Moon in Libra in a Horoscope

Your desire is to have a well-balanced environment around you so much that you avoid collisions even on a personal level. Avoid any manifestation of strong emotions. You are an idealist and would rather see the world in pastel colors, live with people in peace and harmony. You can be friends with a variety of people, show attention and care. You have a genuine talent for this. The people with whom you communicate feel that they are understood and appreciated. At heart, you are often tormented by indecision, which you will never guess, seeing your calm, even character.

Sensitive to the words and reactions of loved ones, especially a partner or employees. They are disgusted by vulgarity, they can easily get rid of themselves with disharmony. Their appearance and gestures can be charming and elegant, the house is tastefully furnished and can be a meeting place for various public occasions. Work or interests in the field of art. Partnerships with parents, especially with the mother. If you are dissatisfied with yourself – insomnia. Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, blood poisoning, acute lower back pain, stomach pain, headaches.

Moon in Different Zodiac Signs in a Horoscope 

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