Saturn in Cancer

Obstacle + Susceptibility = Restraint 

Saturn in Cancer Keyword: awareness of safety.

Positive qualities of Saturn in Cancer

a restrained life of feelings,
spiritual sediment,
a serious perception of life,
a sense of duty,
social security,
adherence to what has been achieved

Negative qualities of Saturn in Cancer

difficulties with contacts,
tendencies towards isolation,
excessive sensitivity,

Possible health problems

  • diseases of the stomach and intestines (tumors),
  • jaundice,
  • gallstones,
  • anemia.

Saturn in Cancer : Meaning in Astrology

This sign is one of the worst for Saturn, because here he is in his exile. People with such a Saturn are slow, inhibited, sensitive, dependent on their own mood, they are tormented by eternal internal dissatisfaction. They depend on the opinions of other people, are fickle in business, and can change their place of residence or place of work.

People with Saturn in the sign of Cancer can be hardworking and very diligent, have spiritual depth and the ability to concentrate on business, but they do not have enough stamina, and often mental complexes or physical disabilities interfere with them. 

They need a kind guiding hand that would support them in difficult times, for example, during a fit of melancholy and despair.

Often this position of Saturn suggests that conservatism, orthodoxy, subordination to elders rule in the parental home, and in their own as well. The family has strong domestic traditions, the violation of which entails punishment. It can also indicate a bad relationship with parents, and often a breakup or forced separation from them. 

Saturn in Cancer can talk about eternal family and household chores that create unnecessary hassle, about the violation of harmony in the house due to the grief that has befallen the family.

But, despite all of the above, these people are aimed at increasing material values. They are well-known owners: no matter how much they accumulate, they are always not enough. But on the other hand, by old age, they will be provided from head to toe, and the acquired will remain for children and even grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

With married life they have different things. In one case, marriage is concluded with a much older partner or with a widow (widower). And such a marriage can be not only successful, but also very happy. In another case, especially for women, the marriage may either not take place at all, or it will be unsuccessful, especially if it is in the first half of life. 

In this case, it often ends in either divorce or widowhood. A marriage can be successful, in extreme cases, bearable, if it is forced, fictitious, or is made by calculation. In this case, security can be guaranteed.

A negative aspect with the Sun indicates a difficult childhood or adolescence, the fate of the father or dissonance with him, as well as violence in fate or weak lungs.

Negative aspects with the Sun and Moon create psychic barriers, weaken the will and reduce energy. There is a tendency towards solitude, isolation. Accident is possible, especially drowning, strangulation or collapse of the building should be feared.

A negative aspect with Venus can give immorality or unscrupulousness.

The negative aspect with Mars is the possibility of injury, an accident, or you can become a victim or participant in a crime.

Saturn in Cancer in the natal chart : Personality

You are constrained when it comes to showing love and other emotions, shy and may feel lonely. Probably, in childhood, you lacked tenderness, or there were other family problems. This is the reason for your trauma. Despite all this, you want to be with your family and feel responsible for it. 

Behind external calmness, you hide your true thoughts and feelings. You cry a lot, but you don’t do it in the presence of others, other people can only see your melancholy. Despite the need for approval and love, your family life is often unstable. Because of hurt feelings, you do not fully understand others. 

Therefore, if you want to help others, you do not always succeed. You can show great discernment and ability to achieve material wealth. You are prone to nervous tension, beware of obesity as you are prone to water retention. Challenging aspects can lead to oversensitivity, a desire to avoid close ties and a need for protection.

The planet in the status of exile indicates the functions of the sign, which are given to the archetype with great difficulty and tension. It is difficult for Cancer to be disciplined; one should not expect clarity, organization, and concentration from him. Cancer prefers not to take on unnecessary responsibility. Official situations cause him emotional discomfort and tension.

Strong emotional sensitivity prevents Cancer from structuring their experiences, highlighting their nature, the content of anxiety. 

Cancer’s attention is not concentrated. It is easier for him to sacrifice a sense of duty than to test a sense of security – issues of duty are solved by him very subjectively.

Among Cancers, democrats are more common than tyrants. Cancer is more likely to be surrounded by loved ones, children, bodyguards than to while away the cold ascetic loneliness of Saturn, reigning on a high mountain, where there is only one place. It is difficult for Cancer to limit himself in desires, to structure his life with time, rigid goals. 

The hard, cold dies in Cancer: a stone (Saturn) thrown into the sea (Cancer) falls to the bottom, and only circles (excitement and awe) spread from it on the surface of the water, which will soon leave. 

If the Law interferes with Cancer, he will find a way to get around it, because Cancer survives due to his ability to change shape. The inner principles of Cancer are very vague.

As an overcompensation of Saturn, Cancer sometimes rushes into making strategic plans that usually turn out to be impracticable.

Saturn in Cancer : 0 ° – 10 °

Daydreaming, bouts of melancholy, desire for solitude, isolation, attachment to home.

Saturn in Cancer : 10 ° – 20 °

Diligence, efficiency, success in the occult sciences, astrology, magic, folk medicine, healing. Home activities, craft.

Saturn in Cancer : 20 ° – 30 °

Passive passions, bouts of apathy, laziness, craving for pleasures and pleasures. In case of damage – perversion, a tendency to vagrancy.

Famous People with Saturn in Cancer

  • Louis XV,
  • Charles I von Habsburg,
  • Michel Nostradamus,
  • Immanuel Kant,
  • Galileo Galilei,
  • Jerome Cardan (Girolamo Cardano),
  • Michel Montaigne,
  • François Rene de Chateaubriand,
  • Jean de la Fenontelle,
  • Marc Chagall,
  • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin-Moliere,
  • Louis de Vol.

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