Mars in Scorpio

Activity + Self-Preservation = Life Instinct

Mars in Scorpio Keyword:  irascibility.

Positive qualities of Mars in Scorpio

a dynamic will,
a strong supply of energy,
critical mind,
mechanical and manual skill.

Negative qualities of Mars in Scorpio

waste of strength,
authoritarian attacks,
tendency for criticism,
lust for power,
lack of self-control.

Possible health problems 

  • lower body ailments,
  • menstrual irregularities.

Mars in Scorpio : Meaning in Astrology

Here Mars gives full vent to his passions and specific character traits, regardless of anyone or anything. The power and will of Mars in Scorpio is manifested with great activity, his energy simply does not know the limit. 

Attacks of authoritarianism happen at every turn, and noisy behavior attracts the attention of others. Here the mottos of Mars are manifested – “I will turn what I want” and “I will die, but I will achieve my goal.” Indeed, these people achieve their goal at any cost and by any means.

Mars in Scorpio gives such qualities as perseverance in achieving the desired, dedication, tirelessness and punching power. In their quest to achieve their goals, they can go to extremes, sometimes even becoming fanatics of their idea. 

Self-confidence and decisiveness these people do not hold, but unlike Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio is more reasonable and calculating. Their hard work and efficiency are simply amazing, with their tirelessness and enthusiasm they exhaust not only themselves, but others as well. 

And in the ability to overcome any obstacles and obstacles and cope with any difficulties, no one can compare with them. Obstacles do not stop them, but on the contrary, “spur” them, increase their will and energy many times over, which helps them to overcome any competitor, adversary and enemy.

People with Mars in Scorpio are attracted by everything secret and dangerous, it seems that they have no fear at all. They are able to jump from a height, go through fire, climb into the mouth of a tiger, because they want to figure everything out on their own and thoroughly: look into the very depths of things, get to the bottom of the truth. 

Any theories are tested thoroughly, to the point of nausea. Often they become members of a secret grouping, society, underground organization and engage in secret activities.

They have good organizational skills, talent of an administrator, leader, commander. They are good analysts and diplomats, but mostly in their favor.

With negative aspects – selfishness, cunning, haste, thoughtlessness, recklessness, recklessness, impudence, ruthlessness, ruthlessness, excessive aggressiveness.

The unfavorable aspectrium of Mars with other planets and elements of the horoscope brings a lot of anxiety and excitement, a lot of struggle. High probability of injury, accidents. Premature death is possible. 

With local determination in the VI, VIII or XII fields of the horoscope, there is a lot of grief and sadness because of women.

Bad aspects at the same time as Mercury, Moon and Saturn portend bad inclinations, a harsh, arrogant, vindictive character, a desire to enrich themselves at the expense of other people, as well as many competitors, opponents, enemies. 

Only prudence, self-discipline and self-control can save here. With good composure, success is possible.

A bad aspect with Venus is an immoral lifestyle: alcoholism, drug addiction, sybarism, prostitution, the danger of sexually transmitted diseases.

The negative aspect with Uranus is an accident, infectious diseases, especially during epidemics, surgery.

Mars in Scorpio in the natal chart : Personality

You are strong and disciplined, overconfident, efficient, overbearing and aggressive. Rarely do you take action without thinking and checking in advance if the situation is right for you. You are an idealist, insightful and unaffected by outside influences. 

You are a very reliable, loyal person and you demand the same from others. You are totally incapable of adjusting and relaxing. As a strategist and organizer, you are all-or-nothing, which makes it much more difficult to reach a compromise. 

Mars in the abode imparts powerful active energy to Scorpio in the area of ​​the collective unconscious. Scorpio’s water softens and hides the actions of Mars, inhibits its spontaneity, gives the ability to restraint. 

Before making a decision, Scorpio has time to imagine what he is going to do. The activity of people of this psychotype is aimed at changing the external world (Mars acts outside). 

Scorpios have a fluid and flexible, but unswerving ability to strive to realize their desires, and it is difficult for others to recognize what their actions are aimed at.

Mars is capable of both creating and destroying, its impulses are directed to both the best and the worst. The hidden actions of Mars in Water evoke associations of a geyser gushing out of the ground, the power of the outbursts of which can be enormous. 

The fixed cross, keeping the energy of the planets imprisoned in the sign, makes the reactions of Mars more manageable than with a similar status of the planet in Aries. Therefore, Scorpio is able to cope with the rudeness, harshness, categorical judgment inherent in a strong Mars. 

More developed (the eighth sign of the Zodiac), Mars will direct its activity towards an uncompromising struggle with what it considers to be the imperfection of the surrounding world and its own.

The destructive power of Mars makes Scorpio a member of criminal and terrorist structures and organizations fighting against them. Scorpio loves and knows how to take risks, often provoking aggression, allowing him to realize his latent Martian potential.

Mars in Scorpio : 0 ° – 10 °

Unbending will, harshness, ruthlessness, ruthlessness, tendency to violence. Everything is done impartially, coolly and masterly. This position is found in chemists, naturalists, engravers, doctors, especially surgeons and dentists.

Mars in Scorpio : 10 ° – 20 °

Strong animal instincts, passions, nymphomania, sybarism.

Mars in Scorpio : 20 ° – 30 °

Heightened ambition, rich imagination, vivid, vivid imagination. The greatest success is foreshadowed in science, especially related to technology and mechanics.

Famous People with Mars in Scorpio

  • Louis-Philippe,
  • Cardinal Richelieu,
  • Martin Luther,
  • Jean Racine,
  • Heinrich Heine,
  • Otto Von Habsburg,
  • George Washington,
  • Paul Joseph Goebbels,
  • Robert Kennedy,
  • Fedor Chaliapin,
  • Mahatma Gandhi.

Transit of Mars through Scorpio

At the time when Mars passes the sign of Scorpio, the air becomes thinner. Tension is felt throughout. People begin to behave like birds before a thunderstorm. They have a feeling of anxiety, they begin to rush or, conversely, hide in anticipation. 

This expectation is not humility or numbness – at this moment there is an internal redistribution of energy, which is focused on one point in order to “shoot” in the right direction at the right moment. The stop is needed in order to orient oneself and to predict the direction of a possible strike. 

Mars in Scorpio never attacks itself, it only rebuffs a visible or invisible enemy. At the moment of danger, not only physical and mental forces are mobilized, but also internal reserves are revealed, which is why people with Mars in Scorpio seem to be two-core. When it is necessary, they can work for days, almost without sleep. 

It is possible that someone at this time will have to work for wear and tear, since emergencies, catastrophes, major accidents are a common thing for Mars in Scorpio. Otherwise, what will he apply his accumulated strength to?

These days, issues related to big business, joint finances, banks, corporations are becoming more acute. Mars brings confusion to the more or less well-established scheme by which entrepreneurs operate. 

The measured production rhythm is disrupted, it is necessary to urgently alter something , redistribute, change, hide, destroy. Something always happens that requires not only immediate intervention, but also great physical and mental stress. 

The same can be said for a business that starts at this time. Its development will not be uniform. From time to time he will be shaken by crises, from which he will come out with more or less losses.

People who are not burdened with big business also have enough problems. Most often, they have to deal with manifestations of aggression, threats, and even with a direct attack. 

The number of crimes is increasing: robberies, murders, and in connection with a sharp increase in libido – sexual crimes. Those people, in whose Radix there is an indication of the possibility of violence, should be on their guard, especially if the transit Mars has a negative aspect, repeating the natal one. 

Even if the above excesses can be avoided, the blood boiling in the veins still haunts people. In search of adrenaline, they can embark on rather risky adventures associated with the risk of their lives. Experiments of all kinds, such as playing with death, can end in disaster.

Also at this time, the desire to experience the possibilities of magic increases, which without appropriate training and knowledge can also end very sadly.

Negative aspects increase the negative influence of Mars passing through Scorpio. At this time, an absurd death associated with a fatal coincidence of circumstances, serious injuries, disasters, and an increase in the number of criminal offenses are possible.

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