Saturn in Virgo

Obstacle + Thoroughness = Thoroughness  

Saturn in Virgo Keyword:  deliberation.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Virgo

spiritual immersion,
reasonable views,
awareness of responsibility,
critical attitude,

Negative qualities of Saturn in Virgo

being misunderstood,
predisposition to depression.

Possible health problems

  • inflammation of the cecum,
  • imaginary diseases.

Saturn in Virgo : Meaning in Astrology

Saturn in the sign of Virgo gives discernment, the ability to concentrate, chastity, restraint, self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Often this position speaks of great spiritual strength and high intelligence. People with such a Saturn are very reasonable, calculating, but also inquisitive and have a great inclination towards research and applied sciences. 

They are great pedants and pragmatists, they are too picky, critical and distrustful, they question everything. They have a real outlook on life.

These people are persistent and persistently moving towards their goal. They are distinguished by hard work, efficiency, diligence and accuracy, they notice any details and trifles. They are characterized by severity, seriousness, even some kind of severity, which over time can lead to asceticism and even fanaticism.

Selfishness and greed are their internal movers, and reason clearly prevails over feelings, driving them deep underground. But if these people learn to see in things, people and events not only the dark side, but also the light side, then, with a strong enough will, they can find peace of mind and even happiness.

Often these people have a lot of interest in very useless or even outlandish activities, but usually these activities create a lot of problems for them and, as a result, bring dissatisfaction and disappointment.

The position of Saturn in the sign of Virgo is not conducive to a happy marriage, although in some cases the marriage may be successful. For example, if it is concluded by calculation. With Saturn in Virgo, there is also the likelihood of a “fictitious” marriage.

With this position of Saturn, classes in such a field as medicine, especially folk medicine, can be successful, then all positions related to settlement work or serving other people; it can also be various government departments: financial, tax, insurance institutions. It can be agriculture – agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, horticulture, greenhouses, livestock, cattle breeding, fur farming; as well as science and research activities.

When damaged, poor health is often noted, and often nervous exhaustion. True, people with such a Saturn tend to exaggerate their illnesses, but headaches and indigestion can become constant companions of their lives.

Saturn in Virgo in the natal chart : Personality

You are practical, clear, moral, and hardworking. Everything you do, you do effectively and accurately, you move yourself and others. You can excel in medicine, research, accounting, and anything else that requires agility. Sometimes people don’t like that you pay so much attention to detail, precision and detail; 

you seem to them to be a strict person. Try to develop a sense of humor and overcome the tendency to anxiety and worry. 

When you learn to distinguish the significant from the insignificant, the important from the unimportant, you can achieve a lot in life, as well as offer a lot to others and the world as a whole. Tough aspects can lead to grumpiness, fear of the unknown, and digestive problems.

Saturn in kinship makes it easy to understand the norms, order and discipline that Virgo can rely on. Saturn endows Virgo with a sense of duty, responsibility, a sense of proportion. Thanks to the strong Saturn, Virgo realistically evaluates their capabilities. 

Understanding the laws of hierarchy, the respect she has for authorities, and the ability to take into account all the little things support in Virgo the ability to fulfill the orders of the “elders and chief” with utmost precision. 

Virgo’s inner strength is her ability to plan everything in advance and then proceed to the methodical implementation of projects, so an unforeseen situation can drive Virgo into a dead end, provoke stress.

Saturn in Virgo : 0 ° – 10 °

Ambition, lust for power, hard work, efficiency, selfishness, greed, love for the land and the rural way of life.

Saturn in Virgo : 10 ° – 20 °

Diligence, efficiency. Success in commercial activities, as a literary or music critic, art critic, trusted representative of a firm, agency.

Saturn in Virgo : 20 ° – 30 °

Success in science and agriculture: in agriculture: horticulture, floriculture, greenhouses, livestock, cattle breeding, fur farming.

Famous People with Saturn in Virgo

  • Louis-Philippe,
  • Jean Calvin,
  • René Descartes,
  • Prosper Mérimée, Johann
  • Sebastian Bach,
  • George Berkeley,
  • Antoine Nicola de Condorcet,
  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier,
  • Mikhail Levin.

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