Mars in Libra

Activity + Harmony = Connection Instinct

Mars in Libra Keyword:  control.

Positive qualities of Mars in Libra

interest in social work,

Negative qualities of Mars in Libra

dependence of work on desire and mood,
too much openness,
excessive sensuality,
weak self-confidence,

Possible health problems

  • kidney disease (with fever),
  • kidney stones,
  • skin diseases,
  • brain inflammation.

Mars in Libra : Meaning in Astrology

Here Mars is in his exile (in exile), therefore he is unarmed and powerless. Deprived of his specific properties and qualities, he became more peaceful and humane. People with such a Mars are usually very ambitious, but they can show their will and energy only periodically and depending on the mood at the moment. 

Their nature is very sensitive, receptive and impressionable. As a rule, they have a beautiful appearance, they are passionate, quickly inflamed, take the initiative in love. Interest in the opposite sex awakens in them early, they begin an intimate life early. 

Often there is “love at first sight”, but the relationship is usually very unstable and fleeting, regardless of whether the relationship was legal or not. For people with Mars in Libra, hasty and reckless marriages are generally characteristic.

Competitors, rivals and enemies bring a lot of anxiety and anxiety. Particular care is required in financial transactions, exchange operations, in everything related to material values. There is a danger of falling into the trap of your own attachments.

Mars in the sign of Libra promises offspring, gifted with high intelligence and spirituality. But with friends, relatives and partners, problems can be associated, or troubles can occur with them, even a break in relations is possible. 

The death of loved ones often brings changes in attitudes and changes in life and destiny. But, nevertheless, with a well-aspected Mars, it is collaboration, co-authorship or teamwork that brings the greatest success and material benefits.

Mars in Libra allows you to realize your creative potential in the field of art: in the cinema, on the stage or stage, decorative arts, in the world of fashion.

With a good aspectrium, recognition, fame, popularity are possible. With a good configuration with Jupiter, these people are peacemakers and fighters for social justice, and great success in jurisprudence and diplomatic work is also possible.

The malevolent aspect of Mars with Uranus portends accident and injury.

Mars in Libra in the natal chart : Personality

You are generous, kindhearted, charming, and highly persuasive. Love to please others, are sociable, and you are always interested in new ideas. You instantly react to lies. 

It may happen that you equate your own desires and ambitions with the desires and ambitions of other people. In sex, external stimulants such as music, twilight and beautiful surroundings are of great importance to you. 

You are most likely not confident enough, so develop the ability to rely on your own strength. Inharmonious aspects can lead to laziness or the desire for everyone to obey your rules.

Mars in exile endows Libra with a tendency to avoid competitive situations, the need not to compete, not to lead, not to make independent decisions, not to show initiative. 

Therefore, the usual tactic of Libra is avoiding conflicts, open struggle. A weak impulse of Mars acquires in people of this psychotype the character of indecision, gentleness, lack of initiative. They turn on slowly, sluggishly and inexpressively react to external stimuli of aggression, prefer to shift responsibility onto a partner or work together, making a collegial decision.

Scales do not start their ventures off the beaten path. Mars is inclined to “compensate” for the principles of the mistress of the sign – Venus: he turns to her choice, evaluates the strength, preliminarily discusses projects, considers options.

Libra in the Zodiac has the function of compromise. Sharp Martian corners are smoothed and rounded here. In a state of crises and fatigue, when Venus is no longer able to keep in shape, Libra may be characterized by increased agitation, non-constructive Martian behavior, irascibility, hysterical somatics, which frees a person from the need to act. Due to the weak position of Mars, the inflammatory processes in Libra are sluggish, which is why the representatives of this sign can get sick for a long time, and then just as slowly recover.

Mars in Libra : 0 ° – 10 °

Outward beauty, pleasant manners, sociability. Many connections and contacts, unstable due to weakness and infidelity.

Mars in Libra : 10 ° – 20 °

Success from any activity related to technology, machinery or craft.

Mars in Libra : 20 ° – 30 °

Oratorical gift, eloquence. Profitable cooperation, co-authorship with a business partner. Work related to the clientele, audience, crowd, for example, as an agitator, propagandist, lawyer.

Famous People with Mars in Libra

  • Charles VI,
  • Henry III,
  • Paul I,
  • Giulio Mazarin,
  • Miguel de Cervantes,
  • M. Yu.
  • Philip Petain,
  • Sigmund Freud,
  • Federico Fellini,
  • Roman Polanski,
  • Walter Koch,
  • Louis de Vol,
  • Jawaharlal Nehru,
  • Bill Gates,
  • Margaret Thatcher,
  • John Lennon.

Transit of Mars through Libra

Mars in Libra is clearly getting cramped. He has nowhere to turn around at full power, so he has to think and calculate what and how to do. Libra is a sign of diplomats who are distinguished by the ability to refuse without saying the word “no”, and under no circumstances express (or show) their consent to anything . 

For a straight-line Mars, this is too difficult, therefore, after a little thought, he decides to act through someone , and not directly. But for this he needs to find someone who will agree to this – in this direction he directs his energy. 

If in Aries Mars prefers to do and be responsible for everything himself, then in Libra he tries to find a performer and a “switchman” in one person. If something needs to be done, people are looking for someone who could do it for them. 

When they find it, they can hear that the one to whom they are addressing does not decide anything himself, so he needs to coordinate his actions with this and that . Consequently, the main task of this period is the need to establish the necessary connections. 

And so that there are no discrepancies, it would be good to secure the contract with a seal, so that there is someone to ask or to whom to transfer the arrows.

A business or any enterprise that is founded during this period directly depends on the personnel distribution and on the relationship in the working group. Neither strict management methods nor large financial investments will save the day if there is no agreed team of workers. 

The main thing that is required of them is the ability to work in a team. Mars in Libra wants clarity and certainty, so at this time people are trying to clarify their status in certain respects. 

Mars, with its striving for justice and certainty, puts all the dots on the “i” in this matter. Depending on how the transit Mars is aspected and what is its status in the natal chart of each individual, these clarifications are more or less stormy.

Due to the fact that libido increases during this period, people are more actively beginning to look for contacts with people pleasant to their heart and soul. They strive to get pleasure from communicating with their own kind, as the saying goes, “they want to see people and show themselves.” If you’re lucky, it’s not just to show. 

With Mars in Libra, amusements become simpler, even somewhat primitive, since Mars is still responsible for natural instincts.

Good time to advertise or promote. The speeches become bright, with a somewhat sexual connotation (this is the technique most often used by advertising figures).

Negative aspects reduce the restraining power of Libra, so not the best features of Mars may appear here. At this time, the number of conflicts between partners increases, quarrels break out that can turn into confrontation, open hostility. 

Competitors and foes attack. It becomes difficult to come to an agreement with someone , come to a compromise. At such a time, one should not negotiate, sort things out with partners, sign important papers and contracts. 

The danger of unrest in recreation areas, the cause of which is intolerance of the opinion of another, jealousy, envy and just a bad mood.

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