Moon in Gemini in a Horoscope

You do not give the impression of an extremely emotional or sentimental person and often do not realize your own deeper than usual feelings and emotional needs. Tears and flashes of irritation from other people baffle you, and you feel rather bad in such situations. You would rather prefer to resolve the differences through a reasonable and logical conversation. If a situation arises when it is necessary to plunge into the depths of feelings, you strive to turn everything into a joke.

You avoid complex, multifaceted actions that require emotional cost. You are careful and do not take unnecessary responsibility.

You are in great need of an environment of intellectual competition or cooperation and experience a feeling of closeness to people with whom you can share thoughts, interests. It is very important for you to be able to talk. You are avoiding people of a strong, silent type.

Iridescent feelings, quick grasp, wealth of thoughts. They say incessantly what bothers the audience. They are very restless, nervous, seeking change, scattering, not completing the matter. Good scent thanks to emotions. Departures, change of apartments (exchange of apartments). Women with the Moon in Gemini are elegant, slim, cunning and fickle.

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