Mars in Cancer

Activity + Sensitivity = Instinctive Actions

Mars in Cancer Keyword:  sensitivity.

Positive qualities of Mars in Cancer

strong feelings,
a sense of inner freedom,
an increased ability of imagination.

Negative qualities of Mars in Cancer

unstable turns of will,
dependence on mood,
insufficient endurance,
incontinence, imbalance, actions not controlled according to their feelings,
more fantasy than real work, subjectively colored beliefs and views,
frequent job changes.

Possible health problems

  • stomach diseases,
  • stomach ulcers,
  • increased stomach acidity.

Mars in Cancer : Meaning in Astrology

Here Mars is in the sign of its phallus (fall), so it enhances the negative features of the essential nature of the Cancer sign: heightened sensuality, excessive craving for the opposite sex, clumsiness, extreme subjectivity. 

To this can be added the instability of mood, insecurity, insecurity, imbalance. Activity manifests itself more in fantasies and imagination than in reality, although if there is a desire and a goal, there is also diligence, and efficiency, and self-confidence. 

People with Mars in the sign of Cancer are quite ambitious and power-hungry, from childhood they strive for material security and dream of their own house with a garden, preferably on the seashore or a river, but their life is unstable, like their moods, and full of changes.

People with such a position of Mars love the outer brilliance, spend money on pleasure, however, only if they are available in sufficient quantities. Men in this case spend money on their girlfriends and mistresses, and women – on themselves.

As a rule, these people are looking for partners who are stronger in spirit than themselves, and they perfectly adapt to them. 

But the soul of these people requires personal and spiritual freedom, for independence and the right to be independent they often have to fight for many years.

This position of Mars often reinforces aggressive tendencies, which is a source of quarrels with parents or household members, however, this is more pronounced at a young age. 

They are also plagued by internal contradictions, the inability to combine desires with opportunities, they are often torn between home and work. All this can negatively affect relationships with partners. 

In this case, the best way out of the situation is the ability to adapt to people and circumstances.

Often, this position of Mars portends the premature death of one of the parents or an accident related to the house: loss, damage due to fire, theft, natural disasters or other reasons.

With a good configuration with Neptune, interest in the occult sciences increases – in astrology, magic, healing.

With negative aspects with the Moon, diseases of the eyes and stomach are possible.

With a negative aspect with Venus – alcoholism, drug addiction, sybarism, nymphomania or prostitution.

A negative aspect with Saturn or Uranus portends injury.

Mars in Cancer in the natal chart : Personality

Frequent mood swings and emotional depression can make you scandalous, which in turn can lead to disruption in family relationships. You love money, art and various technical discoveries. 

You know how to be cold-blooded and decisive. Suppressing anger too often can lead to abscesses, stomach ulcers, or at least stomach ailments. You are usually incapable of sacrificing your principles and love to work completely independently. 

This position of Mars may indicate an early loss of the mother. In sex, you know how to be sophisticated and sensitive. If there are inharmonious aspects, try to avoid excessive enjoyment.

The weakness of Mars is manifested in Cancer’s peacefulness, his indecision, passivity in dealing with issues that require a quick response. He can transfer his activities to the layer of the imagination (novelist). 

Cancer will not go to an open resolution of the conflict situation, will go into the shell, but will remember the offender for a long time. The state of resentment connects him for a long time with the person who inflicted the offense. 

Cancer tries not to get into competitive situations, he is painfully jealous. It is difficult for him to start doing something new, he is acutely experiencing breaks with the old and familiar, he may inadequately express pain and aggression. 

Able to show anger and rage when threatening loved ones, children, personal property, home. Mars from the inside heats up the emotional sphere of Cancer, but is weak to awaken its activity. Cancer gets tired quickly, sick for a long time.

Mars in Cancer 0 ° – 10 °

Indicates people from whom you can expect anything – both good and bad.

Mars in Cancer 10 ° – 20 °

Vitality, endurance, endurance. Rich fantasy. Work at home. Profit from equipment maintenance.

Mars in Cancer 20 ° – 30 °

Often nymphomania, increased craving for the opposite sex, sexual excesses

Famous People with Mars in Cancer

  • Henryk II,
  • Louis XII,
  • Louis XVIII,
  • Catherine de Medici,
  • Charles I von Habsburg,
  • Johannes Morinus,
  • Michelle Nostradamus,
  • George Gordon Byron,
  • Alexander Pushkin,
  • Pablo Picasso,
  • Karl Marx,
  • Otto Pfefferkorn,
  • Anna Akhmatova,
  • Mikhail Gorbachev,
  • Pavel Globa.

Transit of Mars through Cancer

Mars, passing the sign of Cancer, raises a wave in its calm backwater, which violates the usual way. It’s like the arrival of a stranger, like an uninvited guest in the house: even if he does nothing wrong, it still creates an inconvenience. 

Mars here one way or another creates problems that require immediate intervention. At best, it will be the arrival of guests, at worst – scandals in the house, breakdown of household appliances, a breakthrough in the water supply system, a fire. 

Even if nothing extreme happens, people at this time are engaged in their own family, household problems and give all their energy to them. Someone starts construction or repairs, someone equips a garden plot, someone starts a general cleaning or rearrangement in the house, someone pays debt to family ties, helps parents. 

At this time, employers often have to deal with the fact that employees ask for time off or additional leave, motivating this with the need to solve their domestic problems. 

Security agencies also do not remain without work during this period, applications for the installation of an alarm in the house are received much more than at other times.

A business started at this time will be viable if the people working for it feel protected. It will unfold quietly and unhurriedly, and after a while competitors will find a stable enterprise that has put down such powerful roots that they will have to make room for it. 

Naturally, Mars alone in Cancer cannot guarantee stability, but there are such prerequisites.

Mars in Cancer acts on the basis of internal impulses, the actions of people at this time are more controlled by the subconscious than the mind. Cancer is a cautious, suspicious creature, so it will not react and act directly. Before doing something , he will take a closer look, weigh, listen to his inner voice and rather not do than do it. 

At best will send someone another, referring to being busy, while he himself will observe from around the corner or wait for the result in a safe place. This feature should be taken into account for those who hope for a quick response. 

At this time, people are harder to stir up, inspire heroic deeds or seduce with loud advertising. They will prefer a native sofa or a secluded place that reliably shelters from storms and hardships over the battlefield, and a quiet hearty evening with their family for exploits. 

They will react to advertising only if they are promised big discounts or give out something is free. At this time, people are wary of everything new and unknown and do not take anything for granted. 

The only thing that can bring them out of their half-asleep state is a real or apparent danger threatening him or people dear to his heart. In this case, Mars will show its temper in full force.

Negative aspects of Mars often exacerbate such manifestations as nationalism and religious fanaticism, create tension in society, which can result in international conflicts at the world level or small-town scandals over the fact that a neighbor deliberately moved the fence five centimeters and he now stands on “someone else’s »Territory. 

In general, at this time people are in a state of anxiety for their loved ones, the fate of their home. Often, circumstances force them to leave their homeland or, conversely, urgently return home. The number of fires, domestic injuries and crimes is increasing.

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