Mars in astrology

vitality, kinesis, energy, war

Zodiac sign ruled by Mars Aries and Scorpio
Mars ElementFire
Mars Metals
Mars Colors
Mars Looks of a personThe Aries type is athletic with pronounced bones, cheekbones, muscles and a characteristic nose. 
The face is oblong, a large forehead, piercing eyes, a sharp, penetrating gaze, a noticeable chin. 
Hair is light or reddish. 
As a rule, over time, a scar, scar or birthmark appears on the head or face. 
The neck is long, the chest is powerful. 
The first half of the sign gives a stronger and stronger constitution.
The Scorpio type has a pycnic constitution, with pronounced bones and muscles. 
Height is medium and lower, the body is strong, stout, the upper part of the body is more powerful than the lower one. 
A wide full face, a large and wide forehead, tousled eyebrows, fused or thin and arched, always attracting attention. 
The eyes are large, shiny, often protruding. 
A burning, penetrating look. 
The profile is often aquiline. 
The neck is short and strong. 
The legs are more graceful than the torso and torso. 
The hair is thick, dark brown in color, curly around the temples and forehead. 
The voice is clear and deep. 
Powerful life force.
Mars TemperamentIn the Aries type – choleric with a tendency to impulsivity, hot temper, fervor, noticeable impatience and aggressiveness.

In the Scorpio type – phlegmatic, mixed with choleric, criticality, aggressiveness, a tendency to objection, confrontation.
Mars Astrological principleWarm and dry.
Mars Animals Animals: tiger, wolf, wild boar, horse, dog, snake, mule, goat. 
Birds: kite, owl, woodpecker. 
Insects: scorpion, spider.
Mars Plants All bitter, pungent, pungent, poisonous plants, plants with thorns and a pungent odor. 
Oak, acacia, larch, lemon tree, spruce, fir, radish, verbena, aloe, anemone, basil, fenugreek, gorse, benedict, thistle, thistle, thistle, capers, coriander, mustard, mahogany, garlic, onion, gentian, hawthorn, honeysuckle, hops, hyssop, belladonna, nettle, sweetweed, rhubarb, immortelle, dried flowers, tobacco, hellebore, peas, sugarcane, wormwood, hellebore, tea bush, lily, skullcap, wormwood, spurge, pepper, ginger, anemone, flax, hemp, fire poppy, pumpkin, maple, heather, blackberry, beans, all spices.
Mars Gemstones and Minerals
Mars Transit Time
Mars Signifies

Rashis ruled by Mars:  Aries, Scorpio    
Mars Exaltation Rashi : Capricorn 
Mars Debilitation Rashi : Cancer   
Nakshatras ruled by Mars : Mruga, Chitra, Dhanishtha  
Mars is karaka for : Bravery, husband, accidents, Army 
Friends :  Sun, Moon, Jupiter  
Neutral: Venus, Saturn 
Enemies:  Mercury  
Gemstone: Moonga / Povala (Coral)
Day ruled by Mars: Tuesday
Numbers ruled by Mars: 9 
Marankarak house for Mars: 7th  house

Mars is considered to be a malefic planet. Mars creates a lot of energy. Sportsmen, armymen have well placed mars. People under the influence of Mars tend to be impulsive about decisions. They are hot headed. 

The aspect of mars is considered to be malefic. Mars aspects the 4th, 7th and 8th house from its position in horoscope. 

Manglik Kundali: A kundali is said to be manglik if mars is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from lagna. Read more about Manglik Kundali here …  

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