Mars in Capricorn

Activity + Concentration = Diligence at work.

Mars in Capricorn Keyword:  authority

Positive qualities of Mars in Capricorn

large reserves of patience,
indefatigable efficiency,
a sense of reality,
sober thinking,
penetrating power,
independence in actions,

Negative qualities of Mars in Capricorn

overestimation of oneself,
subservience to the “top” and unceremoniousness with the “bottom”,
the opinion “the end justifies the means”.

Possible health problems

  • injuries to the knees,
  • inflammation of the knee joints,
  • rheumatism,
  • skin diseases.

Mars in Capricorn : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Capricorn is in the sign of its exaltation. Here he is very strong in a qualitative sense. People with such a Mars have great reserves of patience and endurance. 

Their perseverance, perseverance and great ambition guarantee them a secure old age and early achievement of a high social status. These people will never act “on a swoop.” Before getting down to business, an action plan and strategy will be developed. 

These people go to the goal slowly, but confidently and steadily. No barriers and obstacles can stop them. People with Mars ”in Capricorn have a great sense of duty, they are hardworking, diligent and not afraid of responsibility. These qualities help them earn the favor of their superiors and climb the corporate ladder.

As a rule, they have organizational talent and administrative skills, besides, they have developed intuition. Courage and courage for them is not an empty phrase, they will not retreat in front of danger, although this quality can lead them to an accident. 

They receive a lot of help from friends and like-minded people, make a career, thanks to the patronage and recommendations of high-ranking people. 

Usually they are recognized professionals in their field, are able to achieve well-deserved awards and honors, achieve a high financial position not only thanks to their own qualities, but also thanks to successful trips and travels, business relations with foreign countries or thanks to a successful marriage. 

A marriage partner can bring great profit, but a marriage can be both for love and for convenience, a fictitious marriage is also possible.

An unfavorable aspect of Mars with other planets and elements of the horoscope can give excessive pride, rancor, vindictiveness, overestimation of oneself and one’s abilities, predicts a struggle for power and strong competitors, opponents, enemies. 

It also warns of the danger of injury, the possibility of serious illness or surgery. One should be afraid of premature death from drowning, often indicates the possibility of premature death of a close relative, brother, sister, colleague.

The negative aspect with Saturn, which in this case is the dispositor of Mars, indicates a bad relationship with one of the parents, a divorce between them or separation from them due to the premature death of one of them.

Mars in Capricorn in the natal chart : Personality

You are proud, pragmatic, organized and magnetic. You are a good organizer and rationalist. You wish you success and are ready to work hard to achieve it. Since you are very practical, you are rarely impulsive, this can bring good luck on a professional level. Your keywords are self-control and self-discipline. 

This attitude often indicates that others are surprised, but not necessarily like you. It can also indicate separation from one of the parents, most often from the father. When weighed down on Mars, there may be a danger of fractures. In sex, you are strong and constant. Learn to show a sense of humor, compassion, and warmth.

Mars in exaltation is in Capricorn in limited conditions for choosing the directions and nature of activity, and therefore endows people of this psychotype with a concentrated ability to overcome all obstacles in their path. 

Mars communicates the qualities of a fighter to Capricorn: power, strength, passion. Capricorn, possessing the strong qualities of Mars, nevertheless does not rush impulsively into spontaneous hand-to-hand combat, but usually resorts to a proven system of combat techniques, he is a fighter against an ideological enemy.

Due to the strong position of a focused Mars, Capricorn strives for leadership in teams, is proactive in social situations, is capable of quick decision-making, despite the inhibition of the elements of the Earth. 

He confirms by action, realization in the sign of the quality of Saturn – Mars leads Capricorn to the top of Saturn through action, through conflict.

The conservative Capricorn constantly strives to follow the only true path he has chosen – Mars here does not allow throwing, trying and searching. 

The planet of action endows Capricorns with the ability to organize the disciplined activity of the collective (the social planet in the abode), an acute internal need (exaltation status) for moral (mental level of the Zodiac) superiority over rivals.

Capricorns have the ability to restrain the manifestation of slowly growing anger, but, having reached the limit, they experience severe bouts of rage, needing to implement the accumulated aggression. They are vindictive and tend to stick to the “eye for an eye” rule.

Mars in Capricorn : 0 ° – 10 °

An abundance of ideas and plans, their implementation, real, concrete deeds.

Mars in Capricorn : 10 ° – 20 °

Love for the profession, the gift of a leader, leader, leader.

Mars in Capricorn : 20 ° – 30 °

High intellectual abilities, but also selfishness and greed.

Famous People with Mars in Capricorn

  • Henry IV,
  • Louis Pasteur,
  • Henri Poincaré,
  • Dmitry Mendeleev,
  • Lev Tolstoy,
  • Albert Einstein,
  • Dwight Eisenhower,
  • Aza Tahoe-Godi,
  • Ronald Reagan.

Transit of Mars through Capricorn

A specific goal is what all the energy of Mars is directed to at this time. And nothing can distract him, to achieve it, he can work to exhaustion, endure hardship and inconvenience. Unlike Aries’ Mars, who puts all his strength into the first blow, Mars in Capricorn ponders every step he takes. 

This is a great strategist. He soberly assesses his capabilities, calculates options in order to surely hit the chosen point. With some kind of inner instinct, he guesses the weak points in the defense or the wall standing in the way of the goal.

These days people are driven by ambition, professional ambitions, they become more purposeful. Career and professional development are beginning to interest them more than ever…. 

In order for people to work more productively at this time, they need to be given clear tasks, i.e. indicate what specific result is expected from them; motivate them to complete the task, i.e. indicate how and with what they will be noted in case of success, or note the great importance of the assigned case and allow them to continue to act independently. 

If everything is done correctly, then there is nothing to worry about, they will choose the strategy and tactics themselves and will do their best to complete the task in the best possible way. 

It should be borne in mind that at this time people are more inclined to command themselves than to execute commands, and become more demanding and tough. It is difficult to pity the authorities at this time, since they require specific actions, and not lengthy explanations.

The business that begins during this period requires a lot of preliminary work, a clear plan, strategy and must have a specific focus. Diversified businesses are for Mars in Gemini. Mars in Capricorn does not like to be sprayed. 

For those looking for quick returns and immediate profits, this is also not the right position. Mars in Capricorn can “harness” for a long time, but his business will be practically unsinkable, since, having spent time on calculations and trial buildup, even letting competitors go ahead, he will take into account them and his mistakes and enter the battlefield fully armed, crushing for himself already slightly dented competitors.

This is a good time for exploits for the good of the fatherland, for seizing or gaining power, for establishing oneself on a conquered pedestal.

Negative aspects indicate selfishness, selfish prudence, cruelty, unscrupulousness on the way to the goal. Overestimation of one’s capabilities, illegal use of force, exceeding one’s powers. 

There may be protests against the existing order, an attempt to overthrow the government, clashes with law enforcement agencies, cases of disobeying orders, scandals associated with the name of famous people.

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