then you can use your ingenuity in a positive way. Due to the many subconscious fears, you constantly feel the need for security. 

This position may indicate a father complex or, in a woman’s horoscope, a jealous partner. Although you do not quite correctly feel what needs to be done and at what time, you are very reasonable and love controversy. 

If there are difficult aspects, you may be superficial, impatient and constantly feel the need for justification. You should learn to be tactful and cooperate with other people. You need exercise.

The planet, limiting and organizing activities, manifests itself flickeringly, brings discomfort to the atmosphere of Aries, which is difficult to obey the rules, laws and authorities. Due to the weakness of Saturn, it is difficult for Aries to restrain himself, to limit himself, to comply with the terms of contracts. 

He is more inclined to demand the observance of laws from others and to become enraged at someone else’s non-obligation, not seeing his own problems with discipline. Thanks to the fall of Saturn, Aries does not know fatigue, he is impudent, dismissive of authorities, puts himself in risky situations, going beyond the instructions. 

Trying to overcome the well-known achievements (standards), he sets new records, entering the fight against time.

Saturn in Aries : 0 ° – 10 °

Ambition, lust for power, purposefulness, enterprise, efficiency, attraction to science and technology.

Saturn in Aries : 10 ° – 20 °

Conservative, realistic outlook on life, success as an entrepreneur, engineer, doctor.

Saturn in Aries : 20 ° – 30 °

A sober mind, consistency, prudence, prudence, practicality. Success as a scientist.

Famous People with Saturn in Aries

  • Peter I,
  • George Washington,
  • Franz Joseph Haydn,
  • Friedrich Engels, Vladimir
  • Isadora Duncan,
  • Albert Einstein.

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