Mars in Virgo

Activity + Thoroughness = Tendency to order

Mars in Virgo Keyword:  discipline.

Positive qualities of Mars in Virgo

endurance in performing painstaking work,
interest in scientific activity,
adaptability to conditions,
achievement of success thanks to one’s own merits,
a sense of life transformation.

Negative qualities of Mars in Virgo

desire to criticize,
resourcefulness in argumentation. 
very critical

Possible health problems

  • bowel disease,
  • inflammation of the cecum,
  • hemorrhoids

Mars in Virgo : Meaning in Astrology

Mars in Virgo gives an innate talent for scientist and explorer. Under certain conditions, people with such a Mars will have great success in the world of science, research work, or in applied sciences. 

Mars in the sign of Virgo gave the world many famous statesmen, famous commanders and scientists, mathematicians and philosophers.

Whatever people do with Mars in Virgo, they approach everything soberly, balanced and deliberately. They are careful, prudent, they do not need to be prodded, they themselves know what to do and how. 

They prefer that no one interferes with their work, which will be done on time and with the utmost care. These people are mentally active, quick-witted, inventive and perceptive in everything that concerns the case, and amaze with their efficiency. 

As bosses, they are very demanding and picky, not only towards others, but also towards themselves. Truth in the way of their ambitious dreams of power and fame, Mars puts many obstacles, causes ups and downs, which causes periods of tension and anxiety in their souls. 

But their patience and responsibility for the assigned work allow them to overcome any obstacles and difficulties.

The greatest success awaits them outside their native land, and they usually owe any achievement to themselves, they achieve everything by their own efforts, thanks to diligence, practical experience and constantly acquired knowledge.

Relatives or partners, both marriage and business, can play an important role in their life. The death of a partner or other close person can dramatically change the uniform flow of life, discard everything that has been worked out, devalue the plans, then everything will have to start over.

Strong and intact Mars in Virgo makes it possible to resist disease.

Mars in Virgo, which has negative aspects, gives rise to irritability, resentment, rancor, even vengefulness. Gives excessive criticism, as well as cunning, arrogance, the ability to strike “from around the corner.” 

Conflicts with others mainly arise from excessive selfishness, greed, picky, quarrelsomeness, as well as too much pedantry and cunning and tricky arguments. 

Mars is weak or affected, especially by Saturn or Uranus, warns of the possibility of colds or infectious diseases, the danger of getting sick during epidemics. It also suggests the possibility of an accident.

Mars in Virgo in the natal chart : Personality

You are cold-blooded, logical and have a scientific mind. You are hardworking and enthusiastic if you feel that you can make a significant contribution to the realization of some important goal. 

You are fundamental and systematic, love routine work and know how to complete even the most monotonous tasks. Sometimes it seems that you are not passionate and dreamy enough. 

You work very hard, but still try not to be too zealous, as this can be bad for your health. This is a favorable position for the medical profession, but it also often means a talent for gardening. If there are difficult aspects, try not to be too critical, doubting person.

Mars in the status of enmity allows Virgo to devote a lot of time to focused activities. Its weak impulses do not cause much concern, do not induce Virgo to new activity until the previous one is completed (remember that the Earth is focused on the result). 

Before starting anything , Virgo thinks through her enterprise for a long time and carefully and, saving physical strength, does not start until she draws up a strategic plan of action. 

She more confidently uses the energy of Mercury and Saturn, not relying heavily on the Martian potential.

Virgo rarely falls into a state of passion – she is protected by dual control of the intellect. Not feeling enough decisiveness in themselves for competitive struggle and physical competition, Virgo prefers to remain on the sidelines, having constant success in intelligence. 

The position of Mars allows Virgo to carry out manual work on metal, which is why there are often good jewelers among Virgos. The status of Mars gives Virgo a little physical strength, but saves her from special bursts of energy, therefore, among the zodiacal archetypes, representatives of this sign are distinguished by even behavior. 

In Virgo, there is no tedious assertiveness, and without extreme need she will not take risks.

Mars in Virgo 0 ° – 10 °

Intellectual ability, selfishness and self-interest. Possibility of good earnings.

Mars in Virgo 10 ° – 20 °

A good performer, employee, subordinate.

Mars in Virgo 20 ° – 30 °

A discerning mind, great spiritual strength, a lot of energy.

Famous People with Mars in Virgo

  • Henry VIII,
  • Louis XVI,
  • Alphonse III,
  • Napoleon I,
  • Friedrich Nietzsche,
  • Jean-Paul Marat,
  • Albert Schweitzer,
  • Ernst Hemingway,
  • Alexey Losev,
  • Indira Gandhi,
  • Jacqueline Kennedy-Onasis.

Transit of Mars through Virgo

The most favorable time for employers. People are becoming more hardworking, diligent, and more attention to detail. All their energy is directed towards work. Those who do not have a job begin to search hard for it, those who have it plunge into it headlong. 

Mars in Virgo is in a hurry to put everything in order, put everything in its place, count, revise and record. A business that begins with Mars in Virgo usually moves forward slowly, is moderately profitable, but will constantly undergo changes in order to improve and threaten to get bogged down in little things. 

During this period, the role of trade unions increases, the most urgent and acute are issues related to employment, advanced training, retraining, increasing labor productivity, quality of products, improving working conditions, and disease prevention.

A healthy lifestyle is being promoted, new diets and weight loss systems are emerging. People are actively involved in all this. Doctors, nutritionists, healers, herbalists – all during this period work with increased workload, the flow of visitors to them increases many times over.

In general, people at this time resemble an anthill, in which everyone is running somewhere – from the outside this general movement seems to be chaos. But this seeming chaos is actually quite ordered, since each individual knows where it is going and why.

Each has its own task, responsibilities and duties. What is everyone doing, and it is difficult to inspire or reorient them to something else these days. They will not climb the barricades, they will take a bag of food and medicine and go to visit a sick aunt or help an old neighbor wash the windows and so on. 

At this time, people are mainly busy with everyday things that do not bring them either fame or money, but only give them a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment.

Negative aspects point to the possibility of industrial accidents, conflicts and other troubles in the work environment, emergency situations, the need for overtime, which generates the grumbling of subordinates. Danger of physical and mental strain, occupational disease and injury.

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