Moon in Aquarius in a Horoscope

It is not easy to shake your emotional sphere. And curiously, you can distance yourself not only from the emotions of other people, but also from your own. It seems that you are able to turn them on and off as you wish. It’s good that your switch does not stay turned off too often, otherwise you will be faced with becoming too cold a person. Family ties and affections are not as important to you as to other people. Often friends are closer to you than blood relatives. Your sympathies and concerns extend far beyond your own family. In personal relationships, you insist on a certain independence and freedom, on friendship with many people, both men and women. You cannot appreciate someone close to you if he is jealous and strives to command.

In the best way you feel in an atmosphere of openness and experiment. Do not love and do not recognize customs and traditions.

Very rational, cold, talkative to talkativeness, adapt well, like to receive and transmit information. They demand complete freedom in the family. Impulsive behavior, does not meet generally accepted standards. Their home is a meeting place for friends and collective events. The negative sides are perverted feelings, perseverance, the need for freedom at all costs, fear of emotional, personal attachments, as this threatens their personal freedom. Typical diseases: anemia, fainting, general weakness.

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