Mars in Aquarius

Activity + Change = The Will to Reform.

Mars in Aquarius Keyword:   emotionality

Positive qualities of Mars in Aquarius

strong will,
great efficiency (using new methods of work),
organizational talent,
technical skill,
desire for freedom,
ideas of transforming the world,
a sense of justice,
humanitarian attitude,

Negative qualities of Mars in Aquarius

lack of endurance,
uneven success in work,
lack of deliberation,
rebellion against the outside world,
somewhat offensive tone. 
One’s own views often clash with those of the environment.

Possible health problems

  • circulatory disorders,
  • abnormal pulse,
  • skin rashes,
  • injured legs,
  • circulatory disorders,
  • abnormal pulse,
  • skin rashes,
  • injured legs.

Mars in Aquarius : Meaning in Astrology

People who have Mars in the sign of Aquarius choose the type of activity in which they can maintain their independence. They have a very strong desire to be independent and make certain decisions themselves. 

They put all their energy and enthusiasm into any business, especially if it is based on their own idea. They approach business in an original and uncommon way: they can take no action for a long time, for so long that others get the impression that they have abandoned their idea, and suddenly, suddenly and unexpectedly for everyone, they get down to business and celebrate the victory. 

It’s just that in any actions these people are guided by their inner instinct, intuition tells them the best moment to “go out into the light”.

People with such a Mars prefer intellectual work, one in which you can be smart and apply new technologies and your gift of an inventor. These are reformers, they do not like routine, they can do the same work by different methods. 

Often their activities are associated with reforms that are aimed at the public good and improving human life on our planet. People with Mars in the sign of Aquarius can be found in the ranks of fighters for justice and human rights, for the rights of the humiliated and insulted, the offended and the weak. 

And often this struggle is waged very ruthlessly and mercilessly.

Often their actions lead to explosive collisions with others, but for them this is a normal phenomenon, as well as opposition to generally accepted norms of behavior, denial of any violence and coercion. 

But if they have to change something due to circumstances beyond their control or they themselves have made the decision to “change the subject,” then they do it immediately, radically and irrevocably.

The well-being of these people is often built with the help of strong friends, devoted like-minded people, sponsors, patrons, marriage or business partners.

An unfavorable aspect gives self-will, willfulness, stubbornness to the point of obstinacy, creates a rebellious and rebellious nature with harsh, arrogant and non-diplomatic behavior. 

Problems arise due to too hasty and rash decisions, rash actions. Material losses can be caused by speculative activity, gambling, as well as excessive gullibility.

An unfavorable aspect with Saturn can lead to a crime or portend dangerous, incurable diseases of the lower extremities. 

It can also indicate injuries at the hands of people, misfortune on the water, persecution or persecution by the authorities, and also portend treason, betrayal, fake friends, false accusations, slander.

An unfavorable aspect with the Sun or Moon is the possibility of a serious illness or life-threatening injury.

Mars in Aquarius in the natal chart : Personality

You have balanced principles and a very modern outlook on life. You are usually very skillful, can be disciplined and intelligent. This position often indicates thoughts rather than action. 

You are a good leader who takes challenges honestly and seriously. If you are unable to manage yourself, you rarely succeed in being effective. You despise any tradition if it is not based on logic. 

Mars in enmity does not tolerate the struggle of Aquarius on the barricades. People of this psychotype strive for brotherhood, not for battles, in others they see comrades-in-arms, not competitors. 

Aquarius cannot maintain a state of hostility for a long time, so he tries to abruptly break off relations with enemies and traitors, quickly getting rid of the tension and feelings of discomfort that has arisen. 

His passion is rather expressed in a heated speech during heated discussions with opponents. Athletes are rare among Aquarius – demonstration of physical strength and agility is not characteristic of this sign.

Mars in Aquarius : 0 ° – 10 °

A penchant for reform, an inventive spirit, rationalization abilities, especially in the field of the latest technology. Instability in views and opinions.

Mars in Aquarius : 10 ° – 20 °

Artistic talent, convincing self-expression. Success in the art world.

Mars in Aquarius : 20 ° – 30 °

Started business is successfully brought to completion. Success is foreshadowed by inventors, innovators, academics in research, as well as politicians and people in law and legal affairs.

Famous People with Mars in Aquarius

  • Leonardo da Vinci,
  • Louis XV,
  • Frederick the Great,
  • Maria Stuart,
  • Victor Hugo,
  • Pyotr Stolypin,
  • Jimmy Carter,
  • Charles Degol.

Transit of Mars through Aquarius

At this time, there is a switching of energies. In Capricorn, it is aimed at achieving personal goals, in Aquarius – at the realization of collective goals. But since Mars always remains Mars, then in Aquarius he prefers to work or fight at the head of any movement, or be at least one of their leaders. 

At this time, people are inspired and united by the ideas of independence, freedom of self-determination, protection of human rights and other more or less abstract ideas. 

The specificity of the goals is poorly traced here, behind the slogans of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, not always fully realized own goals, which are very far from the proclaimed ones, can be hidden. 

People at this time are intoxicated and attracted by the spirit of freedom, so they are capable of even reckless actions.

At this time, the activities of various kinds of informal groups become more active. In the best case, it will be the actions of the society for the protection of animals or the environment, in the worst – the riots provoked by the informal associations of militant fighters for the purity of the nation. 

On the other hand, reforms correctly presented at this time will be accepted by the people and will find their supporters and propagandists. In general, people at this time are attracted by new ideas, they are directed to the future, which seems to them incomparably better and brighter than the present.

The business that begins at this time will be viable only if it carries the idea of something radically new, still unknown, not realized. But in any case, it will undergo reforms, various changes, and constant improvement. 

Such a business may be interesting from a scientific or research point of view, but it is unlikely to bring significant income. It’s good if the business does not become unprofitable.

Negative aspects indicate instability in public sentiment. Spontaneous rallies, protests, pogroms and similar revolutionary actions are possible. Reforms undertaken at this time, political statements, laws passed can cause a wave of protest and riots. 

During the period of Mars passing along the sign of Aquarius, the danger of equipment failure, man-made accidents, crashes, catastrophes, the causes of which most often remain undefined, increases. Such accidents are often attributed to the human factor.

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