Mars in Taurus

Activity + Warranty = Buying Propensity

Key word:  dogmatism.

Positive qualities of Mars in Taurus

extreme performance,
practical ability,
determined and self-confident behavior,
punching power,
arts and crafts,
desire for ownership,
planning for the future.

Negative qualities of Mars in Taurus


Possible health problems

  • diseases of the throat and nose,
  • enlarged inflamed tonsils,
  • nosebleeds (secondary:
  • ailments of the lower body.

Mars in Taurus : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Taurus gives a very decisive, domineering, unyielding nature. The outlined plans are carried out without exhausting willpower. People with Mars in Taurus have tenacity and steadiness of views, great endurance, endurance in the implementation of long-term plans, as well as purposefulness. 

The energy of these people grows along with the difficulties. They also have organizational talent and leadership abilities. As partners they are very loyal and devoted, as bosses they are caring.

Mars in this position gives a strongly expressed need for material security, which people, the owners of such a Mars, fix by purchasing real estate. They are smart enough and far-sighted as to what can bring income, they plan all things far ahead and for a long time. They go to the goal in stages, weighing and thinking over each step, but they can go ahead, regardless of anyone or anything. Here they are unshakable, impenetrable. 

From an early age, they know how to take a strong position and almost always get their way. They are not afraid of any obstacles, they firmly stand their ground, especially when their personal interests are affected. 

If they are for any Because they cannot fight back, then they immediately take a passive defense, a position of waiting. It is clear that these qualities eventually bring both high social status and material success. Often people with such a Mars are engaged in financial activities, capital investments, and are successful in commercial enterprises.

In male horoscopes, this position of Mars indicates a female environment or a strong influence of a woman (type of “henpecked”).

In female horoscopes, this position of Mars is a warning that an addicted character, frivolity and frivolity should be restrained by willpower, prudence, self-education.

In general, with Mars in the sign of Taurus, a constant struggle with your negative character traits and animal instincts is necessary, only this will save you from troubles and disappointments, and only true love, true feelings, conscientiousness in relations with others will be the best protection against negativity.

If Mars is intact, then the possibility of inheritance is not removed from the agenda.

If Mars is damaged, financial transactions will have to be categorically abandoned, because they will only bring losses. Strong opponents and competitors in this case can create legal difficulties. 

Troubles or failures in the service, unexpected financial miscalculations cause either severe depression, or drive to a state of fury.

An unfavorable aspect portends dishonest partners, early love, premarital intimate relationships, disappointment in a marriage partner. Possible loss of reputation due to frivolity, love affairs “on the side”, adventurous adventures. There is a danger of being hit by a large four-legged animal.

Mars in Taurus in the natal chart : Personality

Such a person is characterized by some heaviness, perseverance, rare endurance and amazing industriousness. With a negative personality development, a tendency toward sadism, cruelty and rudeness in self-expression can form. 

A sort of blunt-headed and obstinate type is formed, prone to violence and preoccupied with the search for various pleasures. If you complement this portrait with inexorable obstinacy, the picture is very unsightly. 

But the harmonious development of character conveys an enviable patience in combination with the sympathy and understanding of other people, as well as the ability to hold steady in difficult moments of life and have a huge supply of potential vitality. 

Such a person is able to work as much as desired, even in the most adverse conditions. He is extremely seasoned, realistic and pragmatic, knows how and loves to make, is inclined to do everything with his own hands. His behavior is always clearly organized. 

He is confident in himself and knows perfectly what he is striving for, understands what he wants. Perseverance gives him a rare breakdown power, in his decisions he is adamant and relentless. 

By any means, he ensures his own safety, confidently strives for material and financial savings, and consistently and clearly plans the entire course of future actions. In a word, he has a certain “psychological ridge” that allows him to overcome arbitrarily great difficulties. 

His energy is disciplined and restrained, its level is constantly maintained, since a person unconsciously plans to spend energy for a long time. Feelings are sometimes stormy, but still quickly and easily disciplined by consciousness. This person knows how to earn money both for himself and for relatives, in general, in business, he is accompanied by considerable success. 

He respects the awakening instincts, and therefore satisfies them immediately and with pleasure. He behaves courteously and deftly, with charm, but decisively and confidently, and therefore is remembered by many as a quick and persistent person. 

His sense of humor is unusual, if only because it is always aimed at achieving practical goals. This nature is domineering, unyielding, with a large reserve of opportunities. 

His energy increases in parallel with increasing difficulties, overcoming obstacles only tempers him and more and more convinces him of the need to continue moving towards his goal. He is firm in his views and beliefs, stubborn and consistent. He seeks to plan all actions in advance and always for long periods. 

This man has great physical strength and powerful inner passions. It has a strong ambition with a desire for independence and independence, achieved at the cost of hard work. Almost always, such people achieve their goals, no matter how others actively interfere with them. 

All energy is spent on obtaining tangible results in business, on an occupation that always brings good income, as well as on the acquisition of property and the increase of a bank account. 

This is a slow pragmatist, well knowing what poorly restrained jealousy and possessive instinct are. Usually he has a good handwriting, he knows how and loves to use tools, sometimes he produces not only durable products, but also genuine masterpieces of art. In his endeavors, he is characterized by a difficult, as if delayed start, but consistency and adherence allow you to come to the planned result at any cost. 

He cannot be called an aggressive person, in any case, until no one teases him. 

He does his work, not paying attention to others, but if you put pressure on him, and even more so infringe on his personal interests, then he begins to resist, and the strength of his reaction noticeably exceeds the influence exerted on him. 

Defeating such a person is not easy, and sometimes simply impossible. He loves and knows how to fight for his interests, showing the gift of skillful tactics and the ability to scale strategic planning of the battle. 

Such people are like a spring, which resists the stronger, the more pressure is exerted on it. Sometimes the response to the opponent is simply crushing, moreover, it is given without any anger or malice — simply for reasons of practical necessity. 

Being thoroughly teased, this person is inclined to avenge the offender to the end – he will not just trample him, but he will finish him off. If a loved one gives him reason for jealousy, then he falls into an extremely dangerous situation, since our hero considers the loved one as personal property, no one has the right to encroach on him. 

This is a wayward, selfish type, showing rare persistence in the implementation of his plans, having many enemies and is very attentive to the conduct of financial affairs. Frivolity is not at all peculiar to people of this type, they are capable of both the most tender caress and unbridled anger – and in both they show rare solidity. 

Outwardly, they are usually calm and balanced. Everyone considers them extremely independent people, relying only on themselves. 

People around them invariably recognize that they have a wide range of practical abilities. It is almost impossible to convince such a person, he treats his own point of view with special tenderness and is almost always confident in his absolute rightness. He knows how to earn a lot, but does not like to spend money, sometimes falling to stinginess and commercialism. 

He is inclined to give a strict moral assessment to everyone and everything. He is inactive and slow, sometimes shows an excessive inclination for pleasure, but fights against injustice to the end and protects his neighbors with utmost selflessness. Curiosity is harmoniously combined with industriousness, sexual life is marked by high sensitivity and a tendency to reason about the practical side of things. 

The most negative feature is the desire to possess a loved one to such an extent that he could not cast a glance at anyone. This person is full of hidden ambition, in practical matters shows an extraordinary ability to foresight, savvy in everything that relates to personal interests. Many consider him a good administrator and a skilled organizer. 

Most successfully, he realizes himself as a manager, since he is able to realize any ideas and plans to the end. Obstacles are never afraid, and where tact and diplomacy, beliefs and tricks do not work, it acts decisively and firmly, especially if its personal interests are affected. In general, such people most often succeed in life, in any case, on the external plane. 

In relationships with people of the opposite sex, such features as shyness and ability directly, without bluntness, are strangely combined, tell the person you like about your attraction. Such people usually dress well and are able to maintain a small talk. 

They spend almost all their energy on making money and accumulating tangible property. Their pragmatism forces all energy to be directed to useful things that give tangible results. They act slowly, but purposefully and persistently. They are not aggressive, but very strong, stubborn and unyielding in the fight against rivals. 

They love tools and take care of them carefully, using them with great care, accuracy and accuracy. In general, in life they strive to create something beautiful, useful and durable at the same time. 

Mars in Taurus 0 ° – 10 °

Frivolity in financial transactions, monetary miscalculations. Many printed works or large families.

Mars in Taurus 10 ° – 20 °

High intelligence, great physical strength, inner passions.

Mars in Taurus 20 ° – 30 °

Ambition, lust for power, striving for personal and spiritual freedom, independence and independence. Heralds success in applied sciences, arts and crafts.

Famous People with Mars in Taurus

  • Catherine II,
  • Madame Pompadour,
  • Charles IX, Galileo,
  • Georges Sand,
  • Paul Verlaine,
  • Jean Gaben,
  • I. V. Stalin,
  • Adolf Hitler,
  • Guglielmo Marconi,
  • John F. Kennedy,
  • Fidel Castro,
  • Mohammed Ali,
  • Tamara Globa.

Transit of Mars through Taurus

These days people are becoming more restrained, their energy is aimed at ensuring their own existence. They no longer waste their energy thoughtlessly, do not strive to be the first everywhere and in everything at all costs, but are focused on work for which they are expected to be rewarded accordingly. 

They work thoughtfully and purposefully, using the right tools for the occasion. At this time, interest in high-quality products is growing, many are trying to do something with their own hands. 

Employers need not worry, labor turnover is dropping these days, but at the same time, people can demand adequate wages for their work. This should be taken into account when hiring new employees.

The business, begun during the period of Mars passing along the sign of Taurus, will unfold slowly, most likely it will require an additional contribution of funds, but we can say for sure that it will not turn out to be one-day, but will bring a certain, but stable income in the future. 

People earned at this time are unlikely to carry money to the bank (Mars is not inclined to accumulate anything ) – most likely they will invest them in material values, so it can be assumed that the level of sales, for example, in the real estate sector, will increase.

Negative aspects can indicate the possibility of material losses in the business area, the need for unforeseen payments or costs, for example, to eliminate the consequences of an accident or equipment breakdown. The production process is uneven: either stagnation or an emergency. 

At this time, there are more mistakes in work due to haste, nervous situation in the workplace, conflicts between employees. Possible industrial accident. During this period, you should not go to work, buy real estate, start repairs or other important business.

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