Mars in Sagittarius

Activity + Sincerity = Tendency to persuade

Mars in Sagittarius Keyword: great enthusiasm

Positive qualities of Mars in Sagittarius

implementation of plans,
the desire to work,
the ability to inspire,
frankness, openness
a strong sense of justice.

Negative qualities of Mars in Sagittarius

wasting of strength,
will to destroy,
thirst for criticism,
lack of discipline,
impulsive and ill-considered actions.

Possible health problems

  • injuries to the thighs,
  • abscesses on the thighs.

Mars in Sagittarius : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Sagittarius seeks to act independently and independently of anyone’s opinion. Another’s opinion will be heard only when it coincides with his own. 

Ambition and unobtrusive lust for power are at the heart of any actions of people with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius, but concepts such as justice, nobility, honor are also important for them. 

Their words do not differ from their deeds, the promised is always fulfilled. They resist self-deception and do not deliberately deceive others.

They have good inventive and innovation skills, and they are good artisans. By their nature, they are very mobile, both spiritually and physically, therefore their type of activity is often associated with travel. If this is not the case, then they prefer an active form of recreation. 

They are great lovers of nature and animals, especially dogs and horses. These people get down to business with their inherent enthusiasm and optimism, they are easily inspired and quickly begin to implement plans. 

Their lively temperament, active activity, benevolence and desire to help everyone and everyone dispose other people to them. These people are able to work fruitfully, applying the latest achievements of science and technology in their work, but they do not like anyone commanded. 

They are able to conflict with both government officials and other Orthodox Christians, but not because of personal ambitions, but in the interests of the cause. And also because their original, bold and daring decisions can be very different from the generally accepted ones. 

Their own worldview is based not only on knowledge and experience, but also on the ability to foresee upcoming events. They are ready to defend their opinion in disputes, from which they almost always emerge victorious, using their favorite weapon – irrefutable facts, weighty, convincing argumentation, apt criticism.

A good configuration with Uranus gives interest in the occult sciences and practice in this area. With a good configuration with other planets and elements of the horoscope, a successful marriage or profit through a marriage partner, friends, or through inheritance is possible.

With an unfavorable aspectarium, apathy, lack of energy in young years, lawsuits related to property disputes or about alimony are possible. Possible unsuccessful surgery or poisoning due to a pharmacist’s mistake, danger of injury, for example, while hunting. Large animals can be harmed.

When squaring or opposing the Moon, the danger of premature death – the individual can be killed, the same is in conjunction with it in the Cardinal field.

A negative aspect with the Sun indicates the possibility of injury or death from fire.

The negative aspect with Uranus is an accident.

Mars in Sagittarius in the natal chart : Personality

Your inner strength is based on a good philosophy of life. You are driven by strong currents of energy, but you lack consistency. It often happens that you embrace new ideas without researching and testing them beforehand. 

You are full of vital energy, you can become a real fighter for ideals and a very hardworking person. You have an innate sense of rhythm, harmony and tempo. You are loved and welcomed in any society, because you are sweet, gallant, you can be a brilliant gentleman. 

Mars in kinship endows Sagittarius with physical strength, endurance, determination, good data for fighting opponents: courage, the ability to defend their views. Due to the strong positions of the Sun and Mars, Sagittarius have an active nature, they are characterized by passion, sincerity, openness, sometimes hot temper and rudeness, excessive straightforwardness.

Mars in Sagittarius : 0 ° – 10 °

A penchant for commercial and entrepreneurial activities. Useful trips, travels, scientific expeditions.

Mars in Sagittarius : 20 ° – 20 °

Possibility of premature death – murder, or during combat.

Mars in Sagittarius : 20 ° – 30 °

Increased ambition, lust for power, cunning, cunning, diplomatic ability, success in jurisprudence.

Famous People with Mars in Sagittarius

  • Louis XIV,
  • Charles II,
  • Prince Charles,
  • Franz Ferdinand,
  • Pierre Beyle,
  • Denis Diderot,
  • Voltaire,
  • Paul Eluard,
  • Friedrich Engels,
  • Saddam Hussein.

Transit of Mars through Sagittarius

After scorpion hardships and obligations, Mars pulls free. The ruler of Sagittarius Jupiter provides Mars with a wide field of activity, which he is in a hurry to take advantage of. Issues related to business expansion and spheres of influence come to the fore. 

Grandiose plans are being built, global projects are being put forward. This does not mean that all of them will be realized, but the beginning of many of them will be laid. New associations are being created, there is a search for sales markets both in their own country and abroad. 

A favorable period for finding foreign partners or starting joint activities with them, for joint scientific experiments, for holding large-scale holidays or sports events. This is the time of both labor and sports records. 

People are actively responding to the opportunity to participate in these events, the sports arenas are overflowing with fans. Good for conventions, conferences, scientific seminars, symposia, etc. , their members are actively sharing experience and knowledge.

The business started during this period will constantly develop and expand. How successful it will be will be shown not only by the aspects of Mars, but also by the position of Jupiter. 

If he is strong, then in the end the enterprise started will gradually gain recognition and authority among his own kind or will enter into any association or concern. If not, then behind a bright sign with a loud name may be hiding an ordinary enterprise.

At this time, politicians begin an active pre-election struggle, they do not experience a lack of listeners and associates, rallies, meetings, meetings with voters are stormy, many try to express their opinions, sometimes they start heated disputes, but, as a rule, the participants in these events disperse satisfied. friend and yourself. 

In general, people at this time are active, cheerful and optimistic, so the future seems hopeful to them. They willingly join the treasures of world culture, religious and spiritual communities are experiencing an influx of neophytes seeking to do something useful. 

People who are alien to globalism and high spheres simply go on long hikes, travel or go to work in a foreign country.

The danger of this period is that people often strive to embrace the immense, take on things that are beyond their ability.

They overestimate their strengths and capabilities and underestimate or overestimate rivals and opponents. The struggle for freedom and justice can take an ugly form and look like instillation of views, moralizing or ostentatious martyrdom. In general, Mars in Sagittarius has inherent pomp in everything. 

This is expressed in solemn parades and rituals, pretentious speeches, loud slogans and generous promises of a bright future. This is especially evident in the negative aspects of Mars. 

At this time, people promise more than they can do, grab several tasks or projects at the same time. Conflicts are possible on the basis of a mismatch of views on life, on national or religious grounds.

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