Mars in Gemini

Activity + Diversity = Versatility 

Mars in Gemini Keywords:  spontaneity.

Positive qualities of Mars in Gemini

lively intelligence,
skill, sleight of hand,
quick perception.

Negative qualities of Mars in Gemini

tendency to humiliate others,
changing areas of interest (hence, as a rule, a restless professional fate with numerous job changes),
hasty criticism,

Possible health problems 

  • hand wounds,
  • lung disease,
  • nervous diseases.

Mars in Gemini : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in the sign of Gemini gives efficiency, working dexterity, great skill in speech, but also haste, recklessness. People with such a Mars are mobile, inquisitive, inventive, resourceful, tireless, love sensations and various innovations. They often choose work related to travel and business trips. They are good mediators, pimps, they are talkative, talkative, however, in words often heightened acuteness and harshness is manifested, and in expressions – real militancy. Due to their verbal accuracy, they are often sent to work in the media, where satire and sarcasm are their main weapons. With great success, they are engaged in journalism or literary work, but, given that Mars adds ambition, determination, enterprise, breakthrough power and self-confidence to the twin qualities, success is possible in the military field. some idea or utopian social justice.

If people with Mars in the sign of Gemini combine their strength, energy, knowledge and skills with innate creative abilities, then they are able to prove themselves in the sphere of state leadership or in the political arena. In this case, they know what they want and what they can do – in this respect they have no problems: they refuse “castles in the air” and pick up only those ideas that are built on a solid foundation.

It should be noted that with such an arrangement of Mars, one should pay great attention to one’s own health, especially in the case when Mars is locally determined in one of the so-called unlucky fields of the horoscope (VI, VIII, XII), and has a negative aspect with the Moon or the planets – pests.

An unfavorable aspect promises controversy, scandals, trouble, disappointment, the danger of discrediting, and also warns of the likelihood of an accident while traveling or in a public place. Possibly vagrancy. There are a lot of acquaintances, few real friends. With a negative aspect with the Sun, one should beware of injury; with Uranus – an accident; with the Moon – unpleasant changes.

Mars in Gemini in the natal chart : Personality

You have an active mind, skillful hands; you are very mobile. You are perceptive, easily aroused, active, restless, ready for anything, your reasoning is convincing. Try to develop your ability to concentrate through self-discipline. 

You often feel the need for adventures and are ready to do several things at once. You have a very developed sense of justice and freedom. On the sexual plane, there is a distinction for you between deep and superficial relationships. Such a situation often requires several partners to be fully satisfied.

The status of a hostile planet shows what hidden problems a person can stumble over when his resources are running out. Gemini will rather avoid competitive situations, may find themselves in a conflict relationship with those who lose interest for them, abuse speed, blabber to themselves. 

They lack decisiveness and perseverance, they often change direction of activity, while in anger they are quick-witted and unforgiving.

Mars in Gemini : 0 ° – 10 °

Internal anxiety, sarcasm, excessive criticism.

Mars in Gemini 10 ° – 20 °

Inclination to scientific, literary or artistic activity.

Mars in Gemini 20 ° – 30 °

Talent of an inventor, rationalizer, engineer, designer, technician and mechanic.

Famous People with Mars in Gemini

  • Cornelius Agrippa,
  • Robert Schumann,
  • Elizabeth Tudor,
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau,
  • Charles Maurice Talleyrand,
  • Vivekananda,
  • Benito Mussolini,
  • Henry Kissinger,
  • Neville Chamberlain,
  • Franklin Roosevelt,
  • Werner von Braun,
  • Antzuine de Scotuende ,
  • Avgustina Semenko.

Transit of Mars Through Gemini

During this period, human activity also increases, but unlike the aggressively tuned Aries Mars, the activity of the twin Mars is lighter. Gemini is a non-aggressive sign and not very prone to physical labor, so Mars has to direct all its ardor into words. 

These days, people start to speak faster and louder, everyone is trying to express their point of view, to assert their innocence. Everyone talks and talks and talks. Even usually silent people have their voices cut through, and they can make someone remark and even raise your voice. 

In general, at this time, speech becomes more energetic, therefore, from the outside, a conversation between two people may even seem like a quarrel. On such days, people are tuned in to perceive and transmit information, which can be used by advertising specialists. 

Traders and advertisers create excitement around a product, which forces them to buy it, or around a topic that will be discussed by everyone, and thus create a certain public opinion. Conclusions at this time are made quickly, the information is not particularly analyzed, but often simply passed on. 

A good basis is created for all sorts of rumors, when no one knows where the horns suddenly grew from, but everyone says, it means that someone knows where.

At this time, everything starts to move, it seems that everyone urgently needs to go somewhere , and everyone is definitely late. This, in general, is not far from the truth, since people become light on their feet and try to do everything quickly, without delay. 

These days the number of telephone connections, letters and messages is increasing dramatically. People begin to study more actively, attend lectures, seminars, do not remain silent at meetings, but express their claims or suggestions. Although interest in studying is not enough for a long time:

Gemini is attracted by everything in the world, but usually their interest is active only as long as their curiosity is not satisfied, and Mars, having grasped the main thing, loses interest in details and switches to another subject.

The business started during this period lives as long as there is interest in it from its initiator, or if it is associated with the flow of information, news, the ability to communicate with a large circle of people, travel. Otherwise, the constant change of personnel will ruin the matter in the bud.

A good time for business trips, negotiations that involve quick conclusions and decisions, as well as for promotions and information dissemination. The sexuality of Mars is fragmented here, it is difficult for him to concentrate on one, so he can start courting two or more attractive objects. 

Relationships are struck quickly enough, immediately move to the “main issue” and just as easily disintegrate. In other words, Mars in Gemini makes a quick point attack and makes an equally quick maneuvering retreat. 

Often this happens on the road, in order to somewhat brighten up the hardships of the road. The sexual enticements of this period are conversation on a mutually interesting topic, play on words and voice modulations.

Negative aspects bring chaos and nervousness, which, as a result, gives rise to delays, misunderstandings, mistakes, accidents, conflicts, quarrels. People become harsh in expressions, so you can face rudeness and outright rudeness. 

They react to comments nervously, quickly get irritated. Work is interfered with by extraneous conversations, telephone calls, communication disruptions, breakdowns of technical equipment. 

The flow of negative information increases, complainers annoy. The growth curve in traffic accidents and injuries goes up sharply. At this time, one should not go anywhere without an urgent need , engage in campaigning, negotiate, sign important papers.

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