Saturn in Sagittarius

Obstacle + Sincerity = Asceticism.

Saturn in Sagittarius Keyword:  dignity.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Sagittarius  

spiritual immersion,
philosophical interests,
interest in research,

Negative qualities of Saturn in Sagittarius

lack of consciousness,
separation from family and homeland,
sometimes loneliness.

Possible health problems

  • congestion,
  • gout,
  • lung disease.

Saturn in Sagittarius : Meaning in Astrology

Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius strengthens the will, and gives thinking a certain depth, consistency. Usually Saturn here reveals an interest in questions of philosophy, gives a strong social position, organizational talent, the ability to lead, command. 

People with Saturn in Sagittarius have developed intuition, strong insight and foresight. They are distinguished by self-discipline, self-control and self-control, endowed with a powerful logic that allows them to predetermine the outcome of any event, scientific process, which causes universal respect.

These people take life seriously and look at the world, things, events, problems with philosophical calmness. They rarely chase after material well-being, as they usually follow the high ideals of morality and ethics, and they are also endowed with deep religious feelings. 

They are sympathetic by nature, fearless and highly obligatory. They have a strong craving for sciences, including intimate ones, interest in foreign countries and foreigners. They often have several professions. 

They can also engage in missionary work, guiding people on the path to truth and social justice. In life, they may have happy occasions, but they usually do not bring much prosperity, since most of what came thanks to such an occasion is passed on to those whom they help.

If damaged, diseases in the pelvic region, for example, a fracture of the hip joint.

With a negative aspect with the Sun – failures, crises, falling from a high place, wounds from an object falling from a height. Possible persecution from the “powerful of this world”, lung diseases, such as tuberculosis or frequent bronchitis. This often indicates the possibility of premature death or suicide.

With a negative aspect with the Moon, brain diseases, mental disorders, tuberculosis, anemia, cachexia are possible.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the natal chart : Personality

You take religion, ideology, philosophy and education very seriously, and you strive to uphold high moral principles. You are independent, generous, strive for truth and justice. You have a disciplined intellect and a great ability to concentrate. 

You achieve everything thanks to hard work and the application of all your knowledge. You are interested in the occult, both spiritually and philosophically. Reputation is very important to you; you are proud of your intellectual ability. An unfair accusation can hurt you badly. 

You are straightforward, and a developed intuition and talent for science indicate the possibility of successfully working with the elderly and people with disabilities. You can be a good mentor, preacher, or political leader. Exercise

For Sagittarius, the “spirit of the law”, the understanding of which is the prerogative of Jupiter, is always more important than the “letter of the law”, which Saturn adheres to. Sagittarius does not like to limit himself in anything, it is difficult for him to organize himself in harsh time conditions. He is not disciplined and, like all fire signs, does not know how to calculate his strength.

In social achievements, Sagittarius is more interested in expanding powers (functions of Jupiter) than increasing responsibility (functions of Saturn).

Saturn in Sagittarius : 0 ° – 10 °

Strong logic, prudence, hard work, efficiency, oratorical gift, eloquence, convincing self-expression. Search for a “firebird” in a foreign country.

Saturn in Sagittarius : 10 ° – 20 °

Success in public service or political arena, in pedagogy.

Saturn in Sagittarius : 20 ° – 30 °

Success in public service, in jurisprudence, forensic science.

Famous People with Saturn in Sagittarius

  • Charles VI,
  • Abraham Lincoln,
  • Benedict Spinoza,
  • Plato, Mahatma Gandhi,
  • Cornelius Agrippa,
  • John Davison Rockefeller,
  • Emile Zola,
  • Tamara Globa,
  • Valentina Vaulina.

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