Mars in Pisces

Activity + Expectation = Expectant will and actions.

Mars in Pisces Keyword:   anxiety.

Positive qualities of Mars in Pisces

social engagement,
good analyst.

Negative qualities of Mars in Pisces

shaky turns of will and energy,
criminal premises,
excessive sensitivity.

Possible health problems 

  • leg diseases (sweaty legs, swelling from frostbite, calluses),
  • injured legs,
  • bowel disease.

Mars in Pisces : Meaning in Astrology

People with Mars in the sign of Pisces are usually mentally and mentally strong people who know how to subordinate others to their influence through suggestion or persuasive speech. Many of them lead the process secretly, from behind the curtains, remaining invisible to everyone. 

They also have the ability to secretly dominate others, often using unusual techniques and methods, up to occult or magical influences. Psychic power is used so that no one feels it. 

They often come to an agreement or compromise through cunning, diplomacy or secret ways, but the fight against competitors and enemies is carried out mainly in secret, but decisively. 

The whole life of an individual is replete with various secrets and secrets, and often they are members or participants of any secret groups, lodges, societies.

Another type of people with Mars in Pisces are people who are refined, noble, generous, honest and decent. By nature, they are very receptive, impressionable, sensitive, empathetic, gentle, gentle, conscientious, benevolent, compassionate, merciful. 

Although they strive for prosperity, they are not eager for money especially. The will and energy of these people are very unstable, manifest only periodically, with greater or lesser fluctuations, and always depend on the mood. 

The actions of such people are mainly due to intuition, but in order to start acting, they, people, need a strong desire. They are capable of much, but only by working in a calm and quiet environment and being in solitude and safety.

Well-being tends to come through like-minded friends, guardians, sponsors, patrons of the arts, or through some happy occasion.

In the first half of life – frivolous connections, fleeting intimate contacts, an unhealthy craving for risky ventures, in the second – a selfless struggle for ideals and full dedication to your beloved business, caring for your family.

With an aspectual connection with a strong Moon, an abundance of ideas and plans prevails, one is better than the other. There are also absolutely fantastic ideas, many of which, nevertheless, come true. There are many changes in life.

A negative aspect with the Moon indicates frequent changes of residence, especially in military families.

The negative aspect with Venus is a tendency to an immoral lifestyle, alcoholism, drug addiction, reprehensible sexual relations.

The negative aspect with Saturn is the possibility of an accident, illness of the lower extremities.

The negative aspect with Neptune is the danger of drowning, shipwreck, food poisoning, mushrooms, gas, medicines; slander, lies, anonymous letters, denunciations, thefts and the like.

The unfavorable aspect of Mars with other planets and elements of the horoscope speaks of negligence towards oneself, indicates fatalism, an unsuccessful marriage, especially in the families of seafarers. 

This position of Mars usually foreshadows the misfortune of the individual’s mother or sister.

Mars in Pisces in the natal chart : Personality

You have unexpected emotions that can be very intense. You are receptive and compassionate, so others can easily use you. Being oversensitive can negatively affect your self-confidence or your willingness to take decisive action, so you need to develop initiative and arrogance. 

Try to avoid all kinds of confrontation. Although at first glance you appear to be a calm, peaceful person, your behavior hides an inner anxiety. You are usually shy, sometimes lazy, have a talent for music. In sex, you are very romantic and sensitive. Severe aspects may indicate an addiction or alcohol addiction.

Mars in kinship allows Pisces to develop high activity, indicates the acuteness of emotional experiences in people of this psychotype, the strong aggression that they can experience in collisions with negative manifestations of the human character.

Mars in Pisces : 0 ° – 10 °

Strong passions, extravagance. Increased interest in the opposite sex. Success in public affairs, in the service, where everything is carried out under scientific or administrative control. Prison or hospital service.

Mars in Pisces : 10 ° – 20 °

Big imagination, vivid imagination, abundance of ideas, strong inner anxiety, success in liberal professions, in household chores.

Mars in Pisces : 20 ° – 30 °

Great willpower, powerful energy, self-confidence, determination, punching power, hard work, efficiency, inspiration. Periods of creativity.

Famous People with Mars in Pisces

  • De Montmorency,
  • Honore Daumier,
  • Vincent Van Gogh,
  • Michelangelo,
  • Hermann Hesse,
  • Peter I,
  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Yuri Gagarin.

Transit of Mars through Pisces

The manifestations of Mars in this sign can be very diverse, due to the fact that Pisces is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. Both good and evil are closely intertwined in it. 

The influence of any planet passing through the sign of Pisces is ambiguous, and in the case of Mars, even the positive aspects do not guarantee peace. At this time, the activity does not subside, it either becomes invisible, or the true motives of the actions are carefully hidden. 

What is on the surface usually does not correspond to what is actually happening.

Mars in the sign of Pisces evokes a desire to immediately come to the aid of those who complain about their fate, or to those who seem to him in need of help. These will not necessarily be those who are truly in need – Mars is straightforward, it will not look around the corner or into documents, what is in front of it is the truth. 

Pity can be aroused in him as quickly as anger, which can be used by dishonest people – for example, numerous fake fundraisers for the needs of the church, orphans, etc. 

These days, charity events are often organized, for example, collecting things for orphanages or those in need. If Mars is in Pisces at this time, people are especially active in responding to the call, but having performed an act of mercy, they forget about it until the next call or impulse. 

So Mars in Pisces is a charity for an hour, but despite the fact does something , then from the heart, giving all the best to the end.

In general, Mars does not consider it necessary to hide anything , therefore, due to its openness and straightforwardness, passing through Pisces, it can make visible what was hidden from prying eyes. 

It is good if these are good deeds, but more often than not they are not. Each person has something that he would not like to demonstrate to the world. This is the period of the distribution of debts, therefore the events, especially the negative ones that occur during this transit, have a long history and do not happen without reason. 

This is usually a payback for past sins. At this time, loud revelations often occur, frauds, some scandalous details of someone’s life become known . But by and large, only some kind ofpart of the truth, since Mars captures only what can be grasped at a time, at most two, as long as there is interest. 

He will not dig deeply and for a long time, so some scandals at this time are deliberately provoked in order to hide the true state of affairs. Although Mars can accidentally open the wrong door and unwittingly show what is hiding behind it.

At this time, it is not recommended to start any business, unless they are related to matters under the control of Pisces. The matter will progress unevenly – it will subside, then it will become more active and, by and large, live its own inner life. 

As a result, he will be ruined by an unhealthy environment in the team, secret “mouse fuss”, incomprehensible situations in which it seems that no one is to blame, but the damage is obvious, intrigues and so on.

Negative aspects reinforce everything that was said above and make the events fatal. These days, you can face deceit, envy, fumbling, manifestation of hostility, cruelty, the origin of which is not always clear. 

The motives and actions of people are also incomprehensible and difficult to analyze. Things get stuck, run into invisible obstacles. Robbers, swindlers, swindlers of all stripes are becoming more active. 

Calls for the overthrow of the government and other provocations are possible.

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