Moon in Cancer in Horoscope

You are more sensitive to emotional tonality and to the atmosphere around you, on which your sudden transitions from one mood to another depend. Often people see you as an irrational person, because you cannot always explain the reasons or the source of your feelings. Those living with you should calmly accept the mood swings and be sympathetic to the fact that sometimes you need to retreat.

You are also sympathetic and understanding to the unspoken feelings and needs of people. You are hurt by disrespect for you or a sharp refusal, and although you can forgive this sin to the person you love, you will never forget it.

Deep, intense feelings, strong attachment to home. Longing for maternal affection, for maternity, a strong affection for the mother, so much so that they can repeat her life’s journey. Good cooks, nannies, parents. Homeliness and marriage are required, this is a cricket behind the stove. Greed. They are easily offended and locked in themselves. Popularity and need for protection. Diseases are caused by digestive disorders, swelling, disturbance of the body’s water balance, and gases in the intestines are possible.

Moon in Cancer in the 1st house in Horoscope

The situation is reversed. If the sun gives protection, then the moon in the first field is looking for him. He seeks to adapt to stronger and more confident people. An ideal position for a woman (but for a man, it’s not natural). Very strong and old affection for mother. All the time changes his behavior in order to adapt to the environment. In his presence, children feel good (ideal for the teacher in the kindergarten). He himself is constantly looking for a strong man, to whom he seeks to “lean”. He does not seek to be in the spotlight, but is always somewhere on the periphery, shy, afraid to seem ridiculous.

If the Moon stands well (in a good sign and has harmonious aspects), then the person has high adaptability, pleasant, soft, affectionate, he wants to cry in a vest. Good relationship with mother.

If the Moon is in a bad state, then the person is difficult to tolerate, demands super attention, is naughty, aching, complaining all the time, looking for only pleasures in life and the opportunity to relax, changes his mood and attitude to other people several times a day; conflicts with the mother, neurosis. Annoyed by little things and falls into hysteria.

Appearance is changeable, from dull to complacently affectionate (depending on mood). Convex, lively and expressive eyes. The skin is as if moist all the time, full (due to excess fluid in the body), in women – large breasts. Skin color – light pale. There are many roundnesses in the lines of the body: the face is round, the shoulders are sloping, the figure is feminine (even in men). The nose is either potato or upturned, with a deep nose bridge. The shape of the ear is crab-shaped.

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