Mars in Aries

Activity + Strong Desire = Spirit of Struggle

Keyword:  dynamism.

Positive qualities of Mars in Aries

desire to achieve something ,
entrepreneurial spirit,
sports interests,

Negative qualities of Mars in Aries

excessive zeal,
grumpiness, impatience, need for adventure, irritability, thoughtlessness.

Disorders of aspects with Mercury: many disagreements with the outside world, but also the ability to admire. Spontaneous affects of will, hot-tempered temperament.

Possible health problems 

  • cerebral congestion,
  • fever,
  • eye inflammation,
  • brain inflammation,
  • headaches,
  • insomnia
  • (secondary: kidney inflammation).

Mars in Aries : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Aries is in its domicile (inhabitant), so here its influence is very strong. Its distinctive features in this sign of the Zodiac: potential will, powerful energy, activity, determination, dynamism, great penetrating power, but also impulsivity, hot temper, quick irritability and excitability. 

With such a Mars, there is always an increased ambition and lust for power. Such people are very entrepreneurial, business-like, hard-working, very stubborn and persistent in their desires. 

If they do something out to do, it will not rest as long as the job is done, if something decided, then they will not deviate from what was planned. Their violent temperament often generates such spontaneous impulses that simply cannot be controlled. 

They love adventures, risky and dangerous enterprises, they are not afraid of any obstacles and no obstacles, they go ahead, blindly and recklessly.

Personal and spiritual freedom, independence and independence are in the first place for them. They are very frank and straightforward, equally demanding of themselves and of others. Good organizers, leaders, managers and commanders. They are inborn leaders, leaders or leaders. 

People with Mars in Aries are real dictators, despots, tyrants, it is difficult or even impossible to subordinate them to their will, they themselves are strong and love strong people.

Although Mars in Aries enhances vitality, it exposes a person to various dangers. With this Mars, accidents are frequent: one should beware of injury to the head and face, explosion, fire, fire, firearms.

A bad Aspect can indicate the possibility of premature death from fire; with Saturn – for bodily injuries or fractures; with Uranus – for an accident, injury, catastrophe, fall.

Mars in Aries  in the natal chart : Personality

A person is extremely active, but this activity can be both creative and destructive. With the negative development of personality, a tyrannical, quick-tempered and destroying everything and every tyrant is formed. He is characterized by excessive zeal, uncontrollability of motives, extreme impulsiveness, quarrelsomeness, rare impatience. 

His actions are thoughtless, his need for adventure is surprising to others, and irritability is immense. It gives rise to many disagreements with the outside world, however, people around often admire its amazing activity. 

All affects and volitional impulses are completely spontaneous and unpredictably strong. With a positive development of character, a fast, straightforward and hardworking nature is formed. A person always wants to achieve something, is always active and busy with something. 

He is overwhelmed by dynamic energy. He is fearless and persistent in his demands for life, literally obsessed with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Efficiency knows no boundaries, decisiveness affects others, the vitality is enormous. Such a person is often most actively interested in playing sports and turns to the military profession. 

He is able to develop in himself a violent force, passionate and assertive, he stands for absolute freedom of the individual and does not recognize any duties other than those that he assumes voluntarily. He is absolutely convinced of the correctness of his actions and is always confident in victory. Always ready to rush forward and persistently renders resistance to an arbitrarily strong opponent. 

Doubts and experience of past failures are not taken into account by him – his seething temperament and warlike spirit always lead forward. He can be angry and angry if something impedes the realization of his plans. He always wants to be the first in everything, and therefore excessive zeal feeds on unbridled ambition. 

Seeking to satisfy his own instincts and expand them to the full, he does not stop at anything. He is dynamic and excitable, aggressive and fearless, hastened and reckless. He does not want to hear about any obstacles on his way; he courageously, courageously, courageously and bravely throws his chest on the obstacle – and makes his way forward. 

He is extremely self-confident, loves adventure and loves to act freely, under the influence of a momentary impulse. This person is rapidly included in the program of activities and is actively involved in life processes. His actions are very clearly concentrated and always move in one chosen direction. True, the supply of activity soon runs out, and therefore requires frequent rest. 

This is the most energetic person going to the goal in a direct way, often without a break. The manifestations of his activity are similar to the elements, he is extremely inconsistent in actions, his strong-willed pressure almost does not lend itself to control of consciousness. If somewhere he didn’t succeed, and the efforts made were not justified, then this subject simply ceases to interest him. 

The impact of his energy on the world and people is overwhelming, but always quantized and very short-lived. This is not a strategist or a diplomat, but a direct and decisive figure. Sometimes he manifests a rare rudeness and rudeness and is considered by many to be an inconsiderate person who, more than anything else, appreciates only his own independence. 

This is a virtuoso of everyday scandal and a master of street fights. Tough, ill-conceived, irresponsible actions can sometimes lead him to places of imprisonment. This is a proud, fearless and absolutely confident person, grumpy and scandalous. Usually he achieves considerable material success due to his militancy and ability to ponder to get down to business. 

Overvoltage and loss of energy can lead to extreme exhaustion. He appreciates the ideals in love, but rarely embodies them in life, as the brute energy of nature in the blink of an eye destroys any castles in the air. Often such a person injures himself in the most incredible way and manages to get into such brawls and conflicts, participation in which is simply not easy to imagine. 

He is stubborn and pragmatic, and if he decides for himself, then it is almost impossible to get him to change his point of view. He earns a lot, but does not know how to spend money rationally, gives everyone and everything a rigorous, sometimes unnecessarily harsh assessment. This is a brave and powerful man who seeks to dominate everything and everyone, he hates routine work and, with great difficulty, makes compromises. 

Always full of initiative, always striving to act immediately, without hesitation. His enthusiasm often inspires the actions of other people, and therefore many recognize in him the quality of a born leader. Success comes to him only when he learns to direct his energy in a certain direction and control its flow, in particular, through the development of patience and compassion. 

He is strong in sex furious and passionate. His desires are often not amenable to any volitional control, which annoys him extremely. This person is strong, combat-ready, original, full of enthusiasm, electric power and inspiration. He is so frank, sincere and free in behavior that he cannot hide anything in himself. Most often, he acts hastily and violently, “starting from a half turn,” under the influence of an impulse tearing from the depths. 

He experiences sensual pleasures acutely, almost ecstatically, but quickly forgets about them, and therefore he always strives for new and new pleasures. He does not tolerate restrictions, prohibitions and obstacles, seeks to lead everyone and be a pioneer in any business. By force he pushes his affairs forward, not least guided by considerations of ambition and selfish gain. Viability is extremely high but the risk of injuries and accidents is great.

This person perfectly competes with competitors and seeks to personally engage in all his affairs, without shifting them to anyone. He is very sociable and passionate, capable of feat, but often acts recklessly, and therefore does not always win. His energy, overflowing and beating with a key, must find a way out, otherwise it will blow him up from the inside. 

Primary instincts are extremely strong in this person, the primordial force directly overwhelms him, that’s why he is full of initiative and courage. His enterprise and creativity are awakened by a passionate need to possess people and take things for personal use. 

He is able to lead others behind him, taking the initiative and responsibility, ardently calling others to action. True, the desire to be the first is not supported by the presence of organizational talent, his interest and enthusiasm are not maintained for long, usually they are not enough to bring everything to a successful end. This is the incompleteness of affairs – the main problem of people of this type. 

They do not tolerate objections, interference from the outside and the pressure of the environment. They will succeed only if they learn to think over their actions first and only then act with utmost care. The greatest difficulties await them if they allow a spontaneous impulse to start itself in an unknown place and go forward blindly. 

Such people love rivalries and competitions, like to measure their strength and courage, are ready to do martial arts until late and drive by car. Outbursts of anger pass quickly, although in a short time they manage to burn everything around. 

This type of person needs to learn to be more tolerant and respectful of others. The fact is that aggressiveness in this case is a compensatory reaction to the fear of one’s own inferiority deeply hidden in the soul. The need to affirm oneself by an open manifestation of strength and courage should not lead to large-scale destruction in oneself.

Mars in Aries : 0 ° – 10 °

Courage, courage, bravery, courage, self-confidence, determination, enterprise, efficiency.

Mars in Aries : 10 ° – 20 °

Interest in everything related to weapons, military service, police, forensics, medicine and industry.

Mars in Aries : 20 ° – 30 °

Interest in jurisprudence, forensics, entrepreneurship, financial transactions, travel, business trips, travel.

Famous People with Mars in Aries

  • Franz Joseph I,
  • Oliver Cromwell,
  • Marquis de Sade,
  • Leon-Michel Gambetta,
  • Francisco Goya,
  • Napoleon III,
  • Nicholas II,
  • Tycho Brahe,
  • Charles Baudelaire,
  • Emile Zola,
  • Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin),
  • Hermann Goering,
  • Norbert Wiener,
  • Jan Smith,
  • Simon Bolivar,
  • Maria Anna Charlotte de Corday,
  • Paul von Hindenburg,
  • Damdin Sukhbaatar,
  • Ernst Krafft.

Transit of Mars Through Aries

At this time, people become more energetic, determined and active. The spirit of struggle and rivalry awakens in them, so they can easily be inspired for military affairs. True masculine values ​​come to the fore. By and large, people at this time are ruled by instincts, such as the survival instinct and procreation. 

Sexuality in men increases, and in many women the instinct of a conqueror is manifested. In order to survive, you need to win your place under the sun and prove your right to it, get yourself food, emerge victorious from any battle with the enemy, who lies in wait literally behind every bush, and defend what you have won. 

At this time, what is conquered, what is gained through struggle, is truly appreciated. Feat is the key word of this period. He can be labor or military,

People use every opportunity to demonstrate their strength and skill, so they willingly participate in various competitions, sports, competitions, boldly get involved in things that they didn’t take on at another time. They are focused on the result and strive to get it as quickly as possible. It should be borne in mind that Mars in Aries is not inclined to restrain its impulses, therefore, even with a positive aspect, tension is felt, ready to explode at any moment. 

People at this time become more passionate, impatient, proud, they move more, speak louder, do something constantly, to something strive. 

The need to wait drives them into a frenzy. In general, the energy at this time is looking for a way out and if it does not find it, it can result in fights, a showdown, a fight. Fans in stadiums become more excitable and aggressive.

The business started during this period threatens with an imminent crisis, since Mars in Aries is not suitable for systematic work. The start will be stormy and promising. 

Then, if there are no executors in the business who are able to pull a cart and experience another surge of ideas from its initiator, it will simply quietly disappear without a trace. There is no fire without fuel.

Negative aspects cause even more violent reactions. People are becoming more aggressive, arrogant, intolerant, more passionate, they are ready at any moment to rebuff the visible and invisible enemy. At this time, rudeness and rudeness flourish in a stormy color, the number of domestic offenses increases. 

People have poor control over their actions, they are easily “turned on” by slogans about the struggle for justice, which can be used by clever people to achieve their goals. 

True, if their cunning is unraveled, then the fighters, deceived in the best feelings, will direct their anger at the dodger himself, and then he will not be good. Arrogance, the imposition of one’s opinion, and peremptoryness can play a disservice.

At this time, both in the case of positive, and especially in the case of negative aspects, hasty conclusions and decisions should be avoided. The business started these days threatens to remain unfinished, due to the fact that Mars invests all his strength in the first throw, the first blow, he does not know how to calculate them, therefore, to complete what he started, the fuse is often simply not enough.

 For the same reason, don’t make rash promises. There is a danger of taking on more than he can bear.

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