Mars in Leo

Activity + Shaping = Creative Power

Mars in Leo Keyword:  passion.

Positive qualities of Mars in Leo

diligence in work,
creative inspiration,
desire for property, desire for responsibility,
demand for power and recognition,
preference for practical activity,

Negative qualities of Mars in Leo

excessive will,
lust for power,
unbridled passion,
passion for speculation.

Possible health problems :  

  • heart disease (as a result of overstrain),
  • back disease,
  • muscle rheumatism.

Mars in Leo – Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Leo gives its wards a strong will, great energy, impulsiveness, hot temper, ardor and ardor. People with such a Mars are proactive, enterprising, active, hardworking. 

Mars in Leo promises honesty, decency, nobility, generosity, frankness, straightforwardness, but also passion, and stormy expression of feelings. People with such a Mars are endowed with purposefulness, perseverance in achieving the goal, this is facilitated by the courage, courage and punching strength that distinguishes them. 

They are persistent and adamant when it comes to their interests or prestige, are able to take risks and, if necessary, embark on adventures. Great ambition and striving for leadership, as well as independence, the ability to independently make decisions and take responsibility, allow them to occupy very high positions in the state apparatus, in production or leading positions in science or art. 

They have global ideas and plans, they need a large scale, they do not deal with trifles. As the people say – “a big ship – a great voyage.” They often work for show and crave recognition for their merits, approval of their superiors and the public, and, as a rule, they achieve this.

In politics, they are prone to dictatorship, preach the rule of force and an “iron” hand. How rulers can be autocrats, despots and tyrants. They tend to overstep their authority, but, in fact, they are driven by an innate sense of justice, so this, in the main, does not harm subordinates. 

These people are generally inclined to patronize everyone who only succumbs to this.

People with Mars in Leo are often seen in speculation, are prone to gambling, and their inherent sense of rivalry leads them to sports arenas. They also love various secrets, so they often engage in secret activities, which can later bring a high social status and a good financial position.

Great success is foreshadowed by the opposite sex, but marriage is not always successful and even less often happy.

An unfavorable aspect of Mars with Saturn may indicate expulsion, emigration, isolation (XII field) or premature death from an explosion, fire, an iron object, a firearm, more often far from the native land (VIII field). 

You should be wary of an attack by a large animal, possible eye diseases (especially the right one), heart disease or gastrointestinal tract (Mars or Saturn in the VI field).

With an unfavorable aspect of Mars with the Sun, premature death from fire is possible.

With an unfavorable aspect of Mars with Venus, sybarism, nymphomania or prostitution.

Mars in Leo in the natal chart : Personality

You are generous, fun-loving, active, and surprisingly attractive. Express your love openly and never skimp on your feelings. In sex, you are fiery and passionate. The opposite sex is very attractive to you. 

You are wayward. Learn to pay more attention to details and develop the capacity for compassion. You may not notice a tree in the forest; however, you rarely suffer from a lack of self-confidence. 

People who have Mars in the horoscope in this position are very sexy. If there are difficult aspects, try to control your tendencies towards dominance and selfishness.

Mars in kinship endows Leo with active energy, decisiveness, anger, directs Leo’s creative activity, gives him an inner passion, the ability to mobilize his potential in a public situation, the need to win, lead, be proud of his victories, brag.

Mars in Leo 0 ° – 10 °

Courage, courage, constancy in feelings, views and opinions, perseverance, perseverance, dedication, punchy from the silt, as well as sincerity, cordiality, personal charm. When damaged, a tendency to show off, outward splendor and luxury, to earthly joys and pleasures.

Mars in Leo 10 ° – 20 °

Interest in medicine, art, sports, cooking, modeling.

Mars in Leo 20 ° – 30 °

An abundance of ideas, the possibility of their implementation. Often good technical ability.

Famous People with Mars in Leo

  • Henry Ford,
  • Nelson Rockefeller,
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan,
  • Frank Sinatra,
  • Charles VIII,
  • Louis XI,
  • Louis XIII,
  • Clemens Metternich,
  • Maximilian Robespierre,
  • Georges Jacques Danton,
  • Harry Truman

Transit of Mars through Leo

Activity goes up again. People become more proactive, strive to show themselves in action. The lion’s Mars will be no less bright than the ram’s one, but unlike the latter, he is able to stubbornly achieve his goal. 

Therefore, he cannot be distracted, switched to another idea or topic, he will still bend his line. Therefore, it is better not to stop him, but to let him finish or finish. In all actions at this time there is a touch of some pathos, pomp, ostentatious significance and importance of what is happening.

This is something similar to the holidays of the times of stagnation. Listening to the festivities unfolding in front of them, people are nevertheless able to express their point of view directly and impartially, although by and large it may not be entirely their own. 

People these days say not what they think, but what can show them from the most advantageous side. What exactly they say or do depends on the specific situation – at this time everything is done as if for show. Wanting to get his way, Mars in Leo can play a whole show.

There are not so many skirmishes and collisions during this period as with Mars in Aries, the lion’s Mars prefers to maintain dignity, to be above the situation, so as not to lose face, so it will not climb into a trifling brawl. 

But if self-esteem is hurt, or disdain or mistrust is expressed, then the enemy is not good at it. Warmed up by wounded pride and outraged self-esteem, Mars will not give the offender a descent. 

People will resist orders expressed in a rude or degrading form, since at this time they prefer to give orders themselves, rather than obey. They also want their work to be noticed and celebrated. 

Although what was done with Mars in Leo often has a downside, which is not as colorful as the painted façade. What is presented as the greatest achievement of scientific thought, in fact, may turn out to be an empty thing,

Likewise, the deeds that began at this time. Even before they have done anything significant, they will declare themselves publicly. It will be good if at least part of what has been declared will be realized in practice. 

For the success of the enterprise, it must be headed by a bright extraordinary personality, there must also be one-man management. In this case, something can come out of the idea  .

And at the same time, the number of sports records during this period is growing, creative people have a fruitful period when they can do much more in a short time than at other times. Mars will not let them think, weigh, doubt for a long time. Artists and speakers are more inspiring and convincing than ever. 

Brightness, self-confidence, the ability to present oneself favorably contribute to success. In connection with the increase in libido during this period, a lot of interesting things happen on the love front. Often times, these adventures are reminiscent of themselves after nine months.

One more point should be noted here related to the passage of Mars along the sign of Leo. People are becoming more gambling and risky, capable of adventures, so that the owners of the gambling business can hope for considerable profits.

Negative aspects indicate conceit, protrusion of one’s own person, an unjustified desire to command, lecture, and clashes motivated by jealousy. At this time, it is dangerous to be in places of entertainment, in stadiums, game halls, as there may be riots, hooligan antics or fire, explosion. 

There may be conflicts with government officials, accidents involving children. You may encounter rudeness, arrogance or cruelty of famous or high-ranking people, or with aggressive attacks in their direction.

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